Friday Flowers

For the past week we’ve finally been having some reasonable weather, with two days of promised rain actually only having some rain late in the day. Of course it’s meant I’ve been able to get out and take some photos, as well as manically rushing around trying to get jobs done before any rain starts.

My roses are still keeping me waiting. I now have a few different plants with blooms just beginning to open… Well, they’ve been that way for almost a week now! *sigh*
I still can’t quite believe how large things have become in the Cherry border. The primula vulgaris leaves are longer than my hands… They’re normally around 10cm long! Absolutely mental.

Here we can see more of the Cherry border but also the Forget-me-nots in the Buddleja border and how the G. Thurstonianum is really beginning to take over. This is why I keep mentioning I need to divide it already after not even a year yet. I had hoped it would do well but never imagined it would do quite so well! Blooms are beginning to form on it now and I can’t wait to see them 🙂

Since I’m on the subject of Geraniums; the macrorrhizum are beginning to bloom:

I’ve been attempting to get some photos of the ‘black’ Tulips in the garden but they always seem to show up looking deep red rather than the deep plummy purple colour… They really are much closer to black than the photos seem to allude to. I wanted the combination of the black and white, but there is a distinct lack of white tulips and none of the frilly-petalled ones at all. Hrm.

These Tulips are in a large pot by the front door which also has a Chrysanthemum in… I now believe they must be the Mister Tom and Maureen Tulips my mum gave me. Mister Tom are the small, rounded red ones… Apparently they’re late flowering peony Tulips. The two don’t quite work together, mainly due to the bloom size difference but I do quite like the unusual lolli-pop shape of Mister Tom.

The Bees had returned, however I didn’t spot any bumbles – not at least the typical black and yellow ones. There were a few of the tiny Mason Bees on the F-M-Ns although none of the blue Masons that I often get. I also had to rescue some sort of Bee which was looking very bedraggled on a leave. I placed it on the Erysimum so it was close to a food source but also the sun would be able to dry it.
I eventually noticed it moving around far more and vibrating its body, no doubt warming its wings up. I attempted a video but the macro lens does not have image stabilizer and thus it’s rather shakey.

The Muscari is still blooming… Surely this is some sort of record for bloom time?! They’ve been blooming for such a long time they will soon be like old furniture! Although, they are very pretty and adding some colour in the border. Once they’re gone we will have a very boring phase until the Lady’s Mantle and then Astilbe blooms. I do have some young Geraniums in there, but they’re not yet large enough to provide many blooms. The Foam flowers are very pretty and feathery, I may add some more.

The Tomatoes needed planting, so I had to quickly shove these small Erysimum plants in the ground. Most have blooms on but they will not be as impressive as the ‘Bowles Mauve’; at least not this year. But there are some nice variations… If only I could remember their names!

I recently picked my first bouquet from the garden; Erysimum, Spanish bluebells (so they won’t hybridise), Aquilegia and a ‘borrowed’ Lilac bloom from my neighbour. The Brook Thistle is developing well, and so far hasn’t suffered any damage…

14 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Lots of lovely flowers , love your Mr. Tom tulip, such a lovely little round shape.The bees have been having such a bad time of it lately, hope this weekend is better for them.

    • Hi Pauline,

      Mister Tom is open now and I need to get some more photos of it… Considering having it in a vase where I can see it… Hrm.
      I’m really worried for the Bees too, still no Honey or Bumbles but I have seen a lot of the small Mason Bees – they love the FMN as well as some of the short-tongued Bees. There’s also few Hoverflies and the aphids are beginning to take over on the FMNs.

    • Hi Donna,

      I just need some more blooms to come through now! The Buddleja border will be empty once these FMNs have finished. There are a couple of Astrantia in there, but I’m unsure what else to do there later in the year.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Isn’t it great to have a blue sky, instead of grey 🙂

    If the bumblebees had nested in the ground, they could have been flooded with all this wet weather 😦
    Lets hope that you see some soon and that all is well.

    Your borders are working well…….and look very full.

    I lost all my black frilly tulips last year and have decided tulips are not for this garden. For me, they are just not worth the trouble.
    I love the thought of your black and white combo though, would have looked very impressive.

    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the warmth of the sun 🙂

  3. Hi Liz
    I don’t know why I never think to pick the spring flowers from the garden apart from tulips and daffs. Your bouquet sounds lively and I have all those flowers – feel the urge to rush out with scissors!

  4. I ave the same frustrations when trying to photograph “Queen of the Night” tulips. The colour in the images doesn’t seem true. The buds of the cirsiums are one of my favourites.

    • Hi,

      Perhaps my black ones are ‘queen of the night’ too. I can’t remember now what their exact names were but as you say, they just don’t seem to come out on the camera as they look to the naked eye. I’m really looking forward to the Thistles blooming; and I’m most thrilled that they’ve survived the attentions of the snails so far! *touches wood* And it looks like they’re blooming quite a bit earlier than normally expected (July and August)

  5. Stunning flowers and photos and good to see you’ve had some decent weather to get out into the garden. Particularly love that Geranium, such a beautiful colour.

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