Wordless Wednesday – Geraniums

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17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Geraniums

    • Hi Donna,

      I have too many Geraniums… Especially since they’re so easy to divide I have loads! Far more than what I’ve shown in this post 😉 And yes, I too love them because they bloom so well and for so long, and their blooms look very nice in vases because they’re so delicate.

  1. So versatile, sun or shade, there is a geranium that will be happy there. As your photos show, there are lots of colours and shapes to the flowers, everyone should have at least half a dozen different ones!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Exactly Pauline, Geraniums are fantastic not only for their versatility but also because they always have plenty of blooms and many of them have nice long bloom times. I’ve a good few more than shown here, but yep everyone needs to have plenty of Geraniums.

    • Hi Alberto,

      You definitely need to get more! 🙂
      I’d definitely advise to get ‘Orion’, it’s a tall Geranium and has gorgeous blooms (none shown in these photos). The shade of purple is gorgeous too and it blooms for months.

        • Hi Alberto,

          Heeehee; I’m glad to hear it.
          Oh and I made a mistake! Orion is the one beginning to open in the centre of the last photo 🙂

          • I think I made a mistake too, then! Well surely g. phaeum (your dark one and a white one which I’ve seen on a nursery) is on my wishlist, I am not so sure anymore about Orion now. I have Brookside which flowers in a similar blue, it’s 50cm tall and has cupped flowers, like Orion. I remember another one that strongly impressed me and you had me browsing back through your old posts to find it but couldn’t… Let’s make a deal: you continue taking pictures of your pretty geraniums and I tell you when I’ll see it again! 😉

            • Hi Alberto,

              I’ve heard bad things about Brookside, but then I guess it depends on the conditions it’s kept in – such as I struggle with Ann Folkard, no matter where I plant it, it isn’t happy. But I do think both Orion and Brookside are very similar, even in height by the sounds of things. Here’s Orion last year: Geranium Orion
              What colour was the Geranium you tried to find? Most are shown here, but I do have a few more. I’m assuming ‘wargrave pink’?

            • I think it was deep pink, it might be Anne Folkard indeed…
              What you heard about Brookside is pretty true: floppy. I want to move it in full sun and see if it grows less but better, now it’s under the cherries, if you have a look at today Nancy Ondra’s post (hayefield.com) she suggests to grow Brookside close to other shrubs to hold it up a little.

  2. I wouldn’t be without them they are so forgiving of the weather, slugs don’t like them and they repeat flower – what more could a gardener want.

    • Hi Elaine,

      Indeedy, I couldn’t agree more. And they do surprisingly well in vase and are nice and delicate so make a good companion to larger, stronger blooms.

  3. Hi Liz,

    Just love any of the cranesbill, they are so useful around the garden. I have quite a collection and never tire of them. Beautiful images as always.

    BTW the willowherbs are the host plant of the very lovely Elephant Hawk Moth. I have seen them in the summer feeding on the honeysuckle and live in hope that one day they will leave their eggs on the willow herbs.
    The caterpillars are something to see……….

    • Hi Cheryl,

      The only problem is they can look messy when they’ve finished blooming. Samobor really needs cutting back as it does look an incredible mess at the moment, but it does still have some blooms on it so it would be a shame to give it the chop.

      I’ve never seen any of the Hawkmoths before. Although years ago I did find what I think might’ve been a privet or, lime one yet we lived in a terraced house with very few trees around – a Cherry in the back and a Rowan out front. So regardless of which hawk moth it was, I’ve no idea what it was feeding on! It was by our back door at the time and well away from any food. Very strange; I assume a bird had caught it and dropped it.

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