A wonderful autumn day out

With my brother visiting from Italy we decided to take advantage of the wonderful weather and have a little trip to one of many parks in Sheffield. This particular park, Graves park is very large and not far from where we lived previously.
I’ve only visited once even though it was probably less than a mile away; my excuse is that we had another park seconds from our front door and instead we’d go for a walk most weekends and I’d often walk up through the park on my way home from work… so why go elsewhere when there’s a park on one’s doorstep??!

Graves Park is 83 hectares and sits only 3 miles from Sheffield city centre, various events are held during the year with one of the main attractions being an Animal farm which for obvious reasons appeals to families with children. I’ve never been to the animal farm so off we went in search of this farm and in hope for a parking space. As it happens we were in luck and although there were some families and children, with it being a week day it was easy enough to park the car.

Now, I have to admit that I’m no fan of farm animals and perhaps least of all Chickens… The only animal I do like are horses and will extend this to donkeys…
However, this cool cockerel was very interesting… Has anyone here seen the Hoobs? No?
Is it only me who watches it every morning???!! He totally looks like Groove with the shaggy fringe!
And here’s Mrs, not quite as fancy however I do like her colours.

This guy had a few ladies… photos didn’t come out so well!
Next up some piglets! We were called over by a lady with her child to tell us that mum was feeding the little piggies and that she thought we’d probably like to take photos… interesting actually that this wouldn’t be the only time we were almost forced to take photos of something; more on that later! Lol.
Piglets feeding
And a big pig came out to see what we were up to…
I did however, love the curly hair on these Pigs:
Curly Pig
Curly Pig face


An amazing Eagle Owl, it’s a shame it had such a small enclosure… This seems to happen too often with BOP’s, for the sake of people being able to see the birds…
Eagle Owl

Something every farm ought to have… Geese!

I’m amazed how green this grass looks; it looks more like spring grass than autumn! I can dream…

Leaving the animal farm and there are some large ponds nearby.
Beech Hedge
Pretty autumn colours

The Ducks seemed to be having a massive communal bathing session… They were all splashing around, not your usual quick dabble as the splashes were rather impressive.
Gathering ducks
dabbling ducks
splashes reach high

It’s unusual to see gulls around here but the park did have a few, no doubt taking advantage of the food.
Black headed Gull
Black headed Gull

Hybrid duck

This little Dunnock was busy searching for food
And more could be found in the dense cover of shrubs
Dunnock in shrub
This male Chaffinch also sought cover in the shrubs
And this Robin did too… They were all hiding from me 😦

This Grey Squirrel was less than impressed with me… To be fair there were lots of dog walkers and the Squirrels often run from the dogs; understandably.
Grey Squirrel

One dog walker in particular decided to tell us we wanted to take photos of his dogs and then proceeded to tell us all about them! Lol, naturally we went along with him, it seemed somewhat rude to tell him actually I don’t particularly want photos of his dogs… So I present to you, Dan and… urm… I don’t remember the other name.
Retriever Puppies
And because we’re onto silly things, can anyone guess what might be on my hat? Ok, so it’s actually my brother’s but he wanted me to wear it, so I had to oblige!
Hat shadow

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


14 thoughts on “A wonderful autumn day out

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you very much 🙂
      I’ve been trying to take full advantage of the nice autumn so far, knowing that soon most days will be too cold to get out and about without wrapping up tight.

  1. My family is originally from Sheffield so i am familiar with quite a few of the parks in the area but in my day there was no such thing as an animal farm (I wish there had been). My Nan lived very close to Firth Park and I recall many childhood trips to Millhouses. The photos are really good and a credit to your photography skills.

    • Hi Elaine,

      I’m not actually from Sheffield, so I’m still discovering the parks. I’m actually from near Worksop in north Notts, but have lived in Sheffield for the past 10 years or so. I’ve never been to parks such as Encliffe, Millhouses and such. And with each year I learn more places in Sheffield – couldn’t place firth park or millhouses tbh. I know the names but no real clue where abouts they are. This was only my second visit to Graves – our first was when we lived nextdoor to Meersbrook Park, graves wasn’t far away, but difficult to get to because we didn’t drive. Even when I lived in Crookes I only went to Bolehill on a few occasions! I’m far more at home going to places like Sherwood because that’s what I know 😀

        • Sadly my family doesn’t hail from Worksop; mum’s side is mostly around Rotherham (although the surnames are Scottish and Irish) and my dad’s in NE Derbyshire around Chesterfield. As a child I have few memories of Sheffield and didn’t ever really go there until I was older and went out on my own or met friends – buses to Sheffield are rubbish and take an hour just to go 10 miles. We always went to Worksop or if we were going for a day out then it would be Sherwood and Rufford Abbey.

  2. Some lovely photos, Liz. I think chooks are just great and I used to fancy keeping Vietnamese pot Belled pigs in Orkney but our house sitter drew the line at the dog, cats and chickens…
    I hope you’re going to tell us whats on your hat because I can’t make it out.. I even tried looking upside down..

    • Hi Janet,

      It’s a shame you’ve been unable to get chickens… Perhaps something for the future?! We can’t have any here due to a covenant, but I’m no fan of chickens… They’re a bit scary imo lol. My mum wants some though and at a local Dobbies garden centre they recently got some in for sale and she always has to look at them! 😀
      The hat is a little character hat, the little bumps at the top are ears and then there’s a little face 😀

  3. Dear Liz, I so enjoyed the trip to the park with you and your brother! I love farm animals and wish I owned some of those in your pictures, especially the chickens. I never saw a curly-haired pig before. Lovely fall shots of the water and trees. P. x

    • Hi Pam,

      I don’t know the name of the curly haired pig, but there were a number of types, some with black spots on them and even a red haired one. They were probably my favourite and they were all busy digging up the grass in the field, unsure exactly what they were looking for but I imagine worms or other insects.

  4. You make me smile, Liz.
    That fringed chicken, those little pigs eating… The owl is fantastic, and you always take great pics. I use to have a pig when I was a child, daddy won her at the village fair (he went closest guessing the weight of the little pig and won). We kept her in a pretty big fenced area and brought her food and stuff every day (me and my sister), we had a sort of bond with that pig, who was growing and growing… Until they got her killed and cooked. I miss Miss Piggy.
    Thinking about it you actually made me sad… 🙂

    • Hi Alberto,

      Haha, your story sounds similar to my mum’s when she was growing up. Their family often kept a range of farm animals such as geese, rabbits, hens and such. She had pet bunnies that is until they ‘disappeared’ and surprisingly they then had rabbit for dinner.
      Pigs are very intelligent though, so I can well believe you had a bond with it; they are as intelligent as dogs and I believe come 3rd for intelligence – i.e. dolphins, dogs etc. They can be trained, will play football and such!

      Perhaps you could also get yourself a pig??! 😛

      • I could get piggy too.
        I can’t play football though… I wonder where in the scale of intelligence I would end up… above or below pigs? better not knowing.

        You just reminded me of the bunnies… You are making my bad day an even worse day. Thank you. And don’t reply talking about little cats drowned, please!


        • Hi Alberto,

          Heeheee, I’m sorry! 😀

          Nup, no kitties being drowned, thankfully! I hope your day isn’t actually a bad one, if so then I am sure it will get better; especially with the help of some wine 😉

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