Forget-me-not love

I’ve been trying my hardest for nice F-M-N photos, however I’m just not getting the shots I want. Mainly because of where they are and my access to them; I want to play with light, but I just can’t get the angles. So next year I’ll have to make sure I have some in the right border too which will allow me to get backlit photos from the setting sun like I did last year… Of course this is dependent on there even being any sun!

So I’m afraid it’s all going to get a little repetitive, but I do still want to do a feature post so you’ll have to bear with me on this one 🙂

What I find odd is that a couple of the plants seem to be pinkish rather than blue. Now I believe these are from my parents, unless of course these are the ones grown here? I didn’t notice any pinky ones when I went round to their house today?? Hrmmm.

I’m quite certain the ones grown here are a deeper blue to the ones my parents gave me. These ones were definitely ones grown here from seeds or plants I found appearing in pots that I moved into the border.

I cannot believe I didn’t think to take photos of my parents’ borders of F-M-Ns… What was I thinking of??!!! Or indeed, it would seem I wasn’t thinking at all. I need to go back again soon; you wouldn’t believe how many they have!

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10 thoughts on “Forget-me-not love

  1. You can never have too many forget me nots! A few of mine have come up pink and just one white one has appeared in amongst a sea of darkish blue, they all look lovely.

    • Hi Pauline,

      I just wish I had more and need to make a note to myself for next year to make sure I have a pot of them so I can photograph them better 😀

      Most of mine seem to be the lighter blue but there are some really dark blues which still show up quite light on the camera… Haven’t quite worked out why yet but I guess it must be something to do with the exposure settings.

  2. When I go to my parent’s the only thing I have in mind is stuffing myself with food! Then obviously me and mum go to have a look to the garden, even though I still see the garden I left about 10 years ago (which I use to take care of) only with overgrown, 20 years old roses and scattered with plants my mum buys without even knowing what they will become… It’s a kind of heart attack to me… I should give up going to my mum’s garden. Or eating her greasy food.
    Liz, I want to tell you in person, before you realize by yourself, that I changed my blog’s theme, I’m now using the same as you, I hope this doesn’t upset you, I just wanted some more spaces for bigger pics!

    • Hi Alberto,

      Haha, it’s funny how I think almost every garden blogger I know complaining about their parents’ gardens! For me I have a heart attack at what my dad’s done. I even sometimes have nightmares that dad’s ‘weeded’ my garden for me. By weeding I mean he’s destroyed it, ripped up all my plants and just totally ruined it. He doesn’t really know what the weeds are so often rips out plants. I’ve tried so many tactics to stop him doing it; even giving plants to HIM for him to PLANT so he won’t forget they’re a plant and he still pulls them up – Hollyhocks for example. He moaned they weren’t blooming when they’re BIANNUAL you FOOL!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
      My mum’s a gardener like me; likes the cottage, pack them all in style so everything’s close together. But dad likes the bedding plant look with soil between each plant 😦 it truly is my worst nightmare.

      My latest tactic to deal with him ruining it is to weed for him. If he doesn’t need to weed then hopefully he also won’t pull anything up.

      Re: using the same theme. Don’t worry about that Alberto 😉 they’re free themes and you can pick and choose whichever you like. I’m not going to be offended 🙂

    • Hi Donna,

      I tried to let them seed last year… and the year before but they just refuse to grow in that border. No real idea why either tbh. So I’m having to sow them myself and move them there once they’re a little larger or just steal some off my parents 😦
      Oh well.

  3. HI Liz,

    They are beautiful little flowers, and you can NEVER have too many of them. I have an explosion of them this year, and they give such a cottage garden type of feel to the space.
    It is raining again, we did have a couple of hour reprieve yesterday. It felt so good to see some blue sky:)
    I strimmed the edges of the garden during that time, what a mess. I did attempt to cut the grass but gave up. The tractor mower left horrible ruts…….sigh, double sigh.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      My parents have them pretty much everywhere you look. They’ve steadily made their way around the entire garden now. Just can’t believe they’re still so picky about mine! The plants do fine here, once they’re here! It’s just impossible to get them to seed in an otherwise empty border??!! lol. Why do I always seem to have problems getting the supposedly ‘easy’ ones to seed here?!
      Glad to hear you had some sun; we’ve been spoilt so far this week as we’ve had a fair amount of sun. Let’s hope it continues 🙂

      Something I’ve found odd is that the hedges are taking ages to get leaves on them. My privets still barely have anything???! Never seem them so late. I’ve been waiting for them to get going before I try trimming them.

  4. I love the mixed tones of the forget-me-nots and your photos are delightful. Being a bit of a novice photographer I didn’t realise the difference that a good bit of back lighting can make.

    • Hi,

      Light can indeed make a massive difference to the photo. I like to play with the light, and you may have heard of the ‘magic’ times for photographs – morning and evening, when the light is much softer and there’s often an almost ethereal quality to the light. So around 5-7pm at the moment are the best times for taking photos, 8pm is probably verging on too dark to get good quality images without upping the ISO.

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