Friday Flowers

Since it’s very clear we won’t be getting any nice sunny photos of the next few days at least… I’m using some taken last weekend…

I think I need some pretty colours right about now, but actually I’d really just love some sunlight. It’s almost as bad as being in the middle of winter with less daylight – but at least then we actually had sun!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of hot places. But as long as I have the sunlight then I can fight off this depressing feeling; it’s the dull grey that gets to me after a while.

Tulips are coming into bloom, not that I can take photos of them though and I worry that they will soon die thanks to being so wet. I can’t imagine they will come back next year.

The Bees were out taking full advantage of the sun last Saturday, I’m worried they’ve starved for the past few days unable to get out and collect their food.

I also discovered that the Samobor Geranium is blooming… Not that I’ve seen it since last week, that is.

And finally, Clematis ‘Willy’ has its charming little bells, I’m considering flooring it due to the move last year it has fresh growth at its base and then a gap and more at the top. It isn’t looking too attractive, so hopefully if I chop it we’ll get more fresh growth and perhaps a second flush later in the season – as it’s known to do so anyway.
Aquilegia blooms always look beautiful, I’ve a number of them around the garden now and am looking forward to the doubles blooming in the coming weeks.

Oh yes, and also I had a shock today… I have a bloom on my Peas… They’re still indoors on the windosill waiting to be planted! So tomorrow I’ll be emptying the veggie planter, adding in new compost and getting them planted regardless of how wet it is. They need to get outside. Same with the Sweet Peas and Tomatoes.

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12 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. I know what you mean about the grey. I feel the same way about needing to see some sun. We’ve had some very wet weather the past two springs, this spring is a bit better than it has been. It’s always nice to see some bright color when the weather is so gloomy. How lucky to have Clematis blooming already!

    • Hi Catherine,

      We’ve had very dry weather for the past two years and perhaps this is why it’s feeling so much worse than normal – however in some parts they had their entire average april rainfall in one day! We do need the rain after the droughts for the past two years, but it’s just frustrating having two weeks of almost solid grey and rain. Rain and sun, I don’t mind at all.
      Most of my Clematis’ are early bloomers and I really need to get some later ones to continue the interest towards the end of the season, so I plan on some group 3’s 🙂

  2. The rain has brought lots of plants on that were struggling in the drought and they are growing so much now, you can almost see them growing each day – that is when I am wrapped up in my waterproofs to go and see how they are and hoping that they havn’t been battered in the downpour! In spite of the greyness, the flowers are blooming away and brightening up the garden.

    • Hi Pauline,

      There’s certainly plenty of growth but a lot of my Tulips are struggling and I’ve noticed many of them have deforms blooms no doubt due to the rain of the past two weeks. It’s kinda put me off having them next year, but I know it’s beyond my control having all this rain. It’s just a shame that my visions of lovely groups of black and white tulips have been ruined 😦

  3. I know what you mean about the grey – it does get you down after a bit – but the gardens are all looking very lush after all the rain – I am waiting for the next batch of flowers to show their little faces – a bit of warmth would help.

    • Hi Elaine,

      There’s certainly plenty of green around at the moment but I’m a bit low on the blooms. Not sure if it’s just a natural lull or whether it’s due to the colder temperatures – such as the Alliums, I have plenty of buds waiting but they’re just sitting there. Teasing me.

      Back to solid rain tomorrow… Great.

  4. I sympathise. This wet, dark grey weather is getting me down. And the cold. I don’t like too much heat either. 23 or 24C is perfect but we went for a walk today and I was wearing a hat, scarf and gloves. It’s no wonder things aren’t growing at the allotment. Your photos however did cheer me up they’re beautiful and as some previous commenters have said everything does look very lush and green.

    • Hi,

      It would be much better if it was at least warm and grey rather than quite chilly. 6 degrees this morning just seems ridiculous for April. Although it is forecast to reach around 15 next week… For a day or two before it goes back down.

  5. Hi Liz,

    The continuous rain does the wildlife no favours. I am really concerned for the birds bees and butterflies.
    I have lost two bee nests due to flooding. One was a white tailed bumble, the other a leaf cutter bee.
    They both had their nests in the ground. So sad.

    When I walked the garden this morning (in the rain) the strong winds last night had brought so many plants down.
    With so much rain they had put on such a lot of top growth, so didn’t stand a chance 😦
    Oh to be in England now that Spring is here….ha!!

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Yep I’m concerned for the Bees too, not only due to the wet ground and flooding but also because they just can’t get any food. I’d imagine a lot of bird nests are also compromised; especially those who didn’t choose the best nesting sites and hoped it would be OK.

      Don’t think it’s been too windy here, but we’re back to rain again now – yesterday was OK. Managed to get outside for most of the day.

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