Flower Friday

With warm weather finally reaching the UK, I’ve spent as much time outside as I can savouring the fact I can sit outside without a wetsuit on or freezing cold.

I’ll get straight to the photos…

Ragwort has attracted Cinnabar Moths to the garden, and we have quite a few Catterpillars on them – only tiny still though! But I am looking forward to seeing them grow.

This sneaky Willowherb has popped up in the hedge between the gardens… Technically it’s in my neighbour’s garden and they are pretty even if they are rather invasive.
Delphinium ‘rose’ is stunning… this one I was unsure about when I bought the Delph offer; resultantly I gave two to my mum and kept only one to myself. Now I wish I’d kept more because it’s gorgeous and actually I’d say it’s purple rather than rose – matches my Erysimum perfectly!
Veronicastrum is also blooming; I love its tall, elegant spires.

Digitalis ‘Lutea’ fights its way up through the flat-topped Aster; I keep meaning to move it. And the feverfew shows the first signs of dying behind its pretty flowers.

Astilbe brings colour to an otherwise boring, dark spot in the front garden. I’m not so sure on this colour – perhaps a bit bright, but it’s better than nothing!

The Sweet Peas are in full swing now and I have a gorgeous vase full… In fact I think they need watering now after a week of heat.
I’ve never had Sheep’s bit before – and never heard of it, either. Its blooms are very pretty and almost remind me of scabious.
Does anyone know what the final plant is? I was thinking Queen Anne’s Lace, but it doesn’t look quite right. It’s from a seed mix so I’ve no idea… I love Umbellifers though, so I’m thrilled to see it! It isn’t very tall but that might just be due to lack of sun.

White Salvia is almost as wonderful as its purple cousins; I think I need more to make a true impact! Mmmm, I’ll talk myself into anything!

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


20 thoughts on “Flower Friday

    • Hi,

      Thanks; we could do with a spot of rain now after a week of warm temps and winds that have dried the soil out but I’m not going to complain – just glad we have sun for once!

  1. Lovely fresh flowers enjoying the sunshine! Your Astilbe must shine out of its shady corner, I love it, also your little Digitalis lutea and your delphinium. What a difference a bit of sunshine makes!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Let’s hope the sun lasts a little longer – was going to go out today but decided to stay in to hunt Butterflies and enjoy the sun whilst it lasts! Will go out tomorrow instead when it’s due to be mixed showers and sun.

      I’ve some White Astilbes I’m going to move into this shady spot too, and there’s a red one not quite in bloom next to the pinks.

  2. I can’t get over all the flowers you have blooming. Mine have long gone at least many you are showing…too hot and dry for them…your persistent rain and cool weather has given you lovely blooms. Glad to hear the weather has turned.

    • Hi Donna,

      I guess I should be grateful for all the rain we endured over the past 3 months; however it doesn’t make me feel much better! ha ha. I hope this weather lasts but we are due showers tomorrow… Showers I can cope with, as long as it’s mixed with sun.
      We will see what happens.

  3. Love your Astilbe. Bet it’s really enjoyed this soggy summer.
    Hope you’ve not packed the wetsuit away; they’re forecasting more rain for next week.

  4. Hi Liz! You have beautiful blooms! And some summer at the end! I’m glad for you. The rain you sent me didn’t work by the way, try again please!
    That umbel looks amazing, it might be some kind of amni… I’m waiting to see what blooms too! Let us know, please.

    • Hi Alberto,

      Oh, OK then you can have some more rain! 😉
      We just had quite a heavy downpour which was totally unexpected! It’s cleared again now but temperatures have dipped quite suddenly after a fairly mild/warm day – 23.

      I’m still waiting on the unknown umbel to bloom, instead they seem to have formed their buds and are now growing taller?? Odd. And of course I’m growing impatient!

  5. Hi. I just gave you a blog award: Very Inspiring Blogger” so pop over to my blog and snag a copy of the award and the few simple rules to follow to accept it. Don’t forget to post it on your blog!

  6. Gorgeous photos again Liz! You have so many lovely blooms. I bet the Sweet Peas make the house smell wonderful.

    We had beautiful weather here too last week but this week back to rain 😦

    • Hi Jan,

      The Sweet peas are gorgeous, yes. I cut another large posy today and they smell wonderful. I’m enjoying the variety of colours I have this year too. At the moment there’s a lull in roses as the repeaters produce more buds and the sweet peas are doing a great job of filling it.

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