End of Month – July 2012

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?
Mmmm, not so much fun being experienced here; other than enjoying the past rain-free week. It’s been wet here today, well this evening. So I’ve been trapped indoors yet again.

One thing at least must be said for the rain; it’s meant things have remained green. No sign of the fading green that you’d expect at this time of year; when emotions quickly turn to melancholy knowing that autumn is not far away.

The front garden remains largely unchanged from previously; with only some seedlings coming into bloom such as cornflower and various other known small flowers. I still haven’t tackled the other borders, mainly because I wanted to enjoy the good weather rather than waste what precious time I did have with hard labour! But also because I spent my time Butterfly stalking 🙂

The Buddleja border in the back garden is perhaps looking its best since I moved in; mostly thanks to Geranium Thurstonianum. But here’s also an illustration of the shadow cast by the Buddleja at this time of year and thus the reason this border is so difficult – it becomes hot, dry shade.

From the kitchen, the right border looks very tall – and it is; but it is also raised to waist height from the decking, but also lower than waist height when stood up on the grass… again I have difficulty with this and trying to create interest from all sides. The Sea Holly needs dividing as they’ve become too dense this year and the goal is to add grasses on the decking side to add lower-level interest from the house.

And looking at the right border from the grass – this is the area I extended earlier this summer.

Meanwhile the Aster border is looking very nice and I seriously love the Veronica ‘Twilight’; it’s just a shame it doesn’t repeat bloom if I cut it back. I’m quite happy with this border this year and the only thing I need to do is remove some of the Stipa – which was never intended for this border anyway (it’s intended for the right border)

And finally for this review; the Upper tier. I am very pleased with this spot and although a little concerned with just how happy one of the Asters is – may need dividing – I have a couple of Clematis’ for the fence and ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ will help fill it over the coming years.

My regulars will notice I’ve left some parts out; but that’s only because I don’t have anything to say about them or they’re the same as previously.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


6 thoughts on “End of Month – July 2012

  1. Lots of lovely flowers again, lots to entice the bees and butterflies. How did you get on with your butterfly hunting, we have hardly any in the garden yet. The buddlejas are open for business as usual (they are so tall this year) but no visitors unfortunately. I too love Veronica and wished it would repeat flower, such a shame it doesn’t.

    • Hi Pauline,

      The flutter stalking is going quite well. Most species have appeared… Well, apart from the ‘big’ ones such as Peacocks, but the rest have all appeared. So far only a small handful of Gatekeepers though compared to last year where there were dozens but there’s sitll time and so far I’ve seen no females only males chasing each other for prime spots along the hedge.
      Had my first Small Tort this evening but there’s just been a really heavy downpour – unexpected; was meant to be sun this evening – so I hope it’s found somewhere dry to stay safe.

      My Buddlejas are just blooming, and the one in the back garden isn’t looking good at all. It was battered by high winds a few weeks ago and lost a lot of its branches and its blooms look a bit odd. But I hope it manages to attract the flutters regardless.

  2. Liz I so would like to have some of your rain and green foliage…I am trying to keep that melancholy away seeing the browning and lack of flowers…my monkshood is also blooming in part shade…love the purple flowers.

    • Hi Donna,

      You’re more than welcome to have some of the rain… Although I am glad I haven’t yet felt that Autumn is on its way and who knows; we might get a late summer (although I’m more inclined to assume we’ll have an early winter… A very early one in fact!). I moved the Monkshood last year and I think the spot they’re now in is too shady for them but at least they are adding colour to a boring spot and also helping to conceal the ugly red fence.

  3. I love that geranium and the veronica! We are having a thunderstorm as I write this, and I am grateful for every drop. I have far fewer blooms than you; most perennials just can’t take the heat.

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