Sunday Safari

With the continued nice weather the photos are building up. My brother and I went to a local park and animal farm in the wonderfully warm autumn sun a few days ago and I’m considering saving the photos for another time such as the middle of December or January when there’s little else to blog about…

The garden continues its decline into dormancy; however I have noticed a few plants are readying themselves for spring; such as the Veronica has new growth at its base. I shall leave the dead bloom stems over winter for pretty snow and frost photos but also to help protect the base of the plant should any inclement weather hit.
New growth on Veronica
Winter Jasmine appears to be in full bloom… I wonder if we’ll get anything when it’s meant to bloom early next year.
Winter Jasmine
Winter Jasmine
This Feverfew has surprised me with more blooms. I moved it a couple of months ago, clearly it was grateful for the move!

There have been a few surprises recently such as Clematis ‘Blue eyes’ producing blooms and spotting Crocus heads and other spring bulbs peeping through the soil. I’ve now mulched over some of the borders with nice fine bark mulch and the improvement is instantaneous! It’s amazing the difference that nice mulch can make. I realise it will decompose much faster than the larger mulch chunks but that can only be a good thing for our clay soil!
Clematis ‘blue eyes’

Leaves of the Acer ‘Katsura’ aren’t looking so pretty now…
Acer Katsura
Plenty of Moss is growing; especially so because we’ve had a lot of mist and fog… it’s been terrible in our bathroom as some sort of nasty black spores have been growing everywhere even with a window open constantly. It’s just so mild and damp. Thankfully it’s been clear for a few days now and after a lot of cleaning I’m hoping the black nastiness will be gone.

Tomatoes are still attempting to ripen… I should probably rip them up and throw them away sometime.
Green Tomatoes

Heather is blooming; usually I don’t notice it until spring, but it is possible that it always blooms over winter. Previously I couldn’t see it, but this year I cut back a Cotoneaster which has opened up some of the border behind.

Some random blooms around the garden… Generally the last ones making a desperate attempt before the cold takes them.
Unknown bloom
Californian Poppy

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Safari

  1. Gorgeous photos yet again! don’t throw the tomatoes away – Make chutney or fried green tomatoes. my young winter jasmine isn’t flowering – do you know whether they flower in their first year? Harriet x

    • Hi Harriet,

      I’ve never made either tbh and am a little apprehensive to be trying! Although fried green toms might be quite nice…

      How large/small is your Winter Jasmine? Mine was only tiddly when I put it in (it’s still only around a metre) and it’s bloomed every year I’ve had it – admittedly this is the first year I’ve had enough blooms to make it worthwhile posting photos. They don’t normally bloom until Jan/Feb/March, so just wait it out and see if anything happens.

  2. Liz, just wanted to pop by to say Hello and say thanks for all the comments and chat we have exchanged over the last five years.

    I’m going to buzz round as many blogs as I can over the next few days. Although I do think I need to cut down o the chat! Delighted your comment came first. I’m not on a comment hunting mission 🙂

    I’m delighted it is your Sunday Safari posting I am leaving my comment with you. I do like this idea and often though on joining you. I also have greatly admired your marco shots so this is a double whammy!

    You have posted many beautiful images that I have enjoyed – BTW I do like the Acer leaves all the way to the curling and crisping up 🙂

    I can’t believe you have been blogging for so long either! Time does fly when you’re having fun.Wishing your new blog at wordpress many visitors 😀

    Just a thought for you: Although I have feeds I usual visit blogs via my blog rolls where I see the title of a post. That’s how I knew you had moved. I don’t read blogs on reader views. I like to go to the actual blog (especially when I put so much effort into the details on mine). Perhaps your move was missed purely by the volume on feeder lists. I’ll mention your move in a post sometime soon ;-D

    • Hi Shirley,

      No problem, it’s been a pleasure as always seing your photos and looking forward especially to your snowdrop visits and such.

      I love the Acer too and am so glad I bought one. There’s nothing quite so iconic as an acer leaf! I can’t wait until the tree is larger and I get enough of the leaves to mulch and can also perhaps use some as decorations. Acer leaves are beautiful at all times of years and such a beautiful shape.

      Thanks for the heads up regarding readers. Indeed, perhaps this is what’s happening? I’ve been trying to do lots of rounds to blogs via blotanical in the hope people will click on my name and see the new blog. It’s slow going and I still don’t have some of my usual visitors who used to come before. I had initially thought it was due to blotanical having not recognised that my blog has moved. I updated my address but my posts now no longer show on the 200 most popular but it also doesn’t appear on the alphabet list under g. So I don’t think anyone can find me 😦
      One thing that does annoy me about wordpress is its rubbish reader. It takes days to update the blogs I’m reading and the list I have on the blog is static and doesn’t tell me when someone has posted. They really need something similar to blogger where they move up and down according to latest posts. I thought perhaps it was an IE thing causing wordpress reader to be rubbish, so I tried Google Chrome which updates a little better but still doesn’t show posts… So I also tried firefox too and the same thing. So I actually end up still using blogger otherwise I wouldn’t have known you had blogged until three days later.

  3. Sorry for gap. I thought I’d got your new blog in my list because ‘Gwirrel’s Garden’ is in there twice. Came and hunted because the gap seemed long. Now you are in three times. With new blogger dashboard, can’t yet see how to take out inactive blogs so the list is getting a bit confused and overwhelming.

    Really like the larger text.

    I have heather for the first time at present but it isn’t flowering. And the Veronica which I have rescued from the plants it had spread under will be having its first exposed wintering. My crocosmia did unusually badly this year – lots of leaf, little flower.

    I’m wondering if it would be possible to number your photographs to make it easier to say ‘Oh I like that one!’ when doesn’t recognise the plant.

    • Hi,

      I hope your heather blooms for you soon – they always seem to die on me… it’s a miracle that this one has survived so long… I haven’t touched it as it was here when I arrived. I think that’s for the best. Usually I only have to look at them and they wilt and die.

      Just hover over the images with your mouse cursor if you’re unsure what the photo is of and a little box will appear after a second or two which states what the plant/image is.

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