GBBD April 2012

I’ve struggled to find the motivation to post today… I’m being sapped right now, and it’s much too early to have lost all motivation!

Anyway, trying not to show too much of the same as the last post, here’s my contribution to the Garden Blogger’s Bloom day meme hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens

We’ll begin with the Fritillaries… Here I think we’re seeing some level of hybridisation between the native purple coloured Frits and the white mutation. Then we also have one of the Erysimum plugs I bought months ago, they’re intended for the front garden but so far I haven’t yet moved them out of their pots where I placed them to over winter. I’m no fan of this one, but I do like that it is turning purple as the blooms age. I’ll have to look up which one it is. And finally we have the Aubreita which is looking rather nice this year – and also very large!

The Cherry border has surpassed itself this year, I may have to move things around as it’s very front heavy and bare toward the back thanks to the Goat’s beard dying on me. Some of the Foxgloves need to be moved back and I may also move some Geraniums.

The recently added drumstick primila in the front are now joined by the even more recently added Stipa Tennussima which I ordered online from Westcountry Nurseries and I must say they arrived incredibly quickly and in perfect condition… I’ll be using them again 🙂

Ajuga is close to blooming, at the moment we can barely see the deep red/purple one due to it being swamped by a Foxglove – which I need to move! Then we have two Tulips… I’m not sure if the yellowy white one is meant to be this colour. I’m pretty sure I will have planted the two purples together since they came as a mix. I think something’s gone a little wrong here as it does have some small streaks of purple on its petals. And then we have the Harvington Double Pink Hellebore which I am thrilled is darkening in colour and also back from the brink.

The window border in the front garden is into its next phase, and I love the fact due to its shady orientation, the season has been extended with the Muscari only just coming into bloom when those in the back garden are almost finished now.

Finally I’ll close this Bloom day with Forget-Me-Nots… I met up with my parents this morning and they passed on some more F-M-Ns to me… Yay. I do have lots of the white mutation seedlings but they’re well behind these… I just hope they do manage to bloom before it gets too late. Maybe once they’re large enough if I have them in a relatively shady spot, they may still bloom.

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28 thoughts on “GBBD April 2012

  1. Beautiful April flowers Liz – I think that they have relished the recent weather. Must get some anemones! Hope that your va – va – voom soon returns. Take care xxx

    • Hi,

      Thanks very much… It wasn’t exactly intentional, although I do recognise that I do love the purples and blues and rarely ever venture into hot colours. It just happens that a lot of spring blooms are purple 🙂

  2. Liz I love the Cherry Border with so many of my favorites…it is so delicate and lovely… bleeding hearts just make me stare in wonder and mine are just starting with their tiny little hearts…soon to grow big and beautiful…and I found a surprise at the back of the broder …a huge clump fo FMNs blooming…what a lovely bloom day…thx for sharing.

    • Hi Donna,

      I’m a bit concerned just what I’ll do in summer for blooms in the cherry border as it’s another area that’s very much geared toward spring. The Foxgloves and Bluebells will of course bloom in early/mid summer but after that it’ll just be foliage of Geraniums and Ferns. I look forward to seeing your Dicentra blooming 🙂 I have another pink one in the Cherry border which doesn’t seem to be doing too well; last year it was even more puny than this year… Hopefully next year it will be strong enough to bloom!

      F-M-Ns are just the most beautifully delicate little blooms, ever. My mum bought some proper china tea cups with them painted on, and they’re just so pretty. Felt like Alice in wonderland and we were having a Hatter’s tea party 😀

    • Hi,

      Thanks very much 🙂
      I really do need to add more white into my garden; especially want to add more white Narcissi/Daffs. Although perhaps I’m gearing a little too heavily to spring and need to think about summer and autumn in some of the borders.

    • Hi,

      I hope there’s something blooming in your garden by now… I’d be getting really anxious for things to get going now, although from experience around 3 years ago now where spring didn’t arrive until April, I know that it arrives with a bang and you get everything together and the show is amazingly spectacular! It’s just a shame we had to wait so long for it to come!!

  3. I like this motivation!
    or maybe inspiration ..
    for flowers do that for me..
    i love your blue for-gte-me-nots…
    wish i lived close I would ask for some of white ones, I’m sure i would have something to trade…
    which have reminded me I need to start mine…
    Thank you…Beautiful…

    Take care…

  4. Nice blooms Liz, I agree this month is pretty much the same as last. Like my garden, yours has more subtle colours. I bet next month you’ll have much stronger ones 🙂

    Love your cherry border – that’s a nice little Anemone there, I do like the while pulmonarias and that drumstick primula looks like the one in my garden at the moment. It’s a nice one that.

    I love to see forget-me-nots in Spring too – especially with dark colour tulips. Yours look good there. I stopped growing them some years back when I kept getting mildew with them. Shame, now I see the Brunnera Jack Frost as giving me my forget-me not flowers 🙂

    Wishing you a good week 🙂

    • Hi Shirley,

      This reminds me! I really need to sow some wild poppies! If I don’t, I’ll regret not having their delicate red petals, although tbh my colour palette never really gets more adventurous than blues, purples, creams and the occasional yellow, orange and red – hrmmm that’s pretty much the entire spectrum??!!! Hahaha, honest though warmer colours are a rarity here; however I do have some surprises around the corner in the shape of Helenium for late summer warmth – a first for me!

      Hrmmmm Dark tulips and F-M-Ns… I may just have to try that. Often they’re combined with the Alliums although this year they may not still be blooming when the Alliums are. I planted quite a few Black Tulips last year, but none in this border. Perhaps I’ll try them here next year and check out the comination 🙂

      I hope you have a good week too 😀 Here’s hoping for the return of BBQ weather!!

  5. I follow your blog just because ….. I am jealous ! I don’t have a garden, just a little terrace stresses by the pollution of the traffic of the city ……. keep on sustaining my dream to find a new house with a garden ….. one day maybe …..

  6. What a lovely collection of blooms, especially in your cherry border. Was wondering if I had lost my fritillaries as there were not showing in March, 1 shower of rain and up they came, never thought to water that area in the dry winter we had!! Everything in your garden is looking very pretty indeed!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’m thinking I need to thin things out in the Cherry border now, and might move a Pulmonaria as well as the Geraniums to try spread the colour around a little more. I really need to add more Frits and although it’ll never be as impressive as yours, I’ll be happy just to have a good collection forming 🙂

      The rain does seem to have worked some wonders in various areas, I just wish it was mixed in with slightly warmer weather – just a few degrees higher would do me. I’m no fan of 25C+ heat.

    • Hi Lona,

      Thanks very much 🙂 Looking forward to the next phase now; late spring blooms and I hope some of the Roses will join us soon as we have buds in various bushes.

    • Hi Deb,

      Indeed, the garden is a big help but sadly for the past couple of weeks I’ve barely spent any time at all in the garden!
      April this year is living up to its showery reputation and although we are having beautiful sunny days it’s just a degree or two too chilly to comfortably sit outside without shivering or running back inside whenever a cloud comes along.

  7. Gorgeous pictures of your Spring blooms Liz. I especially like your Fritillaries. Struggling to read the tiny faint fonts on your site, I will try again with firefox and see if it comes out clearer. (getting old Liz!)

    • Hi Alistair,

      Thanks 🙂

      re:fonts – there’s nothing I can do about the font as it’s a template and I’m unable to change the design – I can only change background colour and header image. Perhaps the only annoyance about wordpress – you have to pay for the luxury of changing such basic things.

    • Hi Liz,

      Cheers 🙂
      Hahaha, glad I’m not the only one getting down on their belly to take photos. It’s that time of year where I’m often muddy, wet or both thanks to getting up close and personal with the plants.

  8. Lots of lovely blooms Liz. As I’ve probably said before, I love Forget-me-nots, funnily enough mine do much better in sunny borders. Those I try to get going in shady borders always fizzle out eventually. I have some self set ones in the border under the window in my front, south facing garden with no shade at all and they thrive!

    If you see this comment it means WordPress is letting me comment for a change!

    • Hi Jan,

      I think we all love F-M-Ns, and I’m thrilled they’re back in fashion after having barely seen them since I was a child… Just wish they’d readily seed for me like they do everyone else! Here they’re in a sunny border – at least it’s sunny at this time of year until the Buddleja takes over and they do well… they just don’t seem to want to see here for me! Perhaps I ought to try them elsewhere too and see if I have more luck.

  9. Oooh goodee! It worked today 🙂 I think they’ve been making changes. One thing I do like about it which I just found is a little drop down menu which shows your reply and saves going back to the post to find it, that’s rather nifty 🙂

  10. Firstly Liz, love the header, so pretty.

    My garden is full of forget me nots……they seem to love the soil here as they have travelled far and wide. Strangely they never did well at my last garden 😦

    It is nice to see your borders full and plenty of flowers……I actually plucked up courage in early Spring, and divided a Dicentra, all the plants have done really well. I have several alba, and I must say I love them a little more than the pink…..although I would not be without either, they flower for such a long time and are the perfect addition to a woodland garden.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I hope you had a nice break? Wanted to go on Holiday in May but it looks like I’ll have to do without 😦

      I’ll try the F-M-Ns elsewhere I think. They used to do relatively well in the Cherry border, but it was shady back then but I’ll sprinkle some seeds around and see how things go.

      Only the one alba Dicentra here, but I would like to have more. I’ll just let this one mature a little more before attempting any divisions.

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