Prunus Tenella

I’ve some images building up that I didn’t post last week… so I’ll try to put you off reading with photos instead 😀

A nice long weekend is ahead of us for Easter bank holiday. It’s a very much appreciated holiday too. I really need it. No, really.

And to make things better, my order from the RHS has arrived – Agapanthus and Delphiniums.

So, what happened with the snow?

Well, yes I woke to some but not much. I think we got off lightly here as there was probably less than a centimetre and it was just beginning to settle on the roads as I set off to work. Other parts of the city, however got something like 29cm! I guess it makes up for a few months ago when we got around 5inches and the rest of the city had nothing.
However, I do still have casualties – thanks to the high winds that also arrived. I think I’ve lost my Iceberg Rose, which although it is beautiful and I do love its white blooms I’ve had a difficult relationship with it and perhaps it’s a good thing that I can now replace it with Susan Williams-Ellis which is also a wonderful repeat bloomer but also has the added bonus of having wonderfully scented blooms.
A lot of the Daffs and Narcissi are now also bent/broken over, plus Hellebore ‘Tutu’ but that’s about the extent of the damage that I’m aware of so far.
I moved the spring pots by the front door containing Tulips closer to the house so they would be protected when snow arrived… Typically it all decided to snow on the front of the house – normally rain and such hits the back and rarely ever the front windows.

Right, I had better get doing some house work… Haha, who am I kidding???! By housework I mean sitting in the garden looking busy.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


10 thoughts on “Prunus Tenella

    • Hi Donna,

      I think only today is going to be good enough for any gardening but at the same time I want to just enjoy myself relaxing and watching the garden, reading books etc. So I’m a bit torn between getting jobs done and just chilling.
      Although saying that, I’m not so sure which jobs to do – I’ve some things I know where I want to plant but the rest I’m still undecided on.

  1. So glad you missed the worst of the snow and frost, feel so sorry for the people in the north east, once again they got the worst of it. Beautiful flowers on your Prunus, have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter!

    • Hi Pauline,

      We haven’t really had any frost, just the sleety snow slush stuff that was all gone by the time I got home. I think the ground did get saturated and that’s why the rose was being blown around on its roots – the soil around it was very wet and boggy. I’ve put a large stone on it to hold it down for the time being and we’ll see if I keep it or replace it with my other rose instead.
      But yes, I did get away with it and it’s amazing how different it was just a couple of miles away, let alone a couple of hundred up in the north east!

  2. Hi Liz, haven’t been blogging for ages but back to it now, so I didn’t know you had switched to WordPress until now. Incredible photos by the way. I love how your depth of field is so narrow that all your flower pictures have a really nice soft focus effect 🙂

  3. Glad to hear the snow wasn’t too bad. I’ve heard Iceberg roses are difficult characters. Sometimes it’s good to have an excuse to get an new plant. No snow here but very cold. It’s a real pain having to run around trying to protect things. Hoping it will warm up soon.

    • Hi,

      I’ve just been having problems knowing exactly how to prune it as no matter what I try to do I just can’t seem to force it to grow in a nicer, denser shape. And I hate roses that are all stem with blooms only at the top… It was here when we moved in – as with most of the other roses I have – and I’m not actually certain if it is Iceberg, but the fact it’s kinda shrubby and blooms most of the year makes me believe it’s most likely Iceberg! I’m loathe to get rid because I think it’s been here a good long time like all the rest and I just don’t like killing things for no good reason. But I do feel perhaps it’s time to give Susan Williams-Ellis a proper home since I’ve been umming and ahhhing for a while where to plant her!

      It was quite chilly here today but not freezing, when out gardening I did need a scarf but it wasn’t cold enough to need a jacket too. But yep. definitely hoping it warms up again soon.

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