Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – May 2012

Time for another look at what’s blooming… I’m never sure whether to use these to round up what’s bloomed over the past month or only what’s flowering right now. Of course, I risk missing things which have bloomed, especially if they’re short-lived.
Anyway, I guess I’ll continue with the usual; showing only what’s blooming right now.

The alliums are beginning to open now, and I’m undecided whether I have fewer than normal this year or not. Normally my ‘right’ border looks full of them, but this year it looks relatively bare. However I do seem to have loads of unknown Alliums, or onions – whichever that have popped up in various borders and I don’t know where they’ve come from. They are not flowering yet, but they are not far off. I think I remember reading that the ornamental Alliums don’t breed true, is that right? It would explain all these Alliums that have popped up, anyway!
No Allium shots yet, as they can wait for a later post…

Still struggling to photograph the ‘black’ Tulips, I’ll try when the sun isn’t on them. That will probably solve my problem. The Bugle is also blooming now, and I’m still yet to see any Butterflies on them, which are supposed to like their blooms.

I have a few Erysimums in the front garden, some I like more than others – especially the one that has light peachy blooms that eventually turn purple as they age. I’m not so keen on the top one here, but I do love the bottom.

The Corkscrew rush is looking much the worse for wear, even after I removed the brown stems before… I hope they survive! The Drumstick Primula are also battered and bruised after the rains and winds, but they have been blooming quite a while!

Over the weekend I finally got Susan Williams-Ellis planted, she replaced my Iceberg Rose which has suffered in all the heavy rain and subsequent saturated ground which has weakened its roots and I’ve had to hold it in place with a large stone as the winds repeatedly blow it over. I am very sad to see it go. I think I will get a climbing iceberg for the fence so I can still enjoy the gorgeous white blooms elsewhere and I think it will look nice along-side Gertrude Jekyll.

Finally I’ll leave you with the Lupin, Aquilegia and Geranium Phaeum Samobor. I love the deep purples of the latter two, but Lupins are still so special to me, and are another plant that remind me of my childhood and my parent’s garden. They are a long-time favourite of mine. The Aquilegia is a self-seeder that appears to be a hybrid of my pink, single skirt Aquilegia and the doubles of a previous garden. In another post I’ll show you underneath so you can see the ruffled skirts 😉

This is only a short view of what’s blooming… The other photos are intended for feature posts instead. It’s much the same as what I’ve already shown in previous posts, anyway 🙂

Please pop over to Carol at: May Dreams Gardens

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


10 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – May 2012

    • Hi Elaine,

      I’m surprised you don’t have many blooms, but I know how it can always seem greener on the other side 😉
      Things are moving slowly here, the cooler temps are keeping the spring bloomers out – muscari and Hellebores for example.

      Thoroughly fed up now and just want some warmth again.

    • Hi Donna,

      I’m hoping my Iris’ bloom this year, I’ve never had them before but I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s getting too late to hope for them to manage to produce a bloom. Alliums are opening here too, and I need to add more to my collection for next year.

  1. Lots of lovely flowers Liz, still with a purple theme! Everything is coming on at a fast pace now, can’t keep up with them all. Slightly warmer today and no freezing wind thank goodness!

    • Hi Pauline,

      There’s always a purple theme here 😉 every day is purple!!!
      Just wait until the Alliums are out, then there really will be a purple theme.

      We’ve had some lovely sun for the past few days, but there’s still a definite chill in the wind. If only it was an extra 5 degrees and it’d be far more comfortable.

    • Hi Alistair,

      I cannot change the font on wordpress as this is not a feature of the basic level – I have to pay to play with such features.

  2. Hi Liz,

    You are so lucky to have the alliums increase in numbers…..mine never do. I tend to lose many, so buy new bulbs in the Spring. I havn’t this year, as you know I am not replacing that which struggles here, so gardening will be very different for me in 2012. I am interested to see how the garden evolves.

    I have lost my corkscrew rush and I had quite a few……I can see no sign of them, which is really strange as they were doing so well.

    Lupins are beautiful. I can remember a time when I really disliked them but now I absolutely love them. Funny how time changes things. I saw a cottage garden the other day and it was absolutely full of them…..all in bud waiting to burst. I shall drive that way in a couple of weeks and take a look:)

    Have a good weekend…..enjoy the sun, if you get any …………..

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