GBBD – July 2012 and Flower Friday

A very late bloom day post from me… oh well. No excuses really other than being busy. Not that it makes any difference though as all it’s done is rain. But I hear we’re in for a 4 day summer over the weekend and into next week! Sorry I just don’t have the motivation to get excited any more. This summer really has been a shocker.

There’s no real change since I last updated, however the Shasta Daisies, Veronicastrum and Veronica are all out and for the first time in 5+ years my Agapanthus is about to bloom. I bought it so long ago that I’ve now no idea of its name as it’s remained largely ignored because it’s never bloomed for me.
It’s quite a surprise considering they prefer dry conditions and yet in this very wet spring and summer it’s decided to bloom?? I’d almost given up hope on it ever blooming as each year it has produced a good amount of leaves and subsequently disappointed me.

I’ve had to give the bird’s foot trefoil a haircut because it’s just too large… I will definitely be moving it later this year to a spot where it can spread itself.

The sanguisorba has almost finished blooming sadly, I do have some cut in a vase at the moment so I’m able to enjoy its airy grace indoors. Tuberous Thistle is almost blooming, they’ve grown very large this year thanks to the rain and are looking a little crowded…

Ann Folkard has had a good year (well, good for her anyway), perhaps she likes wet feet and all this rain has certainly pleased her! This is the first year with Corncockles in my garden and I hope to have them next year too, as they are very pretty…

The Garden Gnome Poppies are almost finished – the rain continues to ruin their pretty blooms, the flies seem to enjoy the Astrantia and along with the rain and boom in Slugs and snails there also seems to be masses of flies!
Wild Raspberries in the hedge are forming, although their fruits are never as perfect as those of shop-bought specimens. I wonder how they managed to breed them to resemble today’s fruit?

Here we can see exactly why I’ve been bringing the roses in… Gertrude is looking rather damaged but at least the petals inside are still beautiful. There’s also an unknown vermilion red rose; I can’t confess to liking this colour, but it was here when we moved in and I haven’t yet removed it – may never do so.

Stipa Tenusissima’s blooms are out and it’s looking nice and airy and romantic. I’m looking forward to seeing them bulk up over the coming year and making more of a statement in the border.

I don’t remember the name of this Salvia in the front border… I must have it noted somewhere but I suspect it was an impulse buy and it was only a small specimen (it might be ‘nemorosa). It’s done well though and I’m thrilled that it hasn’t been desecrated by the snails/slugs. Susan Williams-Ellis looks stunning too, it’s just a shame her blooms aren’t very large.

Finally I have some interesting poppies blooming in the front garden… Although I am disappointed that the poppy seeds I collected from my parents last year don’t seem to have grown; they were lovely pom pom pink poppies and I’d wanted them to contast with these deeper purple, Blackcurrant Fizz poppies and the Salvias.

The yellows are beginning to appear in the borders too with Coreopsis ‘Early Sunrise’ and Rudbekias coming into bloom. They of course will look very nice with the many purples.

The white Salvias are also very nice, although somewhat short – I need to find some taller white ones!

This photo of Salvia ‘Caradonna’ and Festuca is deceptive; the Festuca has taken on a reddish hue to its stems, and I can’t quite decide whether it clashes with the reddish hue of the Salvia… meanwhile the Corkscrew Rush is blooming with the light pink Lavender.

More of these unknown little chrysanthemum type blooms have popped up and I still love the blooms of this Erysimum which open orange and gradually turn purple. The centaurea has become massive this year, and of course the insects love its blooms. The slugs and snails have attacked it but it’s large enough not to really notice!

And that, kiddies is all for now. I will try to enjoy this promised weekend of summer and we’ll see what happens next week.
So far I don’t think I’ve done any real gardening since March. It’s depressing, although largely things have fended for themselves and got on with it. The biggest frustration is probably that I’ve been unable to relocate the various plants I’d planned to.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


16 thoughts on “GBBD – July 2012 and Flower Friday

  1. Beautiful pictures. Conditions have been so difficult this year but you still seem to be getting plenty of colour. Apparently native poppy seeds can remain viable for many years so maybe the same is true for the ones that you have sowed. I wonder if the ‘chrysanthemum type blooms’ are a type of Anthemis?

    • Hi Phil,

      Indeed, I do have a fair bit of colour and I have to somewhat grudgingly admit that at least the plants still have their lovely green hues and so far no sign of yellowing or autumn tones.
      Although I’d still much prefer the summer we had last year, even if it was far too dry and my lawn was on the verge of dying – once weekly watering seemed to keep it barely alive compared to my neighbours and grass in the city centre.

  2. It was worth the wait! I adore ‘Ann Folkard’, and she LOVES it cool and wet…she always gets a bit ratty-looking for me once the hot/dry weather sets in around here.

    • Hi Scott,

      If she does love it cool and wet then that’ll explain why she isn’t happy in her spot – I’ve tried so many different types of location this was a desperation planting. Cool and wet… hrm.. Trying to think of a spot I have like that which isn’t also in shade – tried her in shade and she didn’t like it!
      A very picky lady.

      Mine is looking ratty too, something has been nibblinb at the leaves, possibly my only Geranium to suffer any sort of pest damage.

  3. Hi Liz! It seems we are going to have some of your bad weather here in the south and you are going to see the sun. Apparently both of us are going to spend a happy weekend for opposite reasons. I need rain, and I need to go out in the garden again, it is too hot! I love salvia caradonna with the festuca, they don’t clash at all! I have salvia nemorosa amongst stipas too (well a little overwhelmed TBH) love the combination. I like a lot your poppies, even though I normally ignore too frilly flowers but those are very pretty!

    • Hi Alberto,

      Enjoy your bad weather and I shall enjoy my good weather! And lord knows we deserve it. I guess the only good thing to come from is that the plants all still look lush and green with no sign of yellowing hues yet – well apart from my Cherry tree which seems to believe it’s Autumn???
      I’m no fan of frilly flowers either, possibly with the exception of roses. I’m a bit mixed with the pom pom poppies and wouldn’t ordinarily buy them but actually seeing these poppies at my parents’ I quite liked them! Plus they were free seed. Only of course they didn’t work out 😦

      This weekend I’m hoping to see lots of Butterflies come out; I’ve already seen one fluttering around but am realistic that I will not have the 30+ Gatekeepers of last year 😦 fingers crossed though.

  4. Your flowers are so beautiful and your photographs show such a gift in the way you capture what you see. When I look at these I feel the dampness that made them grow so well and I can smell them. The aroma of Jesus love comes to my heart from the page.

  5. I read somewhere that it is the conditions the previous year that affect bulbs. So maybe the warm and dry autumn was good for your agapanthus? I love the blackcurrant fizz poppy, where did you get the seeds from? And I must start picking some roses for the house. I hope the good weather to come helps you rediscover your gardening mojo :).

    • Hi,

      Ah, yes perhaps. Especially as all last year was pretty dry – our summer was very dry with grass on the verge of dying. And of course we didn’t really ever have a winter wither, autumn sort of slid into spring with just a splash of snow.
      The seeds were sent to me by another blogger, but Thompson and morgan sell them – not that I’d ever advise going to them since all the poppy seed I’ve bought from them have never germinated! Think I’m going to give up wasting my money there now. Theirs have more petals inside though, so I actually think these ones have hybridised with something else or lost their ‘pompom’ shape down the generations.

  6. So many lovely flowers in spite of, or maybe because of, all the rain! I think a lot of plants have been better than usual, maybe they don’t have enough rain normally, I don’t know. At last , a break in the weather to try and make a real difference to the garden, instead of dashing out for the odd half hour.

    • Hi Pauline,

      The last few years have definitely meant the plants have had less rain than they require – our foxloves were barely 3 foot tall last year, compared to the 7 foot beasts this year! But yes this is probably the only saving grace of this summer – everything is still green.

      I don’t have much work to be doing – a bit of weeding here and there, and still need to plant some things but it’s mainly ticking over nicely without any intervention from me. I’ve spent this weekend enjoying the sun rather than racing around doing jobs – but I do need to mow; just waiting for the grass to dry out a little more before I attempt it.

  7. I am not sure Liz if your weather is worse than mine. Too hot but dry so garden suffers greatly in many respects…but then constant gloom and rain but gorgeous blooms….maybe they are equally bad…but I think I will take the sun.

    • Hi Pam,

      I’m not sure which I’d take either – humid and rainy or hot and dry…. at least we haven’t been cold! I’d just wish we had more sun without the heat.

    • Hi Pam,

      It has been awful, yes… Back in April I couldn’t forsee it lasting more than a week or two and yet here we are 3 months later and still we’re stuck under this system. Nightmare is the only way to describe it!
      I’ve just mainly been sitting and reading in the sun this weekend… Choosing to enjoy the weather whilst I can rather than getting hot and sweaty racing around trying to do various jobs. I’ve also been trying to keep an eye out for Butterflies and although way down on last year, I have at least seen some.

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