Frosty Friday!

It’s Friday and it’s the weekend, so why is it all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep??

Anyway, now I have the chance to play with images here are some of the frosty photos I took last weekend:

I also spotted Mr and Mrs Bullfinch visiting the feeders for their breakfast

And here’s some dedication for you… For these grass photos I was on my belly in the grass trying to get shots!

Of course I also have to feature the Flat-topped Aster!

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


27 thoughts on “Frosty Friday!

    • Hi Janet,

      Frost is very pretty although I am glad that we’re back to the warmer temperatures and I don’t have to scrape the car each morning.

      I don’t use any filters, no. All I do is work with the curves (and occasionally the saturation) in photoshop and the outcome depends on my mood or what I feel works best with the particular image.

  1. HI Liz,

    No doubt about it you are an ace with that camera. Tks for laying down to take the grass….as you know I do that sometimes. At least at your age it is easier to get up 🙂 I love the image of moss ??? I always find your tiny little plants, moss, etc the most fascinating. I try to look at them in some detail. I think when you just scroll up and down you miss so much.

    We had heavy frosts at the beginning of the week but now it is mild again. I have just finished moving my mound of bark (as posted)……it was certainly challenging 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks very much Cheryl 🙂
      I wondered to myself how many others would lay in frozen grass just to get some photos… It’s about time for me to be getting muddy whenever I’m out in the garden! Just need to get the chance to get outside; today’s a bit grim – it was OK early but now grey and sometimes drizzling.
      Yep there are some moss photos in there, if you hover your mouse cursor over the images a little box will come up saying what’s in the photo.

      We’re also back to mild temperatures, Thursday was gorgeous… Just a shame I was in an office. I’ll reply to your blog later – I’m having issues with blogger at the moment and blogs are loading and just then going blank and I can’t see anything. It’s annoying me a little bit; just to put it politely.

      • Hi Liz,

        Ah, ok I will do that in future….such an idiot when it come to anything technical!!

        It rained ice here today….I was walking Nella at the time and the ice kept hitting my face. By the time I got back home I was really cold…..

        I have been having a lot of trouble with blogger…….and it seems many others are also 😦

        • Hi Cheryl,

          I wasn’t having a go – just thought it might make it easier for you in future. I haven’t actually been doing it for long – around a month or so, putting the tags on the photos for people rather than having to write something before each photo.

          Rained ice? Wow, it must be cold down there. Here’s been quite nice actually, around 10oC. I hope you’ve warmed up nicely now in front of your fire 😀

          Blogger just seems to go from one problem to another. For example I’ve just tried to read three blogs – yours, Shirl’s and Scotts and cannot see any of them because it’s coming up blank. I’ll have to open a different type of browser insteadl; which I know is only a small thing, but considering most people on the internet use IE, I find it ridiculous that I cannot view the blogs using it.

          • I had problems with people reading my blog using IE. I use a Mac and their new operating system won’t support IE anymore so i couln’t even see how my blog looked ( or didn’t look) on that browser. Googling the problem it appears that some folk in the computing world think IE is slow and a bit past it. At least there are other browers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari that can be downloaded for free. I have all of them on my desktop…

            • Hi Janet,

              To be fair they’ve been saying that for many years; that IE is rubbish. But still the reality is that most people on the internet are using IE, so yes it may have problems but your average joe bloggs with a laptop is going to use the standard IE that comes with it. Only those more experienced, or rather – more technical are going to use other browswers.

              I have them all, and still prefer IE above and beyond Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I will open them when blogger is being crap and then view people’s blogs but I’d much rather not have to and don’t see why I should have to either.

              The worst imo is Chrome, which I think is a pile of rubbish! 😀 You also have to realise that mac refuse to support Java and Flash – apparently no one uses them anymore!!! Lol, yeah, alright. If you say so. So macs have their downsides too.

  2. Beautiful photos again Liz, frost certainly adds an extra something to flowers and leaves, but I think lying down in it is beyond the call of duty !! Still waiting for frost here to stratify my meconopsis seeds, they have promised it for next week, I won’t hold my breath!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’m often found on my stomach or my bum taking photos; so it was no real surprise although I did shock myself when I decided to get down in the cost frostiness! 😀

      I’m surprised you haven’t had any frost yet – I thought last weekend pretty much the entire UK was having cold nights and frosts?? Hopefully you’ll get something soon – although you could try having them in the fridge for a while? Does that not work with them because they’re so picky?

  3. So you find the time to post these amazing pictures finally! OMG I wouldn’t lay on my belly over frost!!! I love the way you arrange the pictures, grouping them by three. The dipsacus (?) is the one I prefer.

    • Hi Alberto,

      Ahaha, yes I had the time and almost had the patience to – although the post is somewhat lacking in the words department 😉
      I’ve had a busy few weeks with work and then going out in the evening meaning I haven’t got home until 11pm and by that time I’m dead on my feet!

      It’s a Sea Holly – I don’t have any teasel… Tried numerous times to grow them by seed and not once have I ever had any germinate, I have had far more success with Sea Holly from seed though 😀

  4. Gorgeous, Liz, just gorgeous. I’ve thought a few times lately about going out to take pictures of the frost or snow. But then it just looks so darn cold that I give up and stay inside. So I’m happy to enjoy your frosty photos instead. And to let you be the one to get down on your tummy (does anyone use that word who doesn’t have little kids?) to get the good shots.

    • Hi VW,

      I didn’t manage to spend long out in the garden taking shots; more quick little sessions and then run back indoors! 😀 I then got a little carried away after having taken shots of the Aster.

  5. Liz, those are such beautiful photos, and I love the layout too. I’m also envious that you have had frost to take photos of, I’m still waiting… Hope you are feeling more rested now, and ready for the week.

    • Hi Janet,

      So pleased to see you’re back, I hope you’re feeling better and are busy planning the garden 😀

      I’m surprised you also haven’t yet had any frost – as most others seem to have too and I thought it was pretty much the entire UK with the cold temps for a few days… Obviously not! I’m glad it’s become milder again now though and today was lovely – 10 although rather windy and not so easy for photos.

      Not ready for the week ahead, but I never am. Fed up with commuting and really need to get another job.

  6. What wonderful photos…I was ooohing and ahhhhing all the way from beginning to end! I was especially smitten by the wonderful contrast between the frost and the dark, overlapping blades of the lilyturf…wonderful. The shot of the Lupines was also exceptional…it’s amazing how that picotee of frost can really transform things we see every day into works of art!

    • Hi Scott,

      I have to agree that it’s always amazing how different snow and frost can make a garden. It’s nice for a few days – long enough to get photos, but it’s even better when it gets warmer again! 😀

  7. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! Full of admiration for your technique in getting the grass shots Liz. I can get down but the getting up gets harder. Frost certainly adds another dimension to plants.

    • Hi Anna,

      Thanks very much 🙂

      I try to make a point of keeping myself supple, for example Pete can barely kneel or cross his legs and it’s been that way since he was 24… I can’t imagine how bad he’ll be when he’s 50.

  8. Wow Liz! Absolutely stunning images. I’ll take a guess that you spent some time arranging your images together (jealous of the Bullfinch btw). A great result to my eyes, I fully appreciate the sorting time – its fun too… lol that’s what I tell myself when I’m pulling out my hair with mine (not really).

    WordPress is certainly working for your images – I was tempted to jump a few years ago but OH started writing programs for me to customise my blog and I haven’t the heart to leave all his work behind 🙂

    • HI Shirley,

      Thanks very much 🙂
      I use templates to make the images so it doesn’t actually really add that much time onto creating the blogpost. And actually I save a lot of time on making the post – i.e. inserting all the images seperately. It’s much easier just to insert the few collages. So I guess it’s swings and roundabouts!

      You can take your coding with you; however you will have to pay a fee to be able to customise it! That’s the only downpoint, however the templates are also 1000x nicer than blogger so really I don’t need to customise my own any more, although there are tweaks I’d like to be able to do. Oh well. It’s not the end of the world if I can’t.

  9. Wow Liz, you managed to get some quite magical photos there – I’m envious…as usual!!! 😛
    Finally managed to gets lots of stuff done and to have time to re-enter Blogland for a while. Hope it lasts!

    Did you enjoy Billy Connolly the other night? 🙂

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks 😀

      Glad to hear you’re back in the swing of things, I do hope it lasts as you said 😉

      Billy was great, some parts he was losing me a bit and some were clearly aimed towards US audiences but the parts where he almost made me wee myself made up for it! 😀

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