Autumn Cherry – Prunus × subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’

For the past few years my young Autumn cherry hasn’t bloomed in autumn… Instead it chose to make us wait until spring. So far I’ve only seen it bloom once in autumn since we moved here and that was the first year we arrived. I was so surprised to see blooms on it in November and wondered what was wrong with the poor tree. It was then that I discovered some do bloom in autumn and then still have a good show in spring. Sounds like a perfect tree to me!

Today as I decided to snap some quick shots of the birds on the feeders suddenly I noticed, like little pearls some blooms. Of course I had to don my macro lens and try for some shots… Sadly the sun is so low at the moment that it is barely touching any of the blooms. If more open over the coming days I’ll try for better shots.

I think next year I will also have to trim the tree, so far I’ve never cut any of its branches but as it matures I think it’s for the best that I begin to look after it more.

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15 thoughts on “Autumn Cherry – Prunus × subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’

    • Most Cherries around here have lost their leaves; a few weeks ago they all seemed to turn and produced the most amazing firey tones as I commuted to work. Very nice! I think my little Fuji cherries have now both lost their leaves too.

  1. I knew of the existence of these prunus but I’ve actually never seen it with my own eyes. It’s a kind of legend 🙂
    Liz: what a sky! England has some beautiful skies, it’s one of my best memories of UK: looking at the sky. Here in Italy you can’t watch a clear sky without being blinded by the sun.

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you very much 😀

      It is a very nice tree, shame it was planted on the back fence by the previous owners… Would’ve made far more sense if it was more of a feature.

  2. Hi Liz, I have a weeping variety of Prunus subhirtella that was the subject of an old post of mine, ‘We are Survivors’. Just when I thought the tree was dead, it showed life, and after drastic surgery to remove the diseased part, it has grown into a lovely specimen.The spring blooms are so pretty. You are fortunate to have some autumn ones as well!

    • Hi Debs,

      Mmmm, a weeping variety too? 😛 If only I had the space!
      There are definitely more blooms today, so I need to get out for some photos; it’s been windy for the past few days now so it may have to wait a little longer before I get the chance…

    • Hi Clare,

      It is very nice; the blooms are only small though so it isn’t a massively showy tree as such. More blooms have now opened, however it’s quite grey today and has been very windy for the past few days so I’ve been unable to get more photos.

    • Hi Janet,

      It was only a young tree when we moved in; I’m guessing it was only planted sometime in the year before I moved in as I know the previous owners landscaped the garden. So it’s around 5 years old now and as it’s quite a dainty little tree it doesn’t produce many leaves like that of the other more common cherry trees seen everywhere. It will be a long time before I have enough leaves to be able to collect leaf mulch in any considerable quanities 😦

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks – I need to try for more photos of it, but it’s been too windy recently and often quite dull. Hopefully we’ll have sun over the weekend!

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