Autumn Cherry, again.

Moar photos of that there Autumn Cherry which I promised a while ago…

I finally managed to get some photos of the Autumn flowering cherry… it’s so hard at the moment that I think I might give up until the sun is higher again or bring some branches indoors to photograph instead. The privet hedge behind the cherry casts shadow, so the little light this garden receives over winter is lessened even more so and makes it very difficult to get nice photos of these blooms.

*note to self for future reference – don’t buy a tiered garden, or if you do only buy one on the side of a hill that gets sunlight in winter. It can get really depressing in this house for a couple of months until the sun finds its way back into the lower levels of the house. At the moment we only get it in the bathroom and spare room. I’m someone who needs sunlight otherwise I can get down in the dumps.

The first few shots were taken earlier in the day, the light and quality is really bad here…

Then, later on I was upstairs and noticed the sun shining into the rooms. I ran downstairs to get some shots of the cherry again in the hope the sun would now be shining on the tiny blooms.
This set is an improvement; although not much. The sun just doesn’t reach the blooms that I can get to.

Can you believe these are the first photos I’ve taken in December??! It’s been 2 weeks since I last uploaded any photos off my camera. I’m shocked.

Walking the garden and I discovered either Snowdrop or Tete-a-tete leaves just peeping out of the soil… Then bringing in the bin I also noticed the hybrid bluebells are all coming up in the front garden!!! Oh my, that’s very unusual. After all, they don’t bloom until April/May.

So, how are everyone’s christmas preparations going? I don’t have my tree yet although I have slowly been tidying up ready for it to be put up; just need to motivate myself to go out and buy a tree now. I’ve been considering getting a smaller one this year… I’m not sure if I have the motivation for a larger one – but know I’ll regret it if I do.

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20 thoughts on “Autumn Cherry, again.

    • Hi Donna,

      If only I could pick my house up and move it further round the hill 😀

      Are you going anywhere nice for Christmas? I hope you have a good time! I have a couple of small decorative trees up – one made from colourful, funky baulbles and the other is a wooden one with little figurines like we had when I was a child (they’re back in fashion; you know – kitsch and all that)

    • Hi Scott,

      I am looking forward to Spring when the blooms are out properly – and the light will be better for photos! I’ve noticed that the blooms at this time of year appear to be smaller, single and not as intricate as during Spring when they seem to be double. I guess it makes sense, considering it’s only getting colder.

  1. Beautiful photos of your cherry, you made me go out and look at mine, still in tight bud, not a flower to be seen yet! I sympathise with your lack of light, we have huge trees to the south of our house and garden and it is very dark usually in October/November until all the leaves are off the trees and then we have light again, thank goodness!

    • Hi Pauline,

      If it makes you feel better, this is the first time in years that my Autumn Cherry has actually bloomed in autumn… Little wonder I’ve been taking plenty of photos of it!! 😀

      There are no major trees around here that cast much shadow; just the darn hill and houses! 😉

  2. It is Kind of weird seeing these delicate flowers in december, isn’t it? Come on this month will fly and from january days are going to be longer and longer and then we’ll see light at the end of the tunnel… 😉

    You are a good photographer, so pictures are good even if the light wasn’t perfect. I especially enjoyed the last, with some flowers out of focus and the bark and buds very neat, kind of japanese art offset…

    • Hi Alberto,

      Indeed, it’s very strange seeing them in December, although I’m not complaining as it does help add a little splash of colour to the garden! And yes I also have to agree that soon it will be getting lighter again; just until then it’s tough on the body and I just don’t have the energy or willpower to be getting festive… But Christmas is drawing in and I really need to get the last few presents! The sun is only just rising at 8 when I set off and setting at 3:30/4pm, so you can see why I’m getting a bit depressed.

      We bought our Christmas tree tonight, although I haven’t yet decorated it. It’s sitting in the kitchen waiting to be dressed. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      If you can get hold of one; it’s definitely worth planting. It blooms again in Spring – much more profusely so is the best of both worlds! No sign of cherries forming though, so isn’t so good for the birds/your tummy! 😀

  3. Liz, I think the lighting on these cherry blossoms lend them an ethereal quality that would be missing in brighter light. Well done!

    Still working on Christmas preparations; it’s a process! I do have all the major things done, but with lots of visitors coming I still need to give my house a good cleaning. I’m trying to figure out how I can squeeze that job into my schedule!

    • Hi Deb,

      I’m really tempted to cut a few branches and bring them indoor for a nice Christmas table decoration… I may try it closer to christmas so the blooms don’t die before.

      Christmas preparations are only just starting here… Bought the tree this evening although I haven’t yet decorated it – just sat in the kitchen at the moment out of the way. It was so cold outside buying it! There’s some stormy weather heading to the UK and I think the windchill was definitely adding to it! Brrrrr. We only have my parents over for Christmas, so I don’t have to be too meticulous with the cleaning and decorating; but it’s always a good excuse to do so anyway.

  4. I feel your pain about the lack of light! Not that we’re at the bottom of the north slope of a hill, but it’s just really grey here in the winter. How fun to see bulb leaves already peeking through! I was impressed at how long my autumn crocus kept blooming here – even after a few inches of snow a few times, a few more flowers would pop up when the snow melted and the sun came out. Love those little bulbs.

    • Hi VW,

      I guess the light could be even worse here as you said – bottom of the northside of a hill… Not far off though, only slightly up the hill and not quite full north around it. This is the problem with this city – everywhere is on a hill, great views, and good for the cardio but not so good for other things such as icy or snowy weather!
      Mmm, I may have to try the Autumn Crocii at some point. I’ve never really come across many although there are some planted in the city centre.

  5. I just love this burst of spring in mid-December. This really is an amazing tree! We too lack sun by the house this time of year. We get a little in the early morning, as it peeks between the trees, but if you oversleep, you miss it! Stuck down in a valley, with tall trees, and the low angle of the winter sun, all serve to make November through January a little gloomy here. The solstice is almost upon us though, and then the days will slowly get longer, and the sun a little higher in the sky. Then there’s Christmas…ack! I’m soooooo not ready. The tree isn’t up, dinner isn’t planned…and it’s less than two weeks away! How can that be?

    • Hi Clare,

      I absolutely love seeing the sun in the morning – that’s why I love spring and summer so much! Nothing wakes me up and puts me in a better mood first thing than having the sun streaming in through the window. Our bedroom is north-east facing, so only in the longer days does it reach our windows. At this time of year there’s no chance 😦

      Cannot wait for the solstice, it’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders just knowing that days are slowly getting longer 😀

      As for Christmas, well I am sort of ready for it, but not. I’m panicking a little and after two trips to the local shopping mall I still don’t have everything I need! I really don’t want to go yet again but I don’t have much other choice 😦 Our tree was bought tonight, it’s just sat in the kitchen though until I get the motivation to trim it. I can’t believe I’m so bad this year! Normally I’m itching to decorate as early as possible!

  6. What pretty flowers, it looks like spring! The front of our house faces north and is so dark during the winter. Our dog follows the sun around the house (when it breaks through the fog) and so I always know where to find her. I’m also someone that needs to see sun or I get down too.

    • Hi Catherine,

      If only the weather was like spring! 😀 A lovely day today; shame it was quite chilly! I managed to get out and plant some cyclamen in my parent’s garden for them as a surprise… Wonder how long it will take before they notice them!

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