Flower Friday!

Yay, so it’s Friday… Time to relax and hope the weather remains nice and warm for the next couple of days.

Everything has really sprung into life now, and the amount of Croci that suddenly appeared after Thursday’s heat was unreal – I’ve discovered I have a pot full of Cream beauty (and others) by the front door which I don’t remember planting quite so many in! It does look rather stunning though so no complaints.

Every year I fall a little bit more in love with ‘Tomasinanus’; this is a small bloom so you do need to plant in large groups to make any sort of statement… I’m thrilled that I appear to also have a few large groupings of this stunning small purple flower. I need to add more for next year though… Always more!!

Of course, I can’t forget the Snowdrops too!

On Tuesday I also spotted my first Hoverfly of the season…

And then later in the day… My first Bumble!

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40 thoughts on “Flower Friday!

    • Hi Christine,

      We’ve had some nice, warm weather recently and I’ve noticed a lot of things have really grown a lot in the last few days. The first little narcissi tete-a-tetes are almost blooming all of a sudden now and I’ve also spotted my first Tulipa Turkestanica bloom bud and should flower in a week or so.
      I have Tuesday off next week and plan to get quite a few jobs done in the garden… I might even cut back all the dead growth, but I’m still a bit nervous in case we get some frosts.

  1. Gorgeous queen bee covered in pollen Liz….and the close up hoverfly is a bit scary !!
    I love all crocus, even the bright yellow. After winter, any colour does it for me 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I generally stick to the two types of Crocus, sometimes three… So the Thomasinianus then Snow bunting and Cream Beauty… I should probably get some larger flowering ones too as they usually flower a couple of weeks later and will extend the season nicely.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      The new header image will soon feature in a blog post once I get round to posting about my visit last sunday to see the Snowdrops… And of course yet more Hellebores I bought.. Whoops!

    • Hi Janet,

      Oh, I know! I was so insanely happy when I saw it feeding on the Crocus! I had to snap some photos and then I was really lucky with it deciding to land right in front of my lens on a stem for the close-ups so I didn’t even need to disturb it by attempting to stalk it for shots.

  2. Wow! The pics of the Thomasinianus are so beautiful with the purple and vivid orange! Very pretty — it’s so nice to finally have a small hint of spring bursting into bloom. I’ve still got a little while to go before mine spring into action. 😦

    • Hi Ktlee,

      I hope your spring bulbs are up soon, it can’t be far off now; just a couple of months at maximum… There’s just something so magical about spring bulbs that makes them so much more special than at any other time of the year! 🙂

  3. Just love the photo of the bumble bee covered in pollen. The warm sunshine has brought out all sorts of insects into the garden today. There was even a butterfly floating around. It felt more like summer. I’m sure it won’t last but it was a lovely taste of what’s in front of us.

    • Hi,

      It’s a shame I’ve been missing the warm weather but hopefully the weekend will be nice and my car is being serviced on Tuesday so I have the day off and will hopefully be able to get some work done.
      What kind of Butterfly did you see? I thought I saw one last Tuesday but doubted myself and later decided it was probably one of the massive queen Bees floating drunkedly around. Perhaps it was actually a flutter I saw??!
      I think the only early flutters are Peacocks as they often overwinter in sheds and then things like Blues and Orange-tips. It definitwly wasn’t one of the latter two, because it wasn’t a bright colour.

    • Hi Scott,

      Lol, so sorry 😉
      They’re just so stunning I can’t, NOT post them!

      And I think I know what I’ll be photographing this weekend…………………. 😀

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’m itching to get out into the garden and get some of the jobs done but at the same time a little worried that we’ll still get some colder weather that will damage all the new growth if I remove the old which will help to protect against the worst.
      So I think for now I’ll concentrate on planting and taking photos 😀

    • Hi Jan,

      Thanks 😀 Just need the evenings to get longer now and for the temperature to remain warm in the evenings…Usually I fall asleep when I get home and then it’s getting dark when I wake up so I miss my chance to get anything done after work 😀

  4. Love the tommy photos, love the pollen on the bee! My husband noticed some crocus leaves coming up, so soon we’ll have ‘Golden Bunch’ blooming. Do you really call them croci in plural? I’ve always wondered.

    • Hi VW,

      Ah, it won’t be long until you get your blooms too! 😀

      Yep you can say Croci or Crocuses if you like; I think either are acceptable 😉 Mmmm, they’re classed as corms! I really ought to find out the difference between bulbs and corms…

  5. Love your header pic, that’s what I call a clump of snowdrops!
    The cream crocus are wonderful, and I love the purple tommies, they are on my to-plant list for our garden.

    • Hi,

      If only my snowdrops were as impressive as this… I can always dream…
      I’d definitel encourage you to go for some Tommies; they’re just so beautiful but be sure to plant them in clumps of at least 10; they’re so small that planting in pairs just doesn’t do them justice.

  6. Always more with crocus, Liz, always more. I’ve become a convert myself over the last couple of years too. Love the purples – my monitor desktop has a mass planting from my garden just now.

    Can’t believe you are seeing hoverflies! Must keep an eye out for bees around my crocus – fantastic photo captures you have there 🙂

    • Hi Shirley,

      I really ought to try the planting in the lawn thing… Might have a go with the front lawn, although far easier said than done!

      There’s been a few Hoverflies around, including the larger type over the past few days.

      Aim to get a few jobs done in the garden tomorrow as my car’s in for servicing… Just need to get myself psyched up and ready for it!

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