Obligatory Snow Shots

I think it’s high time I posted some of my snow photos…
The gardens are still covered in a layer of snow – or ice so I guess I should be grateful that the plants are protected against the low temperatures.

The only grace is that I started a new job on Monday which is much closer to home and only takes 10/15 minutes to drive to. The only problem is that it’s not in the city centre. So I’ll still be looking for other jobs as I’m desperate to get into the centre again.

A surprise in the snow… My first Ladybird of 2012! I hope it survived

Snowy border and a nice mix of species, Goldfinch, Blue tit and Bullfinch

And of course, one must have a Robin in the snow!

Copyright 2011 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


28 thoughts on “Obligatory Snow Shots

  1. oh so beautiful – thank you! We have no snow here on the coast but 2 miles up the road the hills are covered. I am hoping for maybe just one day of snow so I can take some photos, or preferably a hoare frost then regardless of the temperature I will be out there. 🙂

    • Hi Ronnie,

      I wish we’d had no snow… Been so annoying, especially as it’s been ice for the past few days. Although the roads and pavements have been largely clear! Today it’s significantly melted from the gardens and I can see green again! Although I guess white has to be better than brown soil.
      Disappointed that my Hellebores are very unhappy. The ‘tutu’ has lost lots of blooms which were just beginning to open… I hope she bounces back!

  2. Hi Liz,

    Some lovely snow shots there. Mum Blackbird is lovely……also pleased to see the Goldfinch back.
    Ladybirds can actually survive harsh temperatures, feel sure she will find somewhere to snuggle down and greet you when the weather warms up.

    My garden is still covered in snow, it just won’t melt…….:(

    Hope you find the job you are searching for. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I was pleased to see the Goldies too… Although we didn’t have the usual charm we get during winter… I’m tempted to get a niger seed feeder just for the Goldies as I’m half wondering whether it’s the sheer number of Sparrows we have putting the Goldies off.
      I hope your snow’s melted now? Today a lot of ours has melted, and with no overnight frost this morning hopefully things are on the up again. The car was saying 6oC earlier so I can well understand why so much has melted today 🙂

      Hrmmm, jobs… Unlikely in the current climate, but I can hope!

  3. The pictures look so lovely, but the poor wildlife won’t think so. I’ve been in and out all day filling up feeders, pouring boiling water onto birds water and throwing Christmas cake and suet all over the ground! I saw a goldfinch briefly, but by the time I grabbed my camera it had gone 😦

    • Hi Allison,

      Unforutnately I’m unable to keep such an eye on the birds and can only hope their food lasts so they have enough to eat during the day – generally it does last though, but they do also have fat balls that they turn to once the seeds are finished.
      I hope you get more Goldfinches, they are very pretty!

    • Hi,

      Until a couple of years ago I would’ve said we don’t often get snow either! Mind you, this year wasn’t exactly bad either and the roads and pavements were largely clear after only a day or two – the snow or rather, ice has only stuck around on the ground where it’s usually cooler than the concrete/tarmac as it doesn’t retain heat as well.
      A lot has melted today – at last and I think tomorrow it will have almost completely gone with only a few patches left.

  4. Beautiful shots of the snow, love the hats on the sedum! Snow is lovely when it first arrives, but then it soon becomes a nuisance, hope yours soon goes! Just a few flakes here last Saturday but nothing more, just freezing temperatures.

    • Hi Pauline,

      It’s only just going… well it’s almost gone now. The roads and pavements for the most have been clear for days but it’s only just melted off the garden and borders… It’s nice to see the spring bulbs again!
      My Hellebores were hit hard even after I attempted to protect them from the worst… So many blooms just opening too and now there’s pretty much nothing left 😦

    • Hi Pam,

      Thank you 🙂 Although I am very glad we’ve had a big thaw today and most of it’s all melted so I might be able to get some photos for GBBD – not that I’ll have much as the Hellebores are very unhappy 😦

  5. Hi Liz, lovely snowy shots there and great to see your garden birds. I know I’ve said it before but you are so lucky to get regular visits from Bullfinches!

    Hope the job goes well and that you eventually get exactly what you want.

  6. Hi Liz,
    Beautiful snowy shots. We didn’t get much snow and it turned to rain very quickly and disappeared. It’s been cold though which has meant some more unusual birds visiting the garden which has been a treat.

    • Hi,

      Initially we did get a fair amount of now – around 10cm, perhaps a little less. Which is much better than the 17 inches last year! I cleared out road so cars could get out and I had few problems getting around in the car. Really the biggest annoyance was that it’s only just cleared off the garden so I’ve been unable to take photos over the weekend and will depend on photos in the evening just before it gets dark. But also that the cold icey snow has damaged the hellebores and I’m hopeful that they will recover enough to produce more blooms.

  7. These may be the BEST snow shots I’ve seen in forever! I’m so smitten with them, especially the more abstract ones with the snow falling…gorgeousness!

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks! 🙂 Not so sure I’d say they’re the best though… lol.
      I’m glad it’d finally all gone though and hope the weather begins to improve from here on! Like you, we’ve had a very mild winter this year (until the snow arrived, but it was very deep) But I think the half hardy plants that were doing well may have died in the cold.

    • Hi,

      The snowdrops are once again visible as everything has melted. We also have dwarf Iris blooming now, and under all the snow lots of bulbs have had a push of growth and I don’t think it’ll be much longer before lots of Crocus, Muscari and Irises are out.

    • Hi Liz,

      Nothing exciting, unfortunately! Just your average type of officey job.

      Ah! You found me out; I knew I could count on you to spot my ice cream scoop trick 😀

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