Garden Foliage Day – April 2012

So, I’m late to this meme; but it’s better than nothing considering I always, always, ALWAYS forget to participate. As it happens I took some photos around the garden yesterday as we had wall to wall sunshine for the first time in what seems like ages… Oh wait, it has been around two weeks!
Today hasn’t been too bad and after a grim start early this morning it brightened up by 10am and stayed that way until around 5pm when it greyed over, had a bit of a rain and then fluctuated between showers and sun for the rest of the evening.

Anyway, spring is the most amazing time for foliage and there’s so much lush growth around that begs to be photographed.

These photos have been thrown together at the last minute, so bear with me please 🙂

Let’s start with the foliage of Pulmonaria and Hellebore knitting together to form a dense carpet; raindrops on Allium leaves and the deep wine foliage of Ajuga; this foliage until recently was being hidden by a Foxglove that I have now moved. Hopefully the bugle will soon produce blooms as it takes advantage of the light it now has.

The leaves on the little Acer ‘Garnet’ are taking a good while to unfurl; I’m trying to be patient waiting for them, but it really is difficult!

Next up we have the deep leaves of the black Elder which I look forward to seeing more of as it matures; so far it’s still quite small as I only bought it last year. However I do have another which is around 4 years old and has never really done much. Last year I cut it back hard and it’s managed to produce some fresh growth this year, but it seems to have sort of reverted back as its leaves are not small as is typical of this one, but large like the green version, but black.
NB – scrap what I just said as I just realised that my 4 year old plant is actually Sambucus Nigra ‘Black Beauty’ and the new one is Sambucus nigra ‘Black lace’. Anyway, I had noticed last year after having chopped black beauty back, the leaves produced were a blotchy green-black colour but this year they’ve come back black.
The fern-like leaves of my tiny Sorbus Forrestii are finally out, and I am extremely worried that I will manage to trample this tiny little tree – it’s around 30cm tall at the moment and will grow to around 3/4m.
Of course, the Fern fronds are one of my favourite at the moment… the other ferns don’t produce such cute, furry fronds!

New leaves David Austin ‘Harlow carr’ are another delight, I love the rusty new growth and it looks especially nice when it’s backlit.

Foliage in the Cherry border is amazing at the moment; it’s still a little rough around the edges which I still need to work on, but certainly most of the border is beautiful with Geraniums, Pulmonaria, Hellebore, Foxgloves and Anemones all knitting together to form a wonderfully lush carpet.

Aquilegia is a firm favourite here, and I have quite a few around the garden although only a few are nice, mature specimens. I love this plant because it looks amazing after rain as well as backlit by the sun.

Astilbe and Sorbus Fructicosa provide a nice juxtaposition of leave types, both are still immature plants so it’s a little sparse at the moment. Geranium macrorrhizum, Geranium wargrave pink and Centuria always make me happy seeing how well they’re doing. I do need to divide both wargrave and the macrorrhizum, but when they’re looking this amazing I just don’t have the heart to at this time of year (and yes the grass is having a party in all this rain!). And last but not least is the young leaf of a Lupin I added around a month ago… I’m having to guard them with my life from the slugs and snails.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


11 thoughts on “Garden Foliage Day – April 2012

  1. I love the Acer Liz, I have always wanted one, maybe I should dig out an enormous pot and have it in the patio. Lovely foliage for Garden Bloggers Foliage Day. Yes everything is going to have be guarded against slugs and snails – new shoots and rain are not the combination we need but just what the blighters love.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      There are nice, small Acers you can buy such as ‘Garnet’. Mine is only due to get to 1.5m tall and so should do relatively OK in a large pot.

      I decided to try some Delphinium this year for the first time ever and it looks like I chose the wrong year! I’m worried they’ll end up terribly pot bound by the time the rain finally stops and I can plant them! Beginning to get desperate to put my Peas, Tomatoes and such outside too, but just don’t want to risk any more frosts.

  2. Beautiful foliage, and the raindrops look spectacular, especially on your Aquilegia. Unfurling fern fronds are a favourite of mine, really enjoy seeing them at this stage.

    • Hi Pauline,

      I really love these Fern fronds; I think they’re male scaled ferns or similar. The rest just don’t look as interesting as these ones do; but it is nice to see all the Ferns have surivived – even if some were damaged in the snow a couple of weeks ago.

    • Hi Rnnie,

      I think yours is actually a Bee Fly judging by the length of its legs and proboscis; do you have more photos of it?
      I’ve never seen one before but everyone else but me seems to have them!

  3. Our acers are at the same stage Liz. They almost look like butterfly wings waiting to dry out in the sun. It is worth the wait! Your phtos never look thrown together Liz. They are beautifully captured and presented. Charming header phto of the bee.

    • Hi,

      Just need some more sun now so I can check on things again… Just wish I hadn’t wasted yesterday evening as it was quite nice and I could’ve got some jobs done quickly that would then be well watered in today! 😀

  4. Hmmmmm! for some reason, Liz, I could not view any of your photographs. very frustrating. I will be back another time when I can read your post fully 😦

    • Hi Cheryl,

      It might just be your internet connection, or photobucket playing up. They’re showing for me but that might just be my internet cookies enabling me to see them – Just tried using my phone too and they’re showing on that and I haven’t loaded my blog on my phone for a while.

      I’m sure they’ll pop up again soon 😀

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