End of Month – May 2012

I know I’ve been a bit quiet recently… But I’ve lost all blogging mojo and that’s generally been down to the weather being too nice to sit indoors sorting, cropping and arranging photos for the blog. Oh don’t be fooled into assuming I have no photos… I’ve so many I’m drowning in them and just can’t quite face sorting through them all at the moment. But I must do it soon before they’re long forgotten.
There will also be more playing with light experiments to feature.

The garden is finally moving towards early summer blooms, and there are a few jobs I need to get done when things cool down a little; planting Gertrude Jekyll, and various plants. I also aim to extend the ‘right’ border for the final time but I want to integrate some stepping stones so I can get into the border to weed without trampling on anything.
I finally managed to find some wild flowers over the weekend at Clumber Park. I was so amazingly excited that I felt like a child in a sweet shop! I probably ought to have bought more, but knowing I am quickly running out of space, I didn’t pick up too many… but at the back of my mind I know I’m planning to go back one evening sometime after work and may well get some more.

This year I am amazed at how beautiful everything is looking and I can’t quite decide whether it’s down to all the rain or the fact the garden is now moving into its mature stages and many plants are at their full size now.

Right, I think it’s time to start with the photos…

The Buddleja border is actually looking quite nice this year, although once the FMNs are finished I’m not sure there’s enough interest left!

The aster border is also alive with colour and I’m considering moving the Astrantias which are into their third year now and still barely any blooms on them. I think they need a new home!

The star of the show is the right border… especially the lupin which has boomed this year and looks amazing!

A jungle is the only realistic way of describing the Cherry border which has exploded this year. With the added surprise of the Herb Robert there’s a lot going on in there this year and I think I will definitely have to divide the Geraniums as well as fishing out the poor Tiarella which is completely swamped by Herb Robert.

The path border is also looking very nice, one end has mature plants, the other is much younger but filling out very nicely so far.

The front garden, well half of it is looking very nice but the rest still needs to be sorted. Hopefully over this bank holiday or in the week I have off in June.
The window border has lost a lot of its colour now the spring plants have finished… but I am enjoying seeing green leaves of Ferns, Astilbes, Lady’s Mantle and Geraniums.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


21 thoughts on “End of Month – May 2012

  1. They are so pretty, I seriously need to learn more about gardening from you! where did you get the flowers ? I go to homedepo or lowes all the time and think I need more sources for my garden collection. thanks for sharing, it’s inspiring.

    • Hi,

      I’m in England and we don’t have those shops, although I would imagine you’d be much better getting plants from a garden nursery where they breed their own plants and generally will be of a better quality – but then I’ve no idea what the quality is from Homedepo or lowes. Locally sourced plants are also better for your local economy too rather than paying to large chains.

  2. I cannot get over how the FMN are still going strong…the allium and lupin are stunning…my allium came and went with the heat of May…but the weather has cooled and I hope it stays moderate so the veggies and I can both tolerate it…the colors in the photos are amazing and just pop!

    • Hi Donna,

      The FMNs are actually almost over now – brown and only blooms at the end – photos were taken around 10 days ago 😉 The Alliums here opened as our heat arrived, but it’s now got cooler again so perhaps they will stay a little longer, although some of the blooms are beginning to die off now. It’s a shame they don’t last so long and that the leaves always start to die before they bloom. Let’s just ignore that now shall we! haha.

    • Hi,

      The Lupin this year actually seems to be a slightly different shade to normal… But that’s no problem because it’s still gorgeous 🙂

  3. FMNs are just about over here, must start pulling them out, yours still look good. Your lupins and alliums look really super, you must be very pleased with them. The foliage in your window border has lovely textures, really interesting. Enjoy the long weekend.

    • Hi Pauline,

      The FMNs here are also pretty much finished – looking very brown now (these photos were taken a week or so ago). I do think I’ve lost some Alliums and need to add some to other places, and of course it does help that I love them!

  4. Your garden is looking fabulous – so much going on – I think the weather must have helped ‘cos mine is looking like a jungle at the moment – not a quare inch of space anywhere – just how it should be in my opinion.

    • Hi Elaine,

      Same here, the only gaps are those where I haven’t yet planted much or still needs work. The Cherry border is especially a problem because the Geraniums have swamped everything – even the Bluebells were struggling to get their heads above the leaves.

  5. Hi Liz,

    Wouldn’t expect you to post when the weather is just so tempting 🙂

    Your garden looks lovely, I like the pastel combinations.
    Your alliums are fabulous. I have been so disappointed with mine, many just seem to have disappeared and the display is very poor. Another plant to cross of my autumn list 😦

    Glad you managed to find some wildflowers. I have just planted some ‘silybum marianum’
    and am looking forward to seeing them in flower.

    Enjoy your long weekend…….

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I still think I lost some of mine, well I know for certain I did as some of them produced these strange little heads and I wonder if they have some sort of disease. But at the same time I also think some are multiplying because I have a clump of 4 all very close to each other and I know for a fact I would not and have not planted 4 so close together and I’m quite certain it was a clump of 3 last year.

      Have you lost all of your Alliums or just certain types? For example, the drumstick alliums might be fine for your garden.

      Yay! Sillybum!!! I really need to find myself some of those 🙂
      I managed to get: Corncockle, red campion, bladder campion, white campion, Teasel, Field Chamomile and sheep’s bit.

      I’m only working Wednesday next week so I’m having a nice (almost) week off and have a few jobs I plan to get done. I’ve already managed a few today so I can take it easy.

  6. Some gorgeous shots. I’ve just started, reluctantly, to pull out the FMNs. They’ve put on a lovely display this year after a slow start. I certainly think the combination of all that rain and then the warm spell has made everything look very lush and beautiful. Loving the allium/lupin combo. Have a great weekend. WW

    • Hi WW,

      I’m leaving my FMNs in the hope they’ll actually seed themselves this year… I know it’s a naive wish considering my previous record and the fact I have to steal them off my parents every year but I’ll continue to hope for the best.

      Hope you have a great weekend too; let’s hope the sun actually comes out at some point. Typical bankholiday.

  7. Hi Liz… your alliums and lupins just made me sigh with happiness. They’re such a beautiful combination! I planted some alliums last year for the first time and I’m still waiting for them to properly open – I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t!

    • Hi,

      Thanks very much; I really need to move this Allium or move the Aquilegia that is planted much too close to it… they were both originally in the same post together, and I pulled them out to plan and left them as they were and now realise perhaps I should’ve attempted to divide them.

      I hope yours do open – I don’t see why they wouldn’t? If they have the bud then I should think they will; and you won’t regret having bought them when they do!

  8. I think you are great with close ups pictures but let me say I really enjoyed seeing your real garden in this post! You seem to have a lot of purple and all it’s shades, I like it! Those alliums in sparse groups look fantastic, I need more for next year too. What is that blurred red spot in the middle of the first row of pics? It looks great with the blue of FMNs.

    • Hi Alberto,

      Yep there is plenty of purple, but it will look very different once the Alliums are gone and we move onto the other colours. Only the right border will remain purple with the sweet rocket and erysimum. I’ve bought some stunningly beautiful orange geums… I know!!! Orange??!! Me!!! That’s totally unheard of!
      Anyway, yes orange Geum and some stunning grasses to compliment the purples as I’ve also been working on extending the border a little further.

      The blurred red thing is a Heuchera – it isn’t doing too well there. Yet another that cannot handle a hot, dry, shady spot *sigh* I’ll have to move it elsewhere.

      • Don’t be scared about colours! All of them are beautiful! You can match your orange geum with your geranium phaeum… I still have in my mind purple and white acanthus flowers with an apparently clashing alstroemeria at Great Dixter! I then tried that combo but I used orange tiger lilies because I don’t know how to grow alstroemeria and it worked really well.

        • Hi Alberto,

          In that right border I also have some splashes of yellow with Rudbekia, Coreopsis and Bird’s Foot Trefoil, and a little bit of pink with the Lupin, Aquilegia and Harlow Carr Rose. Then add the Orange of the new Geum and some little bits of white (coneflower and a white Lupin).
          I’m not scared of colours as such, there are just shades I prefer to others and in general I’m no fan of ‘hot’ colours but this geum was just too beautiful. The yellows and reds I have are mainly because the insects love them otherwise it’s unlikely they’d be here!

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