Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – June 2012

Plenty of Roses are blooming at the moment, in the vase above is ‘Harlow Carr’ with Geranium ‘Wargrave pink’, Geranium Thurstonianum, Meadow Clary and Centaurea. I’ve another vase at the moment with a deep red rose that comes through from next door and a couple of blooms of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Astrantia, Bird’s Foot Trefoil and Geranium ‘Orion’.

I’ll refrain from moaning about the weather in this post; but at least we do have blooms! Regardless of the rubbish weather, the plants are managing to open and actually, are blooming for much longer than normal thanks to cooler temperatures; who’d have thought there was a positive??!

For example, Irises that normally only bloom for a few days at best has been going for a week or two!
This year is my first for having perennial Irises; after being coaxed into buying some I guess I am glad I have done so. They are very pretty, that much I cannot take away from them, but I dunno… I’m just not that bothered by them really. Yet they are my favourite bloom to have in a bouquet!
Strange. Sorry, I do not know their names – I’d have to look through last year’s diary.

*Edit – I think this Iris is ‘Caesar’s Brother’. I actually have more than I thought – three types. And today noticed one was lighter than this, and wondered if it was a different type and indeed it is ‘Perry’s Blue, and the third I have is ‘Ocean Mist’.

Next up we have a variety of blooms: Lupin, Foxglove and Geranium. This year the foxgloves have done very well; and I need to sow some ‘excelsior’ mix for next year’s blooms.

Here’s one of the Dutch Irises with a Bee enjoying Allium blooms and some sweet rocket.

Next up we’ll move towards warmer shades in the garden; some will surprise my regular readers!

I found a lovely Dicentra ‘burning heart’; these types I prefer to ‘spectabilis’, mainly due to the foliage not only being a nice blue-green shade but also because they’re more bushy and usually produce far more blooms in little clumps.

I also picked up some lovely, vibrant poppies called ‘garden gnome’. I’m no fan of gnomes, but these certainly are cheerful! 🙂

And of course when I saw the Bees on them in the shop, I was sold!

Many of the roses are now in bloom, and many more are close to blooming. This is the large shrub rose that I suspect has self-seeded in our front. I plan to get rid of it next year and have some Pyracanthas waiting to replace it once they’re large enough to provide some protection and interest in what will be a very bare and very ugly space once the rose is gone.
Its flowers are very pretty, but they’re scentless and last only a day. So I’m afraid it has to go, at least the Pryacantha hedge will also provide thorns for birds to nest in, but also berries for them and flowers for insects.

This year the centaurea is enormous! I don’t know whether it’s all the rain or that it’s now reached its full size but it needs either dividing or moving. It’s managing to smother even the Geranium ‘wargrave pink’ which is also a very tough, sprawling plant that can survive some harsh conditions.

I think I’ve discovered why this fern was labelled ‘Autumn’ Fern. Back in Autumn I wondered why, because it was just green like most other ferns I have… Well, I think it’s easy to see how it gets its name!

There are plenty of Bees in my garden at the moment! I love being outside and watching them buzz around.

Back to pinks and purples again… you all knew the ‘hot’ colours wouldn’t last!

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.

31 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – June 2012

  1. Hi Liz,

    I agree with you re ‘iris’ they are pretty but somehow they just don’t do it for me.
    I have, however, got several native stinking iris. I did not buy them for the blooms but for the wonderful display of berries in the autumn. I planted them two years ago and it looks like they are making buds this year 🙂

    I notice you have clary sage in the vase….I planted several plants last year and the rabbits just would not leave them alone. It would appear they have lost their taste for them as they are just about to bloom….I hope I have not tempted fate by saying that…..blooming rabbits …Grrrrr.

    Your ragged robin is looking good…..such pretty little flowers, and one of my favourites.

    Well your garden is looking lovely….enjoy your weekend and also next week 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I have to admit, I didn’t think these Irises were going to bloom this year – not long ago there were barely any leaves and the slugs were having a party on them. But somehow they produced the bloom stems which shocked me when I spotted them!

      Btw Cheryl, you know that plant you sent me which you didn’t know the name of? It’s got strappy leaves, similar to an Iris but they’re wider? Mine is blooming – do you know what it is yet, has yours ever bloomed?

      I had Clary years ago – back when I first moved in, but gave up on it because it didn’t survive the winter. Then I picked some up, knowing it’s likely they won’t survive again (I’ve got an overwhelming obsession with Saliva) but so far they are really impressing me and I hope they do survive for next year! Hopefully the Rabbits leave yours alone this year 🙂

      The ragged Robin is forming quite a nice little clump now, but it’s being strangled by Bird’s foot trefoil, which appears to be making a break to take over the world this year! I really need to get it moved to a more appropriate spot – it’s even scrambling up my Aquilegia and Lupins!!!!

      Keeping my fingers crossed that next week is OK for weather. I’ve got a week off and not only have jobs to do in the garden but I’d also like to get to Chatsworth and other places.

  2. Oh Liz! You come up trumps every time. As you know I am one of your greatest fans of your photography and these are wonderful – you never fail to impress. I love the poppies.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      Thank you very much 🙂
      I just need to get everything planted now… I’ve placed everything ready to plant them this morning; but as you know I had a migraine so haven’t managed to do it. Saturday is due to be nasty too. Oh well.

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  4. aloha,

    what a fun tour of your garden, i loved the transition of colors from cool to warm …you have alot of beautiful blooms in your garden, thanks for sharing them 🙂

  5. I found you through Ronnie’s blog, and was so impressed by your photographs of flowers, so I had to check you out. Your flower photos are wonderful, so clear and sharp; the colours lift my spirits, and like Ronnie, I never tire of seeing pictures of any kind of flower.

  6. Oh, your blooms all look pretty, but I think my favorite is the vase of roses. Such a nice arrangement, too. Funny that you purchased the poppies after seeing a bee on it. If I see a bee on a bloom at a garden center, I have to have flower for my garden, too!

    • Hi,

      This year I’m thrilled with my roses, I’ve had so many blooms that the vases have had roses for the past couple of weeks now. I’ve a few good repeat bloomers too, so hopefully will have them for the coming months!

      I love Bees, so anything that attracts them definitely has a spot in my garden 🙂

  7. Exquisite photos as usual Liz. I’m not sure about irises either – have had three over the years but now down to one which flowers all to briefly in May. Such intricate markings though maybe compensate for their brevity. ‘Harlow Carr’ looks a beauty.

    • Hi Anna,

      And here I was thinking everyone else seems to love Irises??!!! 😀 I guess not! I definitely don’t like the bearded Irises, and have actually seen a rather stunning really dark purple one which has been tempting me for a while.

      Harlow Carr is gorgeous! I’ve had to cut a few blooms off because its branches are too wiry to take the weight of all the blooms – I think it’s thanks to all the rain! Not complaining though, because it means I get to have them indoors instead! At the moment I have ‘Susan Williams-Ellis and an unknown white in the vase.

  8. Love Irises, can’t have enough of them!! There are some that suit every situation in the garden, just a case of finding the right one. Really like the blaze of colour in your poppies and the bees certainly enjoy them too! The weather is supposed to improve on Tuesday, maybe then summer will start!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Ah-ha, someone who loved Irises! It’s really weird, because I do love the spring ones!

      The weather here’s supposed to be OK from tomorrow, and I expected today to be horrible but actually it’s OK so far! Weird. I guess that means tomorrow will be bad instead.

  9. Hi Liz, I’ve just realised that I like all your geraniums! 🙂
    Love the way you arrange flowers in a vase, which is something I really can’t think of! The best thing I can actually do is dropping some roses in a large pot, floating in the water with candles, when I really have an important dinner.
    I feel sorry for your weather which if I calculate right should feel like siberian, as I’m experiencing a very cool spring/summer here so far. Like a British one!
    Those poppies are very pretty and cheerful and I like the flowers in the middle of the last row, what is it? Silene?

    • Hi Alberto,

      Lol, I’m thinking you’re beginning to get an obsession for Geraniums too! I’m considering trying Brookside too…

      Tbh my vases aren’t arranged. They’re shoved in there! Some are done better than others, but tbh I think it’s because I’ve used delicate, thin-stemmed blooms, it somehow looks like I’ve actually designed it! Although I do have a very nice vintage arranging book I bought (actually it was for my mum but I kept it, shhh) but I’m yet to actually read it.

      Haha, it isn’t quite THAT cold here Alberto. Today is around 15C but over the past week it’s generally been around 18-19C which isn’t cold; it’s quite nice. Just it’s also been raining so I cannot get outside to do anything. Especially as yesterday there were some very heavy downpours that left everything sodden. Take today for example, I was about to go outside to make a hanging basket and plant some Tomatoes after I’d replied to you, it looked OK outside and the sun even popped out. Then a few seconds later as I look out the window again it’s suddenly heavy downpour.

      The small pink bloom? It’s Ragged Robin, but I do have white campion opening in the back garden and bladder and red campion not far behind!

        • Awwwww, but you know you want the plants really! 🙂
          The ragged robin are doing OK here and beginning to form a nice little clump. Although I’m wondering if they’d like a wetter spot than they currently get.

  10. Happy GBBD, Liz! A bevy of wonderful blooms here. I’m really not sure on the Iris either but it always catches my eye when visiting gardens as you’ve seen today.

    Lol at your break from pinks and purples (the staple diet in my garden too) I’m spreading orange (via Geums) around my garden now and together with my resident oldies the deep read Heucheras am loving, loving it 😀

    • Hi Shirley,

      I think I just don’t like the fussy patterns on them, but I do like the solid ones without the tiger stripes or frilly blooms.

      Haha@ Geums. It looks like we’re both catching onto the Geums this year! I’ve added some to one border where they constrast nicely with the purples and blue-pinks. I’ve attempted to add some more yellow/orange/red in the form of Helenium too, but the slugs have got to them and I’m not sure they’ll bloom this year so I may have to buy some later in the season once they’re 10 a penny.

      • Interesting Liz… my first small compact (almost alpine) geum came from a friend’s garden a few years ago and I have been lifting/dividing/spreading around ever since. Recently I added a new one – I am wondering if we have picked the same one based on your previous posts on visits (too much spending0 in a particular garden centre that originated in Scotland but has spread down your way 😀

        In the last few weeks I have added…. drum roll please… ‘totally tangerine’ to my sunnier front garden and am looking forward to seeing it flower all summer long… curious now… which one did you pick?

        • Hi Shirl,

          You’re well ahead of me; this is my first year trying Geum after seeing one that wasn’t too bright, or too frilly. I like relatively simple, delicate blooms – Ok so roses are the exception… But how can anyone not love roses??!!
          But yes it would seem we have both been shopping at a garden centre that originated in Scotland but is now taking over the UK with its evil, yet delightful plants 😀
          And yes indeed, ‘totally tangerine’ is also the one I picked up and remains the only one I like. I checked out the others they had on Friday and nup, I just don’t seem to like their flowers.

  11. Such beautiful photos. I love the ones with bees, creates a great snapshot of nature.

    I’ve got a fantastic foxglove growing up through a crack in my patio paving and it’s about 4ft tall! So glad I didn’t remove it.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

      Foxgloves will grow pretty much everywhere and anywhere! I’m constantly having to move their seedlings to more suitable spaces – their roots are nice and shallow so they’re very easy to move.

    • Hi Donna,

      Lol, I’m sure your blooms look just as beautiful as mine do! It’s easy to think the grass is always greener 😀 From what I’ve seen of your garden, it looks gorgeous! But yes I can well believe you love the Irises judging by the amount you have 🙂

      I hope the weather is being kind to you this weekend!

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