Macro Monday – Autumn Cherry in Winter

As the sun rises in the sky I can steadily take nicer photos of the autumn Cherry which has bloomed during autumn for the first time in years.

Its blooms are only small at this time of year so do not add a great deal of colour from a distance; however close-to they are much more noticeable and definitely a welcome splash of interest.

Expect to see more photos of these blooms, especially until there is more happening in the garden or once it comes into full bloom during March or April – then it really comes into its own!

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


29 thoughts on “Macro Monday – Autumn Cherry in Winter

    • Hi,

      I can’t wait for it to come into full bloom; although I am a little concerned that it’s going to be all bloomed out by the time March/April arrives when its big show begins.

    • Hi Donna,

      I hope you do manage some blooms soon! We’ve perhaps too many things blooming that it’s a little concerning.

      I’ve just come back from the cinema, and my mum commented that it’s early January, 11pm and I ddn’t need my coat when walking to the car. My thermometer in the car was reading 10oC (50f). Normally we’d barely manage that in the daytime at this time of year. Crazy.

  1. Hi Liz,

    So beautiful, and how lovely to have it in your garden at this time.
    It gives one a feel of what is to come, and that always makes me feel quite excited 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl,

      It does seem to be blooming quite a lot now and I just hope it doesn’t bloom itself out before spring arrives! I’ll be disappointed if March/April comes and all it does it leaf up with no blooms 😦

      I only ever get to see it at the weekend so I’ve no idea what’s going on now… These photos were taken back in December sometime.

  2. Lovely to see blossom at this time of year – your cherry flowers are so delicate – the one I have in my garden blossoms in summer and is rather a sugary pink, not anywhere near as nice as yours.

    • Hi Elaine,

      I find the blooms at this time of year, like many other early spring blooms are often much smaller than later in the year when it has its full flush. It makes sense considering normally it’s much colder so many early blooms such as snowdrops and crocus are small and close to the ground so not as cold.
      Later in the year the blooms will be more pink than they are now, although not an acidic pink,thankfully.

    • Hi Pauline,

      Hopefully it won’t wear itself out before spring arrives and we end up with almost no show at all in March and April.

      I hope yours blooms for you soon enough 😀

  3. Hi Liz, this cherry tree is still going on? It’s unbelievable! These new pictures are definitely better than previous ones taken with a worse light, the last one is beautiful.

    • Hi Alberto,

      Yep it’s still blooming and will do so until it has its main flush in March and April. At the moment its blooms are relatively sparse on the branches until warmer weather arrives. I didn’t get to check it over the weekend so I’m unsure what’s going on out in the garden at the moment.

  4. Wonderful images as always Liz and as you say such delicate colour when you look up close. I guess we know what will be appearing in your GBBD post now 😉

    • Hi Shirl,

      Photos might appear in the GBBD; that’s assuming I even manage to get any photos for it! So far it isn’t looking too likely, temperatures have dropped and I think we’ll be having some heavy frosts tonight – perhaps the first of winter so far. I’m unlikely to be walking much in the garden as I don’t want to damage the grass; but I do need to refill the bird feeders so may grab photos at the same time 😀

    • Hi OMS,

      Grey is a lovely colour! 😀
      Ok, so it’s a bit drab… heehee.

      It’s all very grey and white here at the moment with the current frosts… Just waiting for the milder weather to return!

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