Sunday Safari

I’ve plenty of catching up to do at the moment… so here we go!

We’ll start with some of the Geraniums in bloom at the moment (well, almost all of them, ‘Orion’ has since opened and I haven’t included Thurstonianum). The first photos are of an unknown Geranium given to me and this is the first year it’s bloomed. I don’t think it’s a macrorrrhizum or phaeum as its leaves are quite different.

These two are some sort of macrorrhizum, again name is unknown as they were given to me and it’s quite likely they are hybrids as the person often creates their own.

Let’s move onto one I do know! This is Geranium Phaeum ‘Samobor’, it’s grown very tall this year and I think I will move it to the back of the border next year.

Finally here are another unknown Macrorrhizum, Herb Robert and Geranium ‘Ballerina’.
Herb Robert has made a very impressive bid to take over the world this year with its tiny little blooms and lovely ferny foliage.

It’s easy to see that I do like my Geraniums, perhaps because they’re very good ground cover, and also have good height to them and often copious blooms so I can bring some indoors for vases.
I also have a number of Astrantia although only the one is doing very well… I’ve decided it’s probably time to move the two plants in the Aster border as this is their 2nd year having few blooms after having a good show in their first year! I think that perhaps the large Flat-topped Aster nearby is taking too much water and they do not like dry conditions.
Here’s ‘Major Roma’ my one mature specimen:

Bugle and my dwarf Korean Lilac have both now almost finished blooming; the lilac is in a large pot but I am concerned it will dry out too quickly and perhaps I ought to plant it.

Finally for today I will finish with a Bee enjoying Allium blooms and the small blooms of creeping phlox – a plant that every year I say I need to get more, but always fail to do so.

Have a great Sunday – I hope the weather is better than here where it’s grey and very, very sodden. Although the garden does need it after two weeks of hot, dry weather.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Safari

  1. Catching up since my blog is down and the weather is wet here…your flowers are spectacular…we have so many fo the same ones Liz but you always manage to capture them so much more beautifully. I wouldn’t mind the 5 inches of rain we have had in the last 5 days of the temps were just a tad warmer…my veggies would like it too. Happy Sunday!

    • Hi Donna,

      5 inches of rain???! Now that is a lot! Mind, we’ve had constant drizzle all morning and into the afternoon now so I imagine we’ve had a good few centimetres. I’m just glad it’s a bank holiday here and I know I’ve got another two days off so I’m not quite so bothered about being unable to get outside on my weekend!
      But yes I know exactly what you mean about having warmer temperatures; we’ve had the exact same here throughout April and early May where we had a lot of rain and the temperatures remained too cool so for example my Sweet Peas are still tiny and all my other sown plants are doing very poorly (cosmos for example which I don’t think I’ll have any blooms from at all this year)

  2. Lots of lovely geraniums, my dark Geranium phaeum is beginning to take over, will have to curb its enthusiasm soon. Creeping phlox is so valuable as ground cover, like you, must make more plants. Bit cold here today and quite a few showers which the plants are appreciating.

    • Hi Pauline,

      I hadn’t realised the Phaeum likes to get so large otherwise I would’ve put it at the back initially; I can see myself trying to give it away to everyone when I divide it up!
      The creeping phlox is very pretty with its blooms out but I do find it looks quite ugly over winter before fresh growth starts and I also don’t get to see mine too well and think I either need to move it or get more to cover the soil and help stop willowherb growing instead.

      It’s also chilly here today, not too bad now but I do have a cardi on to keep me warm. I’ve had the heating on this morning though and that really shouldn’t happen in June! Getting really fed up of the poor weather now, especially as it’s set to remain a bit rubbish for the next few days at least.

  3. At last my geraniums and astrantia are out in bloom so I can look at yours and think what a great photos and not feel envious that my plants are not in flower. Your astrantia is a wonderful colour Liz!

    • Hi Ronnie,

      Glad to hear you have blooms now Ronnie 🙂 I look forward to seeing photos of yours soon!
      Even better that we still have another day bank holiday! I’m only working Wednesday so have a few jobs planned tomorrow and Thurs/Fri – mainly planting rose, and extending a border.

  4. Beautiful! I adore Geranium macrorrhizum…I moved a few to a new spot this weekend and was reminded about how much I love their fragrance. I agree on your assessment of the Astrantias…they really like moist soil 🙂

    • Hi Scott,

      I had thought these Astrantia would be OK, as the border was built on top of solid yellow clay and figured they’d still get enough water and have actually worried that other plants wouldn’t like their feet wet in winter! But I guess I do need to move them… Just not sure where to that I can guarantee they will remain nice and damp. Although I do have clay soil, the back is also almost full south facing so pretty much everywhere is clay, but full sun.

  5. Hi Liz! I love all your geraniums and I think the first one is a macrorrhizum indeed because I have a similar one. It has slightly rounded leaves and they are a little glossy too. I find astrantias very fussy too, not too dry but not too wet, not too sun but not too shade, not too hot but not too cold…. What the…!? Anyway they are such beautiful flowers and I’m trying to grow it once again this year… It will be the last try, I promise!

    • Hi Alberto,

      The odd thing is that my mature ‘Roma’ is doing really well even though it isn’t in a wet border and it does get a fair bit of sun. Whether it’s because it was a mature plant when I planted it or not, I’m unsure. But anyway I will definitely move at least one of them in the Aster border as it has no blooms at all, but the other at least does. Just not entirely sure where they can go which is wet enough but also sunny enough! 😀 Bah.
      Good luck growing it in your own garden; they’re such pretty blooms and it’s a shame I’ve discovered they can be a bit picky – I’d always thought they were quite easy going since my original on is so big.

  6. I especially like you header shot with the miniature view of the visitor to the Muscari. I really appreciate geraniums as a groundcover, too. I also have them with my crocuses, as they do a great job in covering up the decaying bulb leaves. I’ve let a few volunteer geraniums stay here and there, because of their charming blue.

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