Friday Flowers

Another week gone, and I never thought I’d be quite so pleased to see it pass. The past month or so have been rough and it’s now finally at an end – I’ve finished my job, have a week off and start a new one… well I’m actually going back to a job I was in a few months ago. However time it’s part time and I have another part time job at another site. I’m hoping it won’t backfire on me and it’ll mean I have plenty of variation in my work; but I may also feel like Jekyll and Hide… we shall see!

I have plenty of jobs to get done next week and hope the weather allows me to get some done at least… especially as I’d like to also get out and about and enjoy my time off.

Pheasant’s tail grass has seeded on a slope, and surpriginsly survived a couple of winters without any help – they’re not fully hardy. I’m unsure whether to move it to a more appropriate site; I’ve a few such clumps around the garden and could make quite a nice statement in a border. The second image may look like it’s of some Shasta Daisies, when in fact it’s of two Gatekeepers arguing. It’s clear one has tattered wings and I think it may be a female; the loss of colour is making it difficult to decide!

Veronicastrum is stunning, but quickly begins to look past its best… It’s a shame but I think I actually like the white of the spent blooms.

A surprise mix is Crocosmia and Stipa, and actually it’s very pleasing!

Of course, I also love using Stipa as a back-drop to the Roses…

My Echinacea are almost in bloom… this one has been in a pot for a number of years and I hope it survives as I always have extremely poor luck with them! Gertrude Jekyll has produced another flush of blooms and two blooms are in a vase in the living room…

The unknown umbel is opening… more photos to follow! Will definitely be collecting seed for next year to have more 🙂

The insects are loving the Tuberous Thistle; I’m surprised I haven’t yet seen any flutters on them.
Flat-topped Aster is very much in bloom now and the insects love this too – flutters, bees and hoverflies will be swarming around it soon enough.

Ooooh, look here! What’s going on? ‘warm’ colours, surely not!

And I’m loving the orange Helenium with the Persicaria!

I moved this Blue Sea Holly from the Buddleja border, sadly some of its stems turned brown and rotted suddenly so there aren’t many blooms on it – the Gatekeepers seem to prefer this beautiful blue one to the others which start green and eventually turn blue as they fade…

The latest vase contains a bloom from Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Achillea, Geranium, Scabious and Veronica. Tess has faded now, but when I checked on her earlier she’s actually opened quite a few new blooms! So I’ll bring more in I think 🙂

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


13 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. I so want to see your garden in person…the light and color are amazing. My garden looks more like late fall than late summer. Your unknown umbel looks like Queen Anne’s Lace and it is all over my meadow…butterflies love this wild carrot. It is gorgeous.

    • Hi Donna,

      Haha; it’s all in the camera angles. Honestly it isn’t so pretty in real life 😉 I still have a long way to go before it flows – but that would take a lot of relandscaping of the entire garden, so for now it remains disjointed.
      My Umbel seems too small for Queen Anne’s lace, but it certainly looks similar, if not the same. It could just be stunted because of the lack of sunlight we had in spring and early summer??

  2. A lovely variety of flowers, so many different ones, your garden must be looking very pretty at the moment and of course they are all so good for bees and butterflies! At last we have butterflies in the garden today, it has been so hot for the last couple of days, so hopefully they will stay around a bit.

    • Hi Pauline,

      I do like the fact there’s lots of blooms; however I also think it’s playing havoc with my hayfever and for the past 2 weeks I’ve barely been able to breathe because I’m stuffed up. Even after having tablets and nasal spray – very frustrating. And this morning I wondered whether it was because plants are blooming later than normal, so perhaps there’s more pollen around than normal as I don’t think I’ve ever had problems this late in the year – usually spring for me.
      Glad to hear you’ve got some flutters now 🙂 Still no Peacocks/Admirals here but I have had a small tort hanging around on the Buddleja. Gatekeeper numbers have also risen with 6 in at once yesterday. Just hope some at least were females!

    • Hi,

      Thanks very much – I’d quite a few plans for my week off but they’re now forecasting more rain again. Great. Perhaps I can get things done between showers but it also means I won’t be going out and about if it’s raining. Oh well. At least I can relax if anything.

  3. Eeek, sorry work has been so stressful Liz, hope the new set-up works well for you. In the mean time, you have some beautiful things flowering their socks off in your garden. I am missing my Veronicastrum, I get to collect it next Spring, along with my sanguiosorba. But you have confirmed that I absolutely must have heleniums in my front garden next year! And eryngiums, but I already knew that… I appear to have inherited quite a lot of stipa, hidden away in the undergrowth, which is crying out to be partnered with various sumptuous perennials in the sunny front garde. Your photos have inspired me.

    • Hi Janet,

      I’ve a little Veronicastrum that I need to move away from the flat-topped Aster; this year it’s done quite well but I think it would benefit from being moved. I haven’t even shown it on the blog yet – mainly because I can’t remember its name! 🙂
      Nice to hear you have Stipa though – gotta be a surprise, especially as the garden looks quite 70’s in style and I didn’t realise grasses were popular then – well apart from the great big pampas grasses!

  4. Though orange isn’t my favorite color – and I think you’ve said you don’t love it either – isn’t it funny how orange can make some color combos really pop? I especially love orange with a vivid pink and some blue-violet.
    Sorry for the upheaval in jobs, that doesn’t sound like fun. I hope the new arrangement works well for you!

    • Hi VW,

      Indeed, warm colours are not a favourite of mine – although I do allow blooms which attract insects. I was iffy about picking up these orange Heleniums but my brother decided I should have them and actually I’m glad I did because they are adding more depth to the border.
      I don’t worry about job upheaval – in fact I like it; learning new things etc. But it is always sad to say goodbye… Well, to some people that is! Work has been awful for weeks, mainly due to understaffing and holidays etc and I’m burned out. I need a few weeks off to recover tbh, but a week will have to do. I don’t plan on being in the new arrangement for long; as always I’m looking for something else!

  5. Lovely photos. Sounds like you’ve had a stressful time but at least you’ve got all those blooms to calm and relax you. Good luck with the 2 jobs, sounds pretty full on but if it’s the stepping stone to something else then at least it’s not a permanent situation.

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