Hellebores in bloom

What, more Hellebore photos??!!!

Ok, so I’ll confess… I might just be a little bit in love with Hellebore ‘Tutu’

Yes, a couple of other Hellebores have also snuck in: double Lilac and double Pink… Just waiting on my others blooming. I’ve bought quite a few recently; various species including stinking Hellebore. They’re only small though, so I’m not too hopeful for blooms this year.

Here you can see that tutu’s face is quite well exposed; she is not a shy Hellebore like others… Her face is one of the more open varieties, which also stands tall above the leaves and allows for good views of her frilly skirt.

Double lilac is producing some more buds at the moment… I’m considering dead heading the older blooms to hopefully force more. It is nice to see seeds forming on the older blooms; something must’ve managed to fertilise them. I’ve seen no Bees or other insects around; at least not at the weekends, but something must’ve done it for me! Maybe we’ll have lots of pretty Hellebore seedlings soon.

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40 thoughts on “Hellebores in bloom

  1. Love your tutu’s flowers, so pretty. Don’t think I’ve met this variety , will have to keep an eye out for it. Have just bought 3 more hellebores, don’t really have more room for them, they are addictive, like snowdrops!! How can people say that the garden is boring in the winter!!!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I think Tutu is a relatively new addition to the ever-growing variety of Hellebores… I do love Snowdrops, but I think the Hellebores are far more worthwhile as they’re very obvious compared to snowdrops which unless planted in large clumps have little if no impact on the garden. I’ve plenty of shady areas which need planting where the Hellebores will go. Although I ought to probbably stop now otherwise I’ll have no room for anything else.

    • Hi Elaine,

      It’s just a shame that Hellebores are so expensive! I’ve never really understood why this is; although yes they are pretty. I’ve only just caught onto Hellebores and I think I’ll have to stop now because I’m very quickly filling up and suitible spots for them.

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks 🙂 I look forward to seeing your Hellebores bloom soon enough! I still have the excitement of waiting for others to bloom although mine is likely to be a year-long wait!

  2. Hellebores are stunning. You can never have enough photos of them. I would like some more in my garden. I’m eagerly awaiting the opening of some dark flowered ones in my front garden.

  3. Beautiful hellebores Liz and Tutu is absolutely gorgeous. I love her frilly skirts 🙂
    You are now becoming a serious collector of said plants, you do realise that don’t you??
    By the time you are my age, you will be broke, all for the love of hellebores.

    Sadly mine are not doing well……they did look fantastic but this cold blast seems to have damaged them severely. I have never known this before and I have been growing them for ten years.
    I think because it has been so mild, and then bang -7. I am going to take the blooms from some of them and see what happens. I am so disappointed but I suppose it is all part of gardening. 😦

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Hahaa, I’m not sure if I’m addicted quite yet… I’ve just being trying to stock up on them quickly but do not plan to get anymore next year…………. She says! Lol, we’ll see what happens next year and whether my fingers itch. I want to go to Hodsock priory soon to see their snowdrops and I know they sell Hellebores and other plants there… In the back of my mind I do intend on picking some up; if I like them, that is!

      I think they will bounce back – mine were bending over and on the double pink I lost some buds off it but I’ve noticed more coming up so hopefully yours will do the same 🙂

  4. Now why did I pass on ‘Tutu’ when plants were available at the local garden centre just after Christmas? Two good reasons – firstly the flowers had not opened and secondly I had not seen your photos Liz. What a beauty. Methinks that a return trip to the garden centre is on the cards fairly soon 🙂

    • Hi Anna,

      Oh noes Anna! 😮 I hope you manage to pick one up soon 🙂 Mine at the moment is bent double in the frost; I hope it perks up and doesn’t sustain too much damage…

    • Hi,

      Mine are also bent over, Tutu is looking particularly unhappy at the moment – I’m hopeful that the buds don’t get damaged too much. I will move it before the snow comes later today!

    • Hi,

      Yep, most Hellebores tend to look down and it can be difficult to see them (like snowdrops) but Tutu is almost totally up, imagine more like a Daffodil or Narcissi. My others – double lilac and double pink are more difficult to see and I have to try prop them up for photos otherwise we’d only be seeing their backs.

  5. Liz, didn’t you know that winter bees don’t work on weekends? I’m pretty sure they did their job anyway and it would be a shame to loose beautiful seed heads and fresh seeds (that germinate very easily, even to me!). Besides by the time you’ll see new fresh flowers you’ll have other distracting things popping up, like daffodils and tulips.
    Seeing all these hellebores around in gardening blog makes me feel like having some too, so I’m trying with h. niger species this year and I’ll see how they do. I had h. foetidus and h. argutifolius, both with green flowers but very tough and drought resistant, better for my garden.

    • Hi Alberto,

      I’d love to see a Bee right now! I cannot wait for the first time I spot one; it’s always a good day when I spot my first Bee and Hoverfly.
      I have a couple of ‘niger’ with only one of them blooming so far… Just waiting for the others to catch up now 😀

      Still need to plant mine as most of them at the moment are still in pots waiting to be planted – I should’ve done it weeks ago but never had the chance and now we’ve got the cold temperatures that are coming across from Europe – due snow this afternoon/evening so I’ve been out on our street gritting it all in preparation. Just hoping it’s all cleared by Monday morning!

  6. Photography is one of the best ways to appreciate hellebores, and your photos are gorgeous! Hellebores have so many interesting features when viewed close-up. Yours are really pretty. I especially like the ‘Double Lilac’.

    • Hi Deb,

      It is a shame that Hellebores often hide their faces, and I don’t like to cut away their leaves since the plants still need to be able to photosynthesize… However the Double pink is quite a shrubby, bushy habit and its blooms are well hid by the leaves!

    • Hi Janet,

      Lol@ Horticultural porn; indeed! 😀
      I do certainly have a bit of an obsession with them right now, although I think it’s something I will be able to rein in… That is once I’ve got a couple of the darker bloomers such as double chocolate…………….. heheehe.

    • Hi Jan,

      I think there’s been an explosion of new hybrids and new species over the past few years. I was never a fan before but I’ve really been suckered now! Growing up we always had a ‘niger’ in the garden and I always thought it a boring and unimpressive plant… How things change!

    • Hi Janet,

      Exactly, tutu is a very good example of this, the blooms usually show very well – that is when it’s not doubled over due to the cold weather recently!
      Just waiting for our mild temperatures to return now, grrrrrr.

  7. Cor, at last! I’ve finally managed to sort out transferring to your new site!…Yes, I know it’s been ages but life got in the way plus I was struggling with an old dodgy computer which wouldn’t let me swap to your new site – but I’m here now and SERIOUSLY envious of your hellebores!
    Hope you got to work safely in the snow?

    • Hi Liz,

      Welcome to the new blog! hahaha, it’s only been around 5 months 😉
      Does this mean you have a new computer then? Or still struggling using the same one?

      Ah-ha, another person for me to pass the Hellebore bug onto, muahahahahahaha you will never be the same again once you get a few 😀

      Driving to work was ok, most of the roads are clear and fine to drive along… All except the road my office is on!!! It’s now turned into a skating rink, I have my rubber ice sole thingies in my bag to put on my trainers in case it’s too difficult to walk on. This morning was hairy, especially as a guy in a transit decided to open his door just as I was going past and thought he was going to smack the car! Eeek.

    • Hi Sheila,

      Thanks! Hahaa, glad to see another person is getting the Hellebore bug! 😀
      I’ve gone from 1 for the past couple of years, which subsequently died on me to having bought… phew I don’t know how many!… 13!!! Man, I need help. Although to be fair many of them are still small and are unlikely to bloom for another year or so.

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