Friday Flowers

The past couple of weeks have dragged… they’ve been so long, and so rough that I’ll be elated once the next week or two are over. Of course the weather hasn’t helped, but at least the last few days have been OK. I brought more Roses indoors today and then checked the forecast and it looks like they’ve changed their minds again and the expected deluge isn’t going to come – so I could’ve left the roses outside.

Today will be a short round-up, Blogger’s bloom day is on Sunday and I need to save some images!

Delphinium is still blooming, although the flowers are looking very ragged; I really hope next year is better!

There’s always plenty of purple here, especially since I have quite an acute obsession with Salvia at the moment… I must have around 8 different varieties – all bar one are purple. Maybe I will follow the lead of Ronnie and Cheryl and try ‘Hot lips’ too.

And I’m also enjoying the combination of ‘blue hill’ with the field Chamomile – although the Chamomile has suddenly decided to look very dead? A bit odd… Hopefully it will self-seed or I’ll have to collect some!

That’s it for today! Said it’d be a short one, otherwise I’d just be repeating myself on Sunday 🙂
I hope Friday 13th treats you all kindly…

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14 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Hi Liz! I think the photo of the camomile and salvia is fabulous, the contrast of colours is striking. I will be struggling yet again for flower photos on Blooms Day, the slugs and snails have seen an end to most of my plants. Hey ho, such is a gardener’s life. 🙂

    • Hi Ronnie,

      I may have to try Salvia with Shasta Daisy I think… The white of the daisy always looks nice against the purple, either that or have more chamomile!
      This year is definitely an exception and let’s hope we don’t get stuck under the same frustratingly miserable weather system next year! I’m not one for going abroad but at the moment nothing sounds better than escaping to Italy or similar to get away from it all!!!

  2. That blue is stunning! And I love purple, so I completely understand your obsession with purple salvias. They are such a great plant, too. I love the chamomile with it. I had almost forgotten it’s Friday the 13th! haha I’ve never had anything bad happen to me on that date yet!

    • Hi,

      I love Salvia a little too much, I think. Mainly thanks to their long flowering and of course cutting back means more blooms later, too. But also because the Bees love them and I have an obsession with spire type blooms – Veronicastrum, Veronica, Verbena Hastata are a few examples.

  3. Lovely colours. I particularly like the contrast between the salvia and the chamomile, such cheerful flowers. I love salvias but slugs just maul them in my garden so I’ve given up trying with them, which is a real pity.

    • Hi,

      I find as long as you protect the Salvias early on in the year – or we have a dry spring, then usually they’re OK. I just have some organic slug pellets I use for a few weeks and by then the Salvias are larger and the slugs less interested in them and they do fine! Most of my ‘Caradonna’ came back this year, but then the rains hit and two got mauled, one survived and I bought three more anyway (because I’m obsessed, remember 😉 ) but those in the front garden all survived winter and are blooming nicely for me now 🙂

  4. Good job you picked your roses, they got the weather forecast wrong. I noticed a lovely bunch of roses on one of my rose bushes this morning. Was going to take some photos of them this afternoon, but too late now.
    Your delphiniums are a beautiful colour.

    • Hi Crystal,

      Yup they did get it wrong! And I had thought to myself at the time how it was odd they’d totally changed their minds and that I bet it’ll still end up raining. Sure enough, it did! Although not as bad as intially expected – but drizzle pretty much all day is bad enough.

    • Hi Donna,

      I would say lucky you with your heat; but I know I wouldn’t want to swelter under 40C temps, even more so since the UK doesn’t tend ot have aircon except in shops so we really would struggle and I imagine there’d be far more deaths!
      Here’s hoping things return to normal soon.

  5. Your lovely flowers are much safer in doors, away from the rain.I’m gradually cutting everything back, they are such a mess! Salvias are beautiful, wish I could grow them on my heavy clay!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I hacked back at Herb Robert and some Geraniums a couple of weeks ago and in the process discovered that Robert is very brittle and breaks easily so I’ve ended up pretty much completely removing it, and then decided to move ‘Samobor’ into the now gaping hole left by Herb… Today I’ve hacked at half of the Bird’s foot trefoil because it was getting ridiculously large but left some blooms for the Bees, then once this half has produced more I’ll cut the other half and then move the plant next year.

      We also have heavy clay soil here and they’re doing OK – remember I have solid yellow clay in parts of the garden!

  6. Very nice! My delphs are also ratty – the ones under the eaves of the house require hand watering and I haven’t been on top of it this year. Harlow Carr is blooming but has lots of buds that turn brown and don’t open – either it’s the heat or bugs. Hopefully next year it will do better.
    Personally I haven’t been as impressed with the other-colored salvias. The blues are just so fabulous. But maybe I’ll be surprised someday 🙂
    PS – my camera broke so I upgraded to a canon 7d and I’m super excited! Can totally tell a difference in my photos.

  7. Gorgeous ranges of purples there Liz – my favourite colour! Lots of my flowers are ratty this year because of the wind and rain and as for the state of my poor drowned veg…don’t get me started on THAT one!!! 😦

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