Friday Flowers

It’s that time of the week again; time to celebrate the end of the working week (for most) and put our feet up and relax… I’m playing catch-up once more from last weekend, but since most days when I get home all I want to do is sleep, I haven’t had the motivation to post mid-week.

There’s plenty to catch up on at the moment and more to come over the weekend, no doubt.

This Salvia is almost finished now; time to cut it back and hope for a second flush, the Cosmos however continues to bloom nicely although the rain is shortening each bloom’s lifespan somewhat.

Shasta Daisies and Feverfew look very pretty and I think I have enough for vases at the moment – although I find the Shasta Daisy perfume rather horrible.

Lavender ‘Hidcote’ is flourishing this year; I’ve had to replace one but am pleased with the amount of blooms on this one, and the Black Lilyturf’s tiny little blooms are out. It’s a shame they’re so small.

The sweet peas are doing very well at the moment; I’ve a constant full vase of them. The only one I know for certain is ‘Spanish Dancer’ on the left, the rest I think were from a mixed packet.

I planted a few Achillea earlier in the year and two have grown massively – too big in fact and I may have to re-think their home, or stake them next year!

Gertrude Jekyll has begun to open some more blooms; I’m still yet to put up some wire for her to climb up… When the weather is nice I’m more interested in enjoying every minute I can than working… But I really do need to get this job done – perhaps on my week off.
Here’s also an update on the unknown Umbel… its blooms are just beginning to open now.

I’m loving the tiny little Bee at the bottom of these photos… Its cute little furry face!

It’s daisy time here; with Rudbekias and Heleniums in bloom! A self-confessed hater of yellow and orange, but these do look excellent and so bright and much welcome in the garden. This Rudbekia is a seedling that survived winter; I believe it’s supposed to be an annual, but hey we had a very mild winter and it was blooming in December!

Here’s a sneaky peek of what’s to come… Flat-topped Aster has its first blooms and the Gatekeepers are arriving; albeit not yet in similar droves as last summer.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


10 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Your salvia and cosmos are a wonderful combination, the blue of the salvia contrasts so beautifully with the pristine white of the cosmos, fantastic! Haven’t noticed any gatekeepers yet in the garden, must go looking for them, we’re very short on butterflies this year, not surprised with the weather we have been having! Have a good weekend.

    • Hi Pauline,

      I hadn’t really planned the Cosmos and Salvia combo; however I think I may well have to do it next year too 🙂
      The Gatekeepers love the privet hedge especially and are usually found fluttering along it (the males chasing anything nearby). But they do also love Ragwort and the Shasta Daisies. I think I spotted my first female today looking very ragged but hopefully a sign of more to come.

      Hope you have a good weekend too; hasn’t been too bad here… yet.

  2. Lovely blooms again Liz. Glad your Cosmos is doing well this time, at least you don’t have to wait until the end of the season for them to flower like you did a couple of years ago or maybe it was last year….time goes so quickly, I lose track! I agree with you about the daisy scent, not too pleasant at all 😉 Good to see the Gatekeepers are arriving in your garden, I have seen a few while out and about.

    • Hi Jan,

      This year I had to buy the Cosmos; mine I sowed way back in Jan or Feb never made it past 20-30cm because they’d been kept indoor so long with all the rubbish weather. When I finally managed to plant them out they have done nothing and I’m assuming eventually became slug fodder.
      Last year my Cosmos were fine and had some gorgeous ‘candy stripe’ ones; it’s a massive shame they failed this year. But yes you are right – my experience with cosmos has been poor previously with them keeping me waiting into October before blooming.

      I’m not expecting Gatekeepers in last year’s numbers but I am hoping for a good few more at least. So far it’s mostly been males. Next year I plan on leaving a strip of lawn to grow long and hopefully encourage more flutters/moths in the garden – also going to plant a few wildflowers in the grass.

    • Hi,

      Thanks 🙂 There are some ‘warmer’ colours in the garden now – red, orange and yellow and actually a rather wonderful combination of orange Helenium and Persicaria!

      More Bee shots to come, as well as caterpillars and flutters 🙂

  3. Lovely photos. Especially like the ones of the bees. Surprised that your veronicastrum hasn’t got any bees on it. Maybe they were too busy on the other flowers.

    • Hi Crystal,

      The Veronicastrum does usually have Bees and Hoverflies around it – as well as loads of Ladybird babies – I must’ve just caught the photo at a time when there weren’t any 😉 They also seem to love the Veronica.

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