Flower Friday

Ok, so I’m cheating a little as these photos were taken last weekend, but I haven’t had the chance since then to take any! The garden hasn’t changed too much anyway although I do need to take some snaps of some plants.
Thankfully we’ve had relatively little rain this week – just had a quick drizzle now for the first time in a few days – but it has generally been quite grey and today is definitely chilly and due frosts tonight. I’ve been out to cover my little Tomatoes.

Be warned, there are plenty of Forget-me-not photos in this post with more to come in a feature post later some time. It looks like we’ve some hybrids going on with a couple of mostly pink plants… Not too sure I like the pink ones – definitely prefer the blues and whites.

The one job I’m determined to get done this bank holiday weekend is cutting the grass. I’ve had enough of the scruffy look now – especially in the front; it closely resembles a meadow.
Anything beyond the mowing will be a bonus 🙂

Tulips aren’t doing so well; the ones my mum gave me don’t seem to have appeared at all. The Blacks and Whites aren’t doing too bad but the show still isn’t what it ought to be although I think I can give them some slack considering the amount of rain they’ve endured.

Acer Garnet looks to have finally opened its leaves for the most part. I love how different it looks when it’s backlit by the sun – you wouldn’t expect it to be bright red!

There appears to be something wrong with the Aquilegia, a lot of its blooms are small like this – I’m unsure if it’s due to the cold and rain because it’s never happened before. I actually quite like these small blooms!

So thrilled that this Dicentra has popped up – I do love its clusterd blooms and its ferny foliage… That is if I could see its foliage but at the moment it’s swamped by other plants. I’m hopeful it’ll do well this year and be much larger next year.

I love how each Fern is different when they open, by far the best are the scaled ferns but I do love how this one looks almost like the bumpy skin of a Starfish!???!

Geranium Samobor really needs dividing or moving slightly in the border. The Geranium macrorrhizum are beginning to open too and will add some much needed colour to various borders.

Sedum and Ajuga are adding some nice ground cover, although I do wish the Ajuga would grow a little more! They seem to have got a little smaller over winter.

Very excited to see Clematis ‘Marjorie’ doing well, she has put on a lot of growth this year and we’ve a fair few blooms. I expect her to get very large as the plant matures and I cannot wait to see the results.

These Fern fronds are by far the nicest of all my Ferns and I love taking photos of them. Harlow Carr rose and Erysimum are a nice combination although I ought to move the Erysimum as both have growth so much they’re now crowding each other a little too much. I’m just worried I will kill it if I try and it’ll be a big loss to lose such a nice mature plant.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


15 thoughts on “Flower Friday

  1. Love all your forget me nots, reminds me to sow some white ones! Also love your unfurling ferns, they are so beautiful aren’t they, they make such super shapes. Cuttings take easily of Erysimum, then if you are successful, you could move your large plant without worrying!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’ve decided that I do definitely prefer white and blue F-M-Ns and do not plan on saving any seeds from the pink ones. I’m unsure if they’re plants I stole from my parents or ones I grew here… Hrm.
      Thanks for the tip re:Erysimum, I might try taking some cuttings although I never had much success as I don’t have a greenhouse and such to keep them in. I might just have to risk it and if it dies then so be it. I bought a smaller plant a few weeks ago which needs a new home so I can always replace this big one with a younger plant; just further from the rose though.

  2. Lovely Friday Flowers! The shots of the forget me nots looks almost 3D on my screen, they literally jump out – very clever. How great to have geraniums out already, and I love the colour of the samobor mine are all pinks and blues. It is a new one in your garden? I think mine have cross pollenated so many times they are almost all the same.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      Heehe, that’s probably the narrow depth of field making you think they look 3D because everything else around is blurred out.
      Samobor isn’t new here, no. But it is only its second season and already it’s massive! I’m going to have to divide it once it’s finished blooming or later in the year because it’s just getting too large. I’m having a similar issue with Thurstonianum too but I’m more than happy to have more around the garden or I can pass some on to my parents.

  3. Great photos Liz. After a slow start my forget me nots have picked up and there’s a lovely blue haze in the garden. It hasn’t stopped raining here, all week. Just want some sun and a bit of warmth.

    • Hi,

      My F-M-Ns have been blooming for a while but I think the cooler temps have helped keep them going for much longer than normal. I’m just hoping my white seedlings bloom before the end of the season… Oh well. Next year I’ll have to make sure I sow them a lot earlier!

      Sorry to hear you’ve had so much rain this week; we’ve had quite a dry week compared previous weeks. The odd drizzle here and there but everything is mostly dry now. I was able to mow both lawns with no issues.

  4. I can’t wait – my perennials are just peeking through the ground now, but looking at your pics reminds me of what is soon in store! Thanks for the sunshine!

    • Hi,

      Ooooh, I know your excitement! It’s always so amazing watching as the plants appear and it seems there’s a notable change on a daily, if not hourly basis! 🙂

      I’d just like some sun and warmth now… We’ve had a little sun but not enough to make much difference!

      • We, too, are under drizzly skies and cool cloudy day temps. I haven’t checked properly for a few days – I bet I can see a difference when I get outside! 🙂

  5. You are having the same issues I am with the cold and rain so many plants are no shows or under performing (especially the tulips)…sad really…but my forget me knots are up and I adore them….and yours!

    • Hi Donna,

      So frustrating isn’t it? Especially after such a nice winter and early spring! I’ve managed to get out a fair bit today so I’m not feeling as cooped up or depressed like I do in winter; but I am worried it’ll just go back to near constant rain again in the coming days.
      I think I will have to replace many of the Tulips next year; my mum gave me two varieties after my nan and granddad so feel obliged to replace them and hope I get to see their blooms next year since this year has been so poor.

      F-M-Ns are glorious little blooms and they never cease to take me back to my childhood and remind me of my parents’ garden 🙂

  6. Hi Liz! Love your forget me nots in all their colours! Pink ones are rather lilac and they’re very pretty. I’m sorry for your weather, it seems to have a very unpredictable behavior as usually it does in spring but you’re still talking about frosts and that worries me. I’ve planted my tomatoes yesterday, everybody told me to hold on with the veggies but hey we’re in may after all!
    Really like your geranium, I wanted a similar one, remember? Well I came back with a very pale pink nodding one (g. Chatto) … Almost te opposite! 🙂

    • Hi Alberto,

      For us we’re not used to such cold and wet weather at this time of year – and certainly for the past few years by April and May you can assume it’ll be at least 15 most days and generaly mild. For the past few years when I’ve gone for a short break to Norfolk which is only a few hours from here it can be very hot all week and we rarely ever have bad day – rain for example. But yes we were forecast frosts but we haven’t had any here at all, but no doubt in the countryside they have! 😀
      I’ve planted out my Peas and Tomatoes now, and I’m pretty certain in previous years I had planted them out a month or so earlier – I’ve been severely held back by all the rain in April.
      There’s always space for more than one Geranium! I think you need many, many more 😉 They’re such great plants to have and well worth having, especially in shady spots. I think you’d really love Thurstonianum; especially as its blooms are quite different to most other Geraniums. It’s quite a large plant too, mine’s making a bid to take over the world at the moment 😉

  7. I’m sure the weather is going to pick up soon. At least the sun is shining at the moment….. Everything is bursting into life and the rain has made the garden very lush. In spite of you being ahead of us (at least a fortnight) we have many of the same plants in bloom.

    • Hi,

      It’s been OK here for the last few days or so – today has been mostly sun, Friday was OK but a bit chilly. Tomorrow is meant to be much the same, sun and quite warm. I think I’ve caught the sun today weeding my parent’s garden… Could’ve done with weeding my own tbh!
      Glad to hear your garden is nicely in bloom too 🙂 I’m waiting for the rest of mine to get going – I’m behind compared to last year thanks to April being so bad. This time last year I had Astrantia, Sweet Rocket and various other blooms too.

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