Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – January 2012

Not so many photos this time due to heavy frosts this weekend meaning there’s a whole lot of frost and not so much colour. I have left a few things off such as the roses, winter jasmine and primulas.

It’s supposed to get warmer again during the week, so hopefully the plants won’t have suffered too much damage.

First we’ll start with a small clump of Snowdrops I was unaware had popped up; I’m getting frustrated with the short days at the moment because I never get to see the garden! Clyclamen coum and autumn Cherry add much appreciate colour and interest.

Quite shockingly one Rudbekia still isn’t dead, even the frosts don’t seem to have stopped it… The Erysimum are also still going after the frosts – at least they don’t yet seem to be black. And lastly a few viola are blooming after having a short break.

The Hellebore show is slowly picking up speed as does my collection that steadily increases… I recently found this stunner called ‘tutu’, I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks for its blooms to open fully and I’ve finally been able to see them.

Here’s Hellebore ‘nigra’ and ‘double pink’. The Hellebores don’t seem to like the frost and I’ve been surprised to see them bending over double in the mornings.

I’ve also been surprised to see new growth on Clematis and Elder…

And we’ll finish this month’s bloom day with some more Snowdrops, sedum growth and more of the autumn cherry.

If you’d also like to join in with this meme, please visit Carol at: May dreams Gardens

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35 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – January 2012

  1. So envious Liz. Your snowdrops are such a welcome sight. Mine are buried under 2 feet of snow…good thing too since we have temps below zero. The snow will actually help the plants. That viola is one of my favorite color combos…stunning photos….happy GBBD!!

    • Hi Donna,

      I do hope your snow melts soon; the frost here is enough for me right now and it’s becoming a real pain having to scrape the car – even before I was able to set off home!

  2. Thank goodness for these early flowers, especially your lovely Hellebores, they are gradually worming their way into my heart and I for one will definitely grow more of them to brighten up the garden for times such as this.

    • Hi Elaine,

      Indeed! I’ve been really enjoying the mild weather and watching the plants pop up. I was never a fan of Hellebores; but I have blogs to thank for my recent obsession with buying more! In the past year I’ve gone from one to 10… whoops.

  3. Liz that is one absolutely fabulous post. Not only the quality of your beautiful photos but the layout, so artisitc! What camera do you have? I think I really must save up for a good macro lens. In the meantime it has been suggested that I use close up filters, have you ever used them? I think they are like a magnifying glass and come in different powers 6+, 8+ and 10+. My snowdrops are coming out too, which I find really exciting.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      As you’ve seen on my ‘about’ page; I currently have a canon 7D and use a variety of lenses – usually my 100mm macro or my L lens depending on what type of shots I want. I’ve never used the filters, no; although I have heard they’re not the easiest of things to use. Mainly due to the reduction in the depth of field, but then I like very narrow dof…
      You don’t need to spend massive amounts for a macro lens. There are very nice 50mm’s out there at a couple of hundred. I need to get myself a landscape lens really and have my eye on a couple for wider shots of the garden and possible portrait photos if I ever feel the need to take photos of people…. (unlikely)

    • Hi,

      Hellebores are very pretty! It’s a shame they often hang their heads – but it’s easy enough to hold them up or cut the blooms for the house 🙂

    • Hi Pam,

      I hope your Hellebores bloom soon for you Pam… I’m waiting for a few more of mine to bloom; if they do at all this year but we’ve a month or two yet for them to produce some buds.

    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you very much, I was loving spotting all the new growth and new bulbs too… Having the short days is an annoyance, but at least it means at the weekends it’s more of a surprise to see what’s happened.

  4. Great photos, Liz. I was surprised to see buds opening on my clematis too. It does seem early. I checked them this morning and they don’t seem to have been damaged by the frost so fingers crossed. Your hellebores are beautiful. I really do need to get some more.

    • Hi,

      I haven’t looked closely at my clematis’ on the fence but these in pots on the decking certainly look like they’re going to be growing soon. I hope they get large enough for me to plant soon as they’re still relatively young and small.

  5. Ok I am very envious of your hellebores and snowdrops and wow that cyclamen is amazing! Is it scented too? it would be too much, wouldn’t it?

    BUT having new growth on the elder means you are officially in spring… So why I’m still under a thick frost here?! Sgrunt!

    • Hi Alberto,

      You must have signs of spring in Italy by now??!! I’m unsure if the Cyclamen is scented; I haven’t tried smelling it, but actually I have a feeling that they are supposed to be scented.

      We’ve had heavy frosts for the past three days too, I even had to defrost the car before I could come home this evening… However tomorrow it is meant to get warmer again at least for a few days anyway.

  6. Hi Liz,

    Frosted plants make such beautiful images…..

    Do not worry about the hellebores in the frost, they always bounce back (at least mine do). Bent over in the morning, by lunch time they are holding their pretty little heads up again 🙂 Such wonderful plants.

  7. Exquisite photos as usual Liz. Would like to see more of your ‘Tutu’ – I debated over purchasing one a couple of weeks ago – I could only observe buds so resisted. Take heart – the days are slowly beginning to lengthen 🙂

    • Hi Anna,

      Not to worry there will be plenty more photos of Tutu soon enough 😛
      I had an advantage when getting mine; there was one in bloom but not many buds. So I went for the one with plenty of buds but none yet in full bloom so had to wait a litte over a week (less, had I seen the garden in daylight…grrr)
      Indeed the days are beginning to get better, I think I’m just bitter because I always used to finish at 4 and was home for 4:30, but now I’m not home until 5:30 and this makes a massive difference in garden photo opportunities… hate finishing late; I’m an early person.

  8. Love the hellebores, especially ‘Tutu’–I’m going to put a double hellebore on my plant wish list, for sure! Your garden looks as though it’s almost spring with all the new growth.

    • Hi Rose,

      I wish the ‘double pink’ was darker… Hopefully later blooms will be darker or once the plant is mature I’ll have nice dark blooms… It’s so light, it could easily be mistaken for ‘nigra’ or double white… Oh well.
      Honestly, I wish it was spring – the weather has decided to laugh at us all by giving us plenty of hard frosts… I knew it was coming though; there’s no way we’d get through winter without at least some frosts or cold temperatures.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks 😀
      More photos to come soon, well… More frosty photos that is… I almost filled this entire post full of them but decided against it and just to post them in a frosty feature instead.

    • Hi,

      Thank you 🙂
      I’ve just got my laptop back after having it fixed for the past couple of weeks and having to use an old one; and lordy the images are so bright they’re burning my retinas! Thing is though, on my old one I didn’t up the saturation of the photos at all so I can’t understand why they’re quite so garish… Anyway, never mind.

    • Hi Deb,

      I’m glad I’ve inspired you to get some more Hellebores 😉 I don’t think it’s possible to have too many…
      I may have to plant pink and tutu together… At the moment they’re still in their pots until I’m able to get out to plant them. I haven’t really been thinking much about where exactly they will go; I’ve been far too obsessed with ‘gotta get moreeeee’ 😀

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