Meersbrook Park – Sheffield

A few years ago we used to live right next to Meersbrook Park, this park doesn’t have much in it in the way of gardens or blooms; this is no major problem because the views across the city are so breath-taking that really there’s no need for flowers because you’re too busy watching in awe. It’s a steep park with some very hilly parts so our walks around it frequently cut out the steep areas and took the easiest route.
At the top end there’s woodland which has a very nice array of bird species including my all time favourite – Nuthatches, as well as the more common tit and finch species, there are also Woodpeckers, Treecreepers and in Winter Redwings, Mistle Thrush and Fieldfare can often be spotted.

When we moved I didn’t think I’d really miss having a park so close-by because, after all I now had my own garden. But now I realise that actually I do miss it a lot. I miss walking up through the park on my way home, stopping off to watch the birds, greeting other people and dog walkers as well as taking a blanket and relaxing during the summer and watching the world go by.
I’d always intended to move back to Meersbrook in a few years, or closer to another park – Greaves Park (they’re not far from each other) but if I am commuting then it just doesn’t make sense to move to either area as the traffic is notorious. So really it all depends on where I’m working – if it’s in the city centre then moving back wouldn’t be much of a problem; it’s just a shame the gardens of houses near the park are so tiny.

Thankfully I didn’t move far from Meersbrook and it’s still only around a 5/10 minute drive away and easy enough for me to visit, that is if I battle the traffic!

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16 thoughts on “Meersbrook Park – Sheffield

    • Hi Donna,

      I’d love to have a lake across from me!!! Wow, I don’t think you’d be able to drag me away from watching the water and ducks on it 😀

  1. Glad you have a couple of parks that you can visit, they really are the lungs of any city. We love going to the local parks when we visit our son in London, they make us feel we are still in the countryside. You have a fantastic selection of birds in your park, maybe they find food more easily there than in the countryside around Sheffield.

    • Hi,
      I just wish the park was on my doorstep as it was before – we were literally 30 seconds from the park.

      Perhaps the food is better in the city; after all to the west is the Peak district… But I also think perhaps it’s due to Sheffield being such a green city, there are lots of trees and parks and it’s actually a very good city for birds and other wildlife. When I worked in the city centre I often heard Green and Goldfinches when waiting for the bus, and even saw grey wagtails! I’ve even heard an Owl near us and I’m less than 2 miles from the city centre and often get a wide variety of birds visiting.
      Most cities can only boast Sparrows, maybe Blackbirds, tits and of course pigeons in their city centres. It’s also a very popular destination for Waxwings and we get flocks of them most years. It could be a combination of a number of things though.

  2. What lovely shots…there is something about that crisp, clear winter air, isn’t there! I just love the shot of the (I think) Queen Anne’s Lace…so delicate!

    • Hi Scott,

      It was wonderful to finally go on a clear day – often I don’t realise it isn’t so clear until I’m at the top of the park and discover it’s all hazy… We were lucky on this occasion 🙂

    • Hi Janet,

      I’ve seen Treecreepers up in Scotland at the cottage where we stay – they’re in the garden and often seen climbing up them looking for insects… Have to admit I haven’t yet seen a Nuthatch up there though.
      I know exactly where to find the Nutties in Meersbrook, the past couple of visits I didn’t see any though – mainly due to sheer number of dog walkers scaring the birds away, so I was so pleased to see them again on this visit – it’s the bird at the bottom of the first picture.

  3. The parks around here seem to attract so many more birds than our yard does. I love looking around at what they have growing. One park by us has wetlands and it’s fun for the kids to look for frogs there. The park you used to live by looks very pretty.

    • Hi Catherine,

      Birds can be picky old things, and sometimes one garden that you’d expect to be loved by birds actually gets relatively few. Such as when I lived near the park; there were all these birds in the park and yet I’d only ever get a couple of species visiting my garden. Clearly they were getting all they needed from the woodland and had no need to come to us. Now I get a wide and somwhat surprising variety considering the area I live in; with some species I’d never dreamt I would get!

  4. Hi Liz, It’s good to be back! That sounds like a lovely place to walk and see wildlife, it must have been great to have it on your doorstep. Love the Sparrow in the puddle 🙂

    • Hi Jan,

      Nice to have you back too 🙂
      I just wish the houses nearby to the park actually had reasonably sized gardens otherwise I’d definitely be moving back. But I know if I want a reasonable garden, I will then have to live a little further away and then it’s likely I’ll be much less inclined to visit so often; especially as it’s on such a steep hill! It’s a tough decision!

  5. I enjoyed reading your post and then checking on google maps and street view Meersbrook and the neighborhood, it is somehow similar to the upper part of Brighton, or better, Hove, where I lived. Sigh… I have so many sweet memories there, I feel a little homesick sometimes if don’t go and visit England.

    • Hi Alberto,

      I’ve only ever briefly visited Brighon; but I shall trust your judgement 😉
      The park is in a very built up area with lots of beautiful, massive houses surrounding the park, but on the surrounding roads the houses are generally much smaller and all have tiny little courtyard gardens. There isn’t much in the way of shops – well actually I guess that’s a lie as there’s now been a few things built since I moved away but it’s always going to be the traffic which puts me off moving back. I know what a nightmare it can be on both bus and car. I need a nice park which isn’t too busy… That’s impossible to find in Sheffield though as generally parks attract people, and areas near parks are often highly priced too!

  6. I understand how you feel. Our first house backed onto State Park property, and it was always fun, in summer, when the river was low, to just walk down the hill, through the river bottom, and you were right in the middle of the park. I really missed being able to do that when we moved into a rather dull subdivision after that. I think it’s part of why we live here now. I wanted to try to find that park-like setting again, be able to walk through woods, right out of my front door. I hope that life points you back toward the park soon, and you can once again have that right outside your door.

    • Hi Clare,

      There are plenty more parks in Sheffield for me to move to, but in general they’re emeralds hidden away in otherwise very busy and built-up areas so no matter where I go, if I want to be close to a park I’m going to have to get used to the traffic. Previously it wasn’t an issue because I worked in the city so caught a bus or walked but if I’m to be a planner as I hope to be, it’s highly likely I’ll have to commute or at least drive more frequently and it’s this which is putting me off.
      I’d planned to move towards the outskirts of the city instead, but of course doing that means there are no park… But instead they’re replaced with countryside, so it’s a bit of a catch-22 at the moment.

      Anyway, it’s all speculation because who knows where I’ll be in the next few years! 😀 If someone had told me 5 years ago I would’ve bought a house and completed a MSc I would’ve laughed at them; things can change dramatically in such a short space of time.

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