My Parent’s Garden

Another visit to my parents and of course for a bit of weeding… The only problem was, after putting my kneeling mat and hand fork in a bag (I think I managed to throw my trowel away last weekend!) I promptly forgot to pick the bag up with me as I rushed out the house.
However, I did manage to remember the choc au pain my brother had left the night before! Mmmm yum! 🙂

As I waited for mum to arrive (after having failing to tell me she had a nail appointment) and my brother was nowhere to be found I tootled around the garden taking photos, attempting to chase Butterflies but failing miserably and watching the birds. Eventually I heard the sound of a hairdryer in the distance as my brother arrived on his scooter – ha ha. And a little later, mum also arrived. We had a full house as my uncle was also fitting their bathroom.

Ma and Pa quickly forgot about me, and very kindly, my brother picked up a trowel for me from the town centre as he went out for naughty pizza 😀 (shhh, it’s the real reason we visit my parents, but don’t tell them that!) so I set about weeding and fought another battle with some couch grass, which I have no hope of eradicating unless I dig up their entire border.

I should probably show you the Forget-me-not borders… After all, they are the stars. There’s a number of areas there they’ve taken over, but this one is by far the pinnacle. In total it’s probably around 10m of pure F-M-N.

Of course, not all areas are purely FMN, in some areas other plants are attempting to grow too. These Maureen Tulips and Bowl of Beauty Peony fight for space too.

Unfortunately, dad took it upon himself a few weeks ago to weed killer all the Honesty plants… I’ve no idea why he did this. I’d planned to steal some for my garden. But thankfully one survived, at least. And even better, a white one!

Mum’s Peony is also opening, this Peony is around 100 years old as it was, I believe my mum’s granddad’s. Which was perhaps also passed down to him. Understandably mum also wants me to have some of it. Not a fan of Peonies, so I’ve never tried to take a cutting, but for heritage’s sake I think it would be wise if I did.

Once again Ladybirds are in abundance in their garden. Often you see groups of them sunbathing… I really don’t understand how they have so many!

Quince is out, and one huge bloom from a calendula? It’s a little too bright for my liking, but colourful nether-the-less.

There’s a rather beautiful Clematis Montana ? coming through from the neighbour’s garden. It’s creeping up the Hawthorn and Lilac tree. I think it might even attempt to jump across to the apple tree too. I just wish I could see some of the blooms at eye-level rather than high above.

The apple blossoms are gorgeous, and of course the Lilac is too. I love the white Lilacs, and look forward to ‘borrowing’ some blooms from Dorothy next door soon 🙂

And in case you forgot what long view of the borders look like… I’d love to have the same!

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


14 thoughts on “My Parent’s Garden

  1. Now I know where you got your love of FMNs from ! Lots of lovely flowers in your parents garden, you have obviously inherited their green fingers!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Haha, well it is true that yes they do remind me of my childhood and of the garden growing up. I was thrilled when they’ve come back into fashion after largely disappearing for 10 years or so from gardens.
      But my parents have since moved from our family home, so these long borders are new – and far more impressive than before.

      I’m just trying to think up a plan for the border once the FMNs have gone. No real idea what they could have to replace them short of buying a load of bedding plants.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Well, that is certainly a stretch of FMN….I thought mine were vast but they pale into insignificance compared with your parents border.

    I am not a fan of peonies either. The previous owner left some……I keep them because they, like your parents plants are very old but………..

    The ladybirds have obviously found a good place to hibernate and a good food source …….

    Lovely images….but you must tire of hearing that 🙂

    Have a good week………

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Haha, I think in this case it’s purely because they leave them to do as they please and it’s a happy chance that they’ve ended up with these amazing borders. Then they’ve slowly crept around the house and are now taking over the borders in the front garden. There’s actually a longer stretch than this along the length of the drive, but they are intermingled with Cornflowers, Poppies and such.

      Peonies just seem a massive amount of effort and yet the blooms last only a few days. Blink and they’re gone. Go on holiday, and they’re gone. Just not my thing.

      I know, I am so incredinly jealous of their Ladybirds. Especially since I’m the one who actively plans for wildlife and here they are with hundreds; they’re everywhere you look!

      I hope you have a good week too Cheryl; quite chilly tonight, had the heating on already.

  3. An English friend of mine taught me how to count in English: one…, two…, a lot. And that is absolutely a lot of forget me nots! I like yours because they are bigger than mine and they are a deep Greek blue (mine are a sticky blue!).
    The pictures with the ladybirds are amazing: in the first one all the three are going their own direction, as if they just had an argument (maybe about forget me nots), and the second upside down it’s too funny!
    Anyway the best part of this post is when you describe your family behavior: very similar to my family’s!

    • Hi Alberto,

      Lol, yep it’s an amazing amount of FMN!
      I have some similar ones to you, which seed around the garden every year. They don’t bloom until later but their blooms are so tiny they must only be a few mm’s across. They’re also much smaller plants compared to these. But cute anyway; even if you can barely see their flowers 🙂

      As much as I’d love to take over their garden for them, I just don’t really see why I should. And I’m beginning to learn that mum does exaggerate dad’s behaviour because actually, their garden is quite nice. It does need more prennials for longer interest – especially into autumn and winter but there’s no way I’ll get dad to understand that dead stems can be pretty.

        • Hi Alberto,

          We’ve tried that. Doesn’t work. He just doesn’t care. When I was younger the back garden was ‘ours’ = mine and mum’s and the front garden was his. I had a couple of gorgeous Oxalis out front that I used to guard with my life and had to tell him not to rip them out every time he weeded. Their numbers slowly dwindled to just the one and then when I was older and moved out I imagine it went as soon as I wasn’t there to protect it.
          Such senseless, mindless waste of money. I think the only approach is to find pretty annuals so he can rip them out as much as he likes without wasting money on perennials.

  4. Wow – those FMNs are gorgeous. How very sweet of you to help your mum with the gardening (though I know now you only do it for pizza). Yes, definitely, the peony should be passed down. What a wonderful story to tell your children and grandchildren!

    • Hi,

      Haha, I don’t actually only visit for Pizza! This visit was the first time in a while that I’ve had pizza when I went round 🙂
      I weed because I’m willing to stand up to my dad and tell him when he’s gone and killed something. Or I ask him why he’s gone and done it.
      Over the weekend I spotted some Lords and Ladies, pointed them out to him and even he asked if he hadn’t killed them yet! Trying to make a joke, but I can bet when I go back in a few weeks, they’ll be dead. I’d have to go and guard them with my life.

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