Flower Friday

Due to my knee injury I have to confess to having barely ventured outside for the past week at all. I’ve been going to work and that’s about it – our garden is tiered and includes slopes and steps; with a knee injury this is not a good combination. So these photos are over a week old (but I do have a new batch from yesterday too.)

On with the show!

Alchemilla, white campion and bladder campion are all new additions to the garden and first time blooming… The Bladder campion is actually quite nice, I think!

There aren’t many reds this year as I never got round to sowing wild poppy seeds; but thankfully some did manage to self-seed. Also, the lovely red dianthus has survived and providing pretty blooms, and of course perfume.

Sweet rocket, Elder, Geum and Delphinium. Delphinium is also a first for me. ‘Gentian Blue’ is now open and I need to get good photos of it; it’s quite difficult as the blue doesn’t seem to capture well on the camera. I also have some white and pink ones yet to bloom (this one with be a pink)

More purples in the garden… I’ll never tire of having purple and these Lavender and Salvia are keepers!

Another splash of red in the garden via opium poppies ‘dutch flag’. This is a self-seeder on the tier. I think I’ll remove its seed heads before they form so I don’t get more randomly placed.

Some more Quaking Grass – of course I have to feature it, and Nigella just opening (now blooming). I’ve also got some white Nigella blooming this year

Astilbe in the front garden, the first I moved in Autumn to a shady spot and it’s 100x happier to previous years. I bought it early on when I moved here 4 years ago… I thought I’d planted it in a shady spot but over the years I discovered that during the summer it becomes very dry in this position. I have two more in the back garden that I plan to move here too so I have a nice patch of various Astilbes.

Finally, I’ll end with Dutch late Honeysuckle in its first year blooming – smells amazing! Some more Astrantia, and a bloom from Tess of the D’Urbervilles; these blooms are huge and smell wonderful. It’s a softer scent to that of ‘Harlow Carr’ and its colour is also difficult to catch – it is in fact more purple in hue.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


11 thoughts on “Flower Friday

    • Hi Donna,

      I know from previous experience it may well take a good long time before I can fully bend my knee and curl up as I like to, or that it’ll still feel ‘tight’ and ache quickly when I do. But I will be able to manage, at the moment it’s on the cusp of being better but I can still hurt it easily if I am not careful enough. For the past week I’ve been wearing a support to and from work and then at lunch if I go out. Yesterday my knee felt fine at work and I made the mistake of not putting on the support when I left. Well, walking up our steep hill hurt it again and I had to use the ice pack all evening and be very careful going up stairs. So today I took no chances and made sure I used the support as well as ice pack at work and then at home in the evening.

      Lavender is growing on me; I was never much of a fan – mainly due to its strong aroma – but after seeing a neighbour across from us with a beautiful lavender hedge and also planting a few in memory of my aunt they are growing on me, plus of course the insects love them 🙂

      Going to try to get outside this weekend, even if it is just to sit and enjoy… Although thunder is forecast tomorrow 😦

    • Hi Sofi,

      To be honest, I don’t do many seeds. Most plants are bought. This year especially as been a poor year for seeds due to our awful weather since the beginning of April. Many of the plants were kept indoors too long because the weather was too bad and they haven’t ever got established once planted out. For example my Cosmos plants are still only around 10cm high, when normally they’d be 2-3 foot tall.

  1. So sorry to hear that you are still having problems in the knee department, can’t be easy with a terraced garden.
    Lovely selection of flowers, some looking beautiful decorated with rain drops!! I think your wonderful photos would make any flower look gorgeous, take care this weekend, give the knee a good rest.

    • Hi Pauline,

      Tbh now I’m being cautious more than anything. I can walk around generally without any problems and I can walk downstairs OK – it’s just going up that I can feel the knee is a little weak so I try to be as careful as possible. I need to pop out in the car tomorrow and I think I’ll wear the support as a precaution then too.

      I’ve had a nice little tour of the garden and am pleased to see various blooms now open. It’s just a shame we keep having showers so in comes the washing, then out comes the sun so we take it out again. Wondering if the washing will ever dry.

  2. Lovely photos again Liz, still loving that Geum even though it only likes living with me for a couple of years!

    I hope the knee will be much less troublesome soon.

    • Hi Jan,

      I’ll keep an eye on my Geum and hope that it survives more than a couple of years here!

      Knee not so bad now; just going up stairs I’m being careful because it feels weak and I haven’t yet attempted to kneel on it – making photos difficult because I do like to get down there with the plants so my angles on shots aren’t very good at the moment.

  3. Very pretty, Liz. I hope your knee recovers quickly, that’s no fun. Love your astrantia – I have fallen head over heals for that plant in the past year because it’s such a wonderful flower for arrangements. It’s just perfect with peonies or roses and salvia. I need my little plants to grow so I can divide them and have lots more! Of course, then I have to find a place for them . . . eh.

  4. Hi Liz,

    Did you have any success with Nigella ‘Mulberry Rose’ seeds I sent you last year? I also sent some to Lucinda, and hers have done well. She showed them on her blog the other day. The rabbits ate mine…..Grrrrr

    I love white campion…..I love watching the moths at dusk feeding from them. They also smell divine as day ends.

    I have Dutch flag poppies everywhere this year….I really do not like them. The colours make me cringe. No doubt they will be back next year….yuk!

    Love your lavender, astrantia, quaking grass photos 🙂

  5. Your photos are beautiful and magical as usual! I love Flower Fridays! I’m a sucker for those poppies, that extra-close up is just amazing. Hope your knee gets to feeling better soon 😦

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