Playing Catch-up

After having a little check around the garden I spotted the Painted Lady Fern looking less than spritely after the snow/sleet… I hope it manages to bounce back as most of its new fronds are pretty much black and dead. The other nearby seems to have survived just fine though – perhaps this one was protected by the Thurstonianum Geranium though. As far as I can see this was the only real casualty.

Here’s one reason I’ve left much of the dead growth on plants in the borders… They look so pretty not only with frost and snow on them, but also backlit by the sun:

And here’s a photo from January to compare:

I have managed to pick up some sort of strange cold; amazing isn’t it after just 4 days working in the city centre again I get a cold! I knew it’d happen 😦
So far it seems generally ok and my nose isn’t streaming as usually happens to me but I’m still taking it easy and staying indoors in the hope I’ll be ok for Easter day.

To cheer myself up here’s some photos of a Ladybird I found scampering around the Stellata… Cleaning its wings and then running around… I did attempt some videos but they’re not the easiest things to keep in focus as they race around!

Yesterday I also ordered myself David Austin ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ which I plan to use as a small climber to go on the fence and then I’ll also plant a couple of Clematis’ to ramble through Gertrude such as ‘Princess Diana’ and ‘Aromatica’ 🙂 Looking forward to it arriving! Do I have to do anything differently with it as a climber?

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.

13 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up

    • Hi Donna,

      So far it isn’t being too bad, I’ve been taking some flu powder stuff but it only seems to last 3/4 hours before I begin to ache/ have pains again. At the moment it’s basically my lymph node on my neck swelling up and is painful when I swallow, turn my head etc and I can feel it creating pressure and my ears are beginning to ache too. Got another hour or two before I can take more pain relief 😦
      Just grateful I’m not having the nose running part as that’s often the most miserable time for me – last time I had 48 hours of running non-stop. It was so bad even my eyes were watering and could barely open them for almost an entire day.

      I’m looking forward to my roses blooming! I’ve buds on a few of them so far but they’re just keeping me waiting; those cheeky monkeys!! 😀

  1. Breathtaking photos Liz. Walking to work, I was fit and healthy, within a week of travelling by train I picked up a cold, despite washing my hands the minute I got into the office and again when home. I do hope you feel better soon. I have always promised myself a Gertrude Jekyll rose. Happy Easter! 🙂

    • Hi Ronnie,

      I don’t even remember coming across anyone with an obvious cold either and had assuming since it’s Easter there won’t be anything going round, but I assume it’s because I’m unused to going into the city now that I don’t come across all the germs like I used to. I assume it’s a similar situation for you; you already had immunity to the germs around your area and work but as soon as you’re commuting you’re coming across more germs and then there’s also different strains in the place you’re commuting to.
      It’s more annoying because I don’t usually get colds outside of Christmas time and last year I had a summer cold when previously I’ve never had a summer cold! I hope this isn’t a regular thing for me now. My Lymph node in my neck is swelling up and causing headache and pressure in my head and jaw now 😦
      To be honest, I actually wanted a white/cream rose but all the small climbers were sold out on the DA website so I ended up looking at pinks instead and so settled on Gertrude – I hadn’t realised initially it could be grown as a small climber. Perhaps you could join me with buying Gertrude, Ronnie 😉

  2. So sorry to hear that you’re not fighting fit Liz, hope you feel a bit better today, Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Super photos of your ladybird, we seem to have so many this year, every time I go to cut something back, it’s covered in them, good excuse not to do any work! Love your new header photo!!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I pretty much seem the same as I did the other day… This is a bit weird really, and hope it goes soon. Not looking forward to driving to my parents for Easter. Wondering if I’ll have to take it easy and maybe stop off on the way (it’s only 10 miles! haha)

      So jealous of your Ladybirds; sounds similar to what my parents had a month or so ago. Their garden was crawling with them in every border and we even had to watch our step across the lawn. Found it rather frustrating actually as dad doesn’t garden organically like I do and yet they have thousands!

  3. Sorry about your cold, and the weather. Freezing weather in April seems hardly fair, and neither does a spring head cold.

    You’ve make the best out of the sleet – I love the photos with ice, though I hope you didn’t pay too high a price regarding damage in your garden.


  4. I found myself wanting ‘Gertrude Jekyl’ after seeing the gorgeous cover photo on the American David Austin catalog this year. Post about it lots, pretty please, so I’ll know if I really need to make a place for it. My ‘Harlow Carr’ roses haven’t come in the mail yet, but then snow is a regular occurence this time of year aound here. Feel better soon!

    • Hi VW,

      Hehee, I think everyone has Gertrude and tbh I wouldn’t have bought it if the whites/creams hadn’t been out of stock, but I needede something for the fence pretty quick and settled for Gertrude instead. I think it’s going to be similar in colour to ‘Harlow Carr’ though so I don’t think you’ll regret your decision 🙂

      Here we get to choose the delivery date for the plants, so mine will be arriving on Thursday, wheeeeeeee.

      I hope your snow goes soon – I’m surprised it’s still a regular sight!

  5. Hi Liz, how funny to see the ladybug series! 🙂 So this late cold didn’t make any harm (or almost) to your garden, I’m very happy. clematis princess diana and especially cl. aromatica are beautiful choices! I need to get some more clematis too, I just need a little bit more shadow for their roots…

    • Hi Alberto,

      I pretty much got away with the snow, yep. Apart from the little Fern’s damage I think we’re all clear. Just waiting to see if it’s strong enough to produce some more fronds or whether it’s going to struggle… Hope I don’t lose it; it was one from Beth Chato!

      The Clematis’ will be on the fence, so the roots will be shaded for a good while, although I think I need to plant something in front of other Clematis’ I have such as ‘Marjorie’… Although she is doing well, I think I’ll try to cover her roots more with something like Agapanthus or maybe a nice grass.

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