End of Month – April 2012

Honestly, this month doesn’t really feel like a month at all. It just feels like I’ve been sat inside waiting for the rain to stop and that’s it. There’s been almost no work done in the garden – the front lawn needs mowing desperately… I’m now regretting not cutting it when we had the chance and did the back.

However, on Saturday we did get the fence finished at last; the day was mostly ok with just the one quick drizzle. There’s just a couple of finishing touches to do and then I’ll be happy but I’m just glad for the most part it’s done now. I can get the Gertrude Jekyll Rose planted and a couple of Clematis I have planned.

Anyway, we’ll look at the borders, which are definitely filling out nicely; I just need some more blooms as we seem to be a little bare – perhaps it’s a lull after the spring blooms or perhaps it’s due to colder weather. The Alliums and Tulips seem to have been in bud for quite a while now but are taking their time to open.

Cherry Border
I’m always thrilled when I look at the Cherry border and see how well everything is doing. One job I need to do is move the Tiarella that’s being smothered by Herb Robert. Last year the Tiarella was very unhappy in this spot due to the long drought over spring and summer… This year there’s no such issue so far and if the rain does clear over summer then it’s likely that once again it will begin to look very unhappy. I’ll try to get it moved soon whilst it’s wet and cooler so not to upset it too much.
Just check out the monster leaves on the Primula and Foxgloves! They’re getting enormous!

Upper Tier
So far things are moving slowly with the upper tier… Clematis is blooming as you can see in the photo… I know it doesn’t look like much but there’s more growth and blooms higher up the fence. I’m considering chopping it down after it blooms to see if I can encourage it to grow again because at the moment it’s leaving quite a lot to be desired. Also if you look closely at the photo you can see my tiny little Sorbus Forrestii that will eventually grow to a few metres in height.
We can also see growth on the Asters, Veronicastrum and lots of Foxgloves taking over.

Side slope
I’ve been working on this section and I think things are going relatively well at the moment, although I’m still having problems with the slope and access to weed the area. So I think I need some stepping stones hidden in the Aster border that allows me to step over without trampling all the plants. This are also houses many of the Hellebores, which can be seen in the background behind the Astrantia.

Right and Buddleja Borders
Very few images of these two borders, I don’t really know why as the right border especially is bursting with growth and Alliums waiting to bloom. The Buddleja border is slowly being packed more with Forget-me-nots and I’m waiting for my own white F-M-N seedlings to bloom but they’re seriously lagging behind at the moment and I’m worried they won’t bloom at all before it’s too late.

Front Garden
The front garden is going quite well, I’ve photos of only the one border – the window border but there is plenty going on elsewhere and I’ve noticed lots of seedlings coming up that I sowed a while ago; no doubt thanks to all the rain.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


23 thoughts on “End of Month – April 2012

  1. The rain has been relentless… it’s always ironic that the grass grows incredibly fast in the rain but you can’t get out to cut it!! great photos x

    • Hi,

      Yep, exactly!
      It’s so frustrating because even when we do finally have a dry day it’s just too wet to attempt mowing, especially as our front is north -east so it’s not like the sun will burn off the water. It’s beginning to resemble a jungle now out front.

  2. Thank you for taking us around the garden Liz – it has been so frustrating not being able to get out in the garden for so long, but everything is certainly looking very lush in your garden. I am nurturing and caring for my foxgloves, determined that the slugs won’t get at them again this year.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      I’m beginning to think people must be getting throughly bored with the same photos of my garden… If only it was larger 😉

      Strange, I don’t seem to have problems with the slugs eating Foxgloves? Sometimes they can get a little ragged but i’ve never had them munched on by our molusc friends? I need to either sow or sprinkle some white Foxglove seeds around too. I kept trying but I think the seeds I had must’ve died because none ever came up so I I’ll have to plan for next year and hope I get some again.

  3. I’m sorry about all the rain. You’ve had so much, even I’ve heard about it all the way here in California! My only hope is that your summer garden will be more the better for it. Your garden has filled in since the early photos at the beginning of the year. I love the combination of forget-me-nots, hyacinth, and bleeding hearts in the last shots, they’re beautiful together.

    • Hi Claire,

      I think it’s more annoying because the rain isn’t actually really making any difference to the fact we’re still officially in drought. So we’re having to put up with being soaked all the time but knowing the ground just isn’t really absorbing it.

    • Hi Donna,

      Indeed, it sounds like we’re not the only ones suffering here! So frustrating, especially after the record breaking heat of March and drought! Just wish the jet stream would get back to normal – rain still hitting the wrong windows. Feels like it’s goung to be neverending.
      Must be positive… Must be positive.

  4. Sorry you’ve had so much rain, Liz. We have had a cold, windy, but dry April. I hate the cold wind, and haven’t done much in my garden lately. You have a lot happening in your borders… some great combinations. P. x

    • Hi Pam,

      I think many of us are being effected by the crazy jet stream; it looks like they’re predicting this cold, nasty, windy and often wet weather to continue well into mid May. Normally around the 15 I go for a short break to Norfolk and it’s generally around 15-20 degrees by then, often hotter and aircon is definitely needed. It’s never cold during our stay. But this year I’m not going and actually I’m quite glad because they’re expecting it to be only around 5, which I find hard to believe for May but then I also didn’t believe this weather would continue into May…

    • Hi Alistair,

      I’ve never quite managed to sort this lull between spring and summer; I’m geared mainly to early spring and I guess summer but need to widen my range of late spring bulbs such as Daffs and Tulips to provide a bit more interest.

  5. Beautiful photos, Liz. It has been a frustrating month. My forget me nots have finally picked up and sprung into life, creating a lovely blue haze. I’d just like a bit of warm sunshine so I could get out and enjoy it!

    • Hi,

      Most certainly a frustrating month which is set to continue well into May 😦 Now I really feel depressed. *sigh*
      I miss sitting out in the garden and just reading a book. I’m quite a lazy gardener and prefer just to spend my time outside; and I’m definitely feeling cooped up now.

      • Hi Liz, I feel your pain. I’m feeling so sun deprived. I feel like I do in the winter. We’ve just booked a holiday in the UK but I’m beginning to think we should have gone further a field to guarantee some sun!!!

  6. I enjoyed your garden tour – everything is looking very lush and green isn’t it – not only is the grass growing like billio the weeds are romping away as well – especially the goose grass in my garden. The rain has stopped today so I am going mad trying to get all the jobs done.

    • Hi Elaine,

      Indeed, the grass is growing a little too well and the Dandelions are having a party in the lawn. I dug a few out during the week, leaving some smaller plants thinking it’d be a while before I needed to pull them too and here we are today and they’ve all got loads of blooms on them! Knew I should’ve done it when I had the chance.

    • Hi Anna,

      Suspended in animation is exactly how I feel! Sitting, waiting and expecting our normally warm May to appear.

      It will. Soon. It must.

  7. Your garden is looking very lush after all the rain, so frustrating though when you can’t get on it to do what is necessary! Our lawn is so boggy at the moment , will take a good week to dry out and the grass, like yours, is sooo long, oh well, only one thing for it, go in the greenhouse and prick out some more seedlings of primulas!!

    • Hi Pauline,

      My lawns aren’t too bad; after heavy or prolonged rain it does feel a bit marshy but it’s draining away quite well, no doubt thanks to being on a slope. I’m determined to get the grass mown this weekend at some point. I’ll probably be out quite early tomorrow getting it done while I can! Don’t want to risk the forecast being wrong and missing my opportunity again 😀

  8. Well I give up…..I have tried several times to read this post…..still cannot see any images.

    I can only guess that it looks pretty with all this rain:

    It has rained all day here and we are expecting frost Saturday night….oh joy 😦

    Did not get a comment from you on my last post….don’t know what is happening……..

    • Hi Cheryl,

      All I can assume is your computer is having issues with Photobucket? Have you recently changed virus protection? Although I can’t imagine that’s the problem it does seem very odd. I’ve looked at the blog on everything I can, including at work with no issues.

      But yes, frost tonight and perhaps Saturday night I believe. I’ve protected the Tomatoes already but everything else should manage OK. They’ve all been well hardened by now with the cold daytime temps.

      A few posts now I comment and see it pop up on your blog and then look later but it’s disappeared 😦 Looks like you’re not the only one having problems! 😀

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