Friday Flowers – More playing with light

OK, so I’m cheating this week as I’m still trying to catch up with the photos, therefore I’m going to use up this batch of light experiments taken before the weather turned once again for the worst over the past week… Today has been better than forecast i.e. we have had some sun, between heavy downpours and the ground is so sodden there’s no way I’ll be able to do anything.

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22 thoughts on “Friday Flowers – More playing with light

  1. Like you, stuck indoors all day with it pouring down outside. Gales in the night, the garden is an absolute mess with branches and leaves ripped from the trees, everything looks so sad. Thank you for your flowers to cheer me up, they are lovely!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I hope your garden is generally otherwise OK… Hasn’t been too bad here other than the rain. Wind has arrived but it’s not even close to gale force and even then I think it’s exaggerated by the trees and shrubs being laden down with all the rain. Some of my Willow branches are almost horizontal under the weight at the moment.
      We’ve had some sun today, but tomorrow is due to be much better… Sunday was too but they seem to have changed their minds again now and it isn’t going to be nice??! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • Hi,

      Thank you very much 🙂 It’s just playing around with the light angles and breaking various rules such as shooting in to the sun.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Wonderful the way you use your camera….I love the alliums, they look so striking against the soft light.

    We had gales yesterday (gusts of 60 mph would you believe) I have quite a bit of damage….most of the foxgloves are down, there are still a few standing. Leaves are everywhere, looks like autumn 😦
    Lots of clearing up to do before it starts raining again tomorrow…….sigh

    • Hi Cheryl,

      We’ve had some wind yesterday and it’s still here now but I don’t think it’s anything seriously strong. Soil is much too damp to get anything done today – unless it drains away very quickly through the day.
      But yeah I’ve had to stake a Foxglove – it toppled under the weight of all the rain I think and they do have very shallow roots.

      Really hoping it doesn’t rain tomorrow as I need to plant a cotoneaster for my mum 😦

    • Hi Jan,

      Lol, these were taken when we had that mini heat wave – although today hasn’t been too bad tbh and I was out weeding quite late on in the evening and trying to plan out what I want to do with a certain border.

    • Hi Donna,

      Thursday and Friday here were shockers, today started out with some rain, which was rather annoying as we’d been promised a dry day and the rest of Saturday was largely grey and brighter from the afternoon and into evening. I’ve managed to do some jobs around the garden but in general the ground is still far too wet to do much. I’ve been working on extending a border but I’m having difficulty planning how I’m going to get into the border to weed. I think I need to have a massive shuffle of plants over Autumn/next spring.

  3. Love the second row of alliums, they look like pictures from the 70s! I havent replanted hesperis matronalis in this new garden yet, I love it, both the pink and the white ones, and they self seed so easily, how come I always forget about this plant?!
    Very nice pics, needless to say…

    • Hi Alberto,

      Not to forget the beautiful perfume from sweet rocket in the evenings too! You must grow some 🙂
      I need to sow some of the whites – I do have seeds but forget to sow them. Actually at a local garden centre today I saw for the first time ever they were selling sweet rocket! It isn’t usually something I’d see. Actually they had a few surprised such as lesser popular Dicentra species that I HAD to get 😀
      I hope you’ve had a nice weekend – I imagine the weather’s been much better than here!

  4. Nice shots. I used to grow Hesperis which reseeded itself for a while, but then disappeared some years back. Now the space is shadier and has been given to other plants, and any seeds still laying in hope would have difficulty finding room.

    • Hi,

      Mine haven’t yet reseeded anywhere – shame really as I wouldn’t mind some more! And I lost one that I had last year and so only have 1 this year 😦
      They are large plants though so I’m sort of relieved that they haven’t seeded themselves around even if they do bloom for a long time!

  5. You have soothed my need for color and light…beautiful. Perfectly beautiful.

    Lovely to finally find out the name of the wild flower that is coating the hillsides in shades of lilac. It truly is sweet.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

    • Hi Jen,

      Ah, yes I read somewhere that sweet rocket is now a naturalised wild flower in many parts of the US – and I assume Canada too! Even though it’s originally from Europe 😉 It is a lovely ‘weed’ to have though and I wouldn’t be upset if I had it growing wild here.

  6. Liz, these are BEAUTIFUL! I love the extreme close-ups of the allium, I’ve never noticed its star-shaped individual blooms that you caught. I also love the magical shots of their globed-blooms with the sun shining through them from behind. They remind me of a vintage fairytale. Sure wish you would send some of that rain my way, it has been dry, dry, dry here!

    • Hi,

      The best star Allium is Christophii- it has gorgeous silvery stars, Very nice indeed!
      Please, please, PLEASE send some of your sun. OK, so today and yesterday we had sun but I’d like some heat too. I’m not someone who likes boiling hot temperatures, but mild would be nice. Plus, I know rain will come this afternoon/tomorrow! Very frustrating. However, at least the garden this year is lush and closely resembling a jungle.
      I guess I shouldn’t complain, as we have just had 18 months of very little rain – much below average, so I guess we’re paying for that now!

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