End of Month – August 2012

So, another month has passed, what can I say? Time seems to be running away and we’re now beyond all hope for any summer. Yes the beginning of August was good, and I think we managed around 3 weeks with next to no rain; however I still feel somewhat bereft, wondering what happened to my summer and lamenting the realisation that soon autumn will arrive.

Anyway, enough of the moaning. I think it’s time to concentrate on the garden.

Things are beginning to get a little out of hand i.e. plants are growing much larger than normal and it’s all a bit overgrown. Added to that, is my inability to get out and weed. I have begun to cut things back in areas and once the Buddleja finishes blooming I will chop it back and attempt to rip up a section of the border being invaded by couch grass.

Aster season is on its way, the Flat-topped Asters remain the only ones blooming, however I have plenty more that are close behind and will extend the season further. In total, I have another 10 Asters yet to bloom, with two ‘Lady in Black’ plants which often bloom very late.

Just a few days ago I moaned to Ronnie from: Hurtled To 60 and Now Beyond on twitter that I have poor experience with Anemones… That only one has buds on it, I’ve lost two and planted three more this year which also haven’t bloomed… Well guess what? Two of the newbies do have buds on them, but they’re very small – 30cm off the ground so I hadn’t noticed them. Some blooms are better than none, right? Even if it is only three buds 😉
The three new plants are on the upper tier, where I think next year I want to do some shuffling around with some of the Asters.

This weekend I would like to get out and do some work in the garden, it’s all very overgrown, too many weeds and left hedge trimmings in places. The Cherry border looks OK, but the other end is a mess after I ripped up the herb Robert because it was taking over there’s now large bare patches that will hopefully fill in next year.

As shocking as the weather has been, the only positive to come from all this is that the garden is still looking lush and flowers are still in abundance (even if it has meant Hayfever season has been the longest for a decade and yes I am still suffering).

Yet another border that’s looking more like an overgrown patch is the right border. I am going to give one of the Sea Hollys to my parents, move the bird’s foot trefoil, move a Thistle to the upper tier and add more Rudbeckia.

Recent rains have caused the Verbena Hastata to bend over… And the Cosmos blooms aren’t looking so good either… Plenty of dead-heading for me to do this weekend!

The front garden has largely been left on its own for the last week or two – I’ve tried to stay away from the garden because I keep getting bitten. Weeds are taking over in the window border and I haven’t mown the lawn for at least 2, maybe 3 weeks now because it’s been quite cool and any rain isn’t evaporating.
I’m pleased to see the £1 Heathers have survived being so wet and they’re blooming! Excellent; I had never expected them to survive and bought them purely to fill spaces last year when the border had only just been planted.

Along the path, things are looking very pretty. I’m liking the splashes of orange from the Crocosmia and the beautiful blooms from the surprise umbels! The white Salvias further along are taking a little break in blooming before their next flush. There is still a very clear line between the sections which I need to rectify so there’s more flow along the border. I’ll be saving seed from the ammi to sow along its length.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


9 thoughts on “End of Month – August 2012

  1. I think we are all the same, with plants growing too tall and flopping everywhere, deadheading like mad to keep the flowers coming, but realising that autumn is just round the corner. Your ammi is beautiful threading its way along your border, you have so many lovely flowers out at the moment, your bees and butterflies must be very happy!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Right now I’d love to be able to mow the grass! It’s looking terrible, now I’m no lawn freak and take meticulous care over it, but I do at least like it to look relatively tidy.The sun is enticing at the moment but I reckon it’s still too damp.
      I’ve had a good morning though and have been out and filled a large trug with weeds/tidying.

      Yes indeed, we’ve been having quite a few flutters. The Gatekeeper numbers have declined, but we’ve also had a load of Peacocks arrive – the most I’ve seen since I was a child at 8 or 9 on the one Buddleja, and probably more on the other. That’s definitely going against all fears that Butterflies would have a poor year with all the rain.

  2. Hi Liz, ‘Bereft’ is spot on, exactly how I feel! It is as if part of me is still waiting for Summer but the other part knows that Autumn is moving in…but then I think how can it be when there has been no Summer. It’s a weird feeling!!!

    If you think your garden is overgrown with weeds you should see mine…or maybe not 😉 I can see you still have lots of lovely colourful flowers though, the Crocosmia look lovely with their white companions. Love the Sea Holly too.

    We’re supposed to have a few Summery days this week 🙂

    Hope you’re still improving and that you didn’t have to go back for more tablets. As for hay fever, the season seems to go on for ever these days 😦

    • Hi Jan,

      I think we need September and October to be amazing weather to make up for this summer. We’re due, oooh a couple of nice days this week and then back to more of the same. Although the last three days here have also been quite nice – only today I didn’t get to enjoy it and wasted the entire day. I have tomorrow off though and plan to thoroughly enjoy myself.

      Ah, but you haven’t seen all the weeds I have! 🙂
      Admittedly I have now got right of much of the mess – 1 large trug filled with cuttings, weeds and other detritus!

      The Crocosmia is looking nice this year, but I know it’ll soon take over again and I think I need to remove some of it after just a few months of having ripped up the border and left in a few corms!

      I haven’t gone back to the drs; wanted to see how I felt over the weekend without the tablets. I guess I’ve been OK – still struggling at times with a cough, that flu powders seem to calm down a lot and help me more than the antib’s were. Might as well stick to them! Got a bunged nose again this evening. Looks like I need some nasal spray and hayfever tablets again 😦

  3. The hayfever really has been rotten, hasn’t it. As for the bites, have you come across Avon’s “Skin so soft”? Its sold as a moisturiser, but a gnarly climber up on Skye told me locals use it to protect against midge bites, and swore it was what the guys at the Faslane naval base use. I’ve tried it and it really does seem to work, plus it makes your skin feel good!

    As to the garden, I did a double take when I read the “10 more” asters comment – do you have a national collection or something?! I’m always surprised at how well white mixes with the hot colours, that umbel with the crocosmia is a case in point.

    • Hi Jan,

      Ooooh, now there’s a question.. Avon… I haven’t used or seen an Avon catalogue since I was a little girl and my mum used to have them! 😛 I will have to see whether I can get hold of it without having to join/get the catalogue
      I don’t usually get bitten, and assume it’s the wetness issue again as I’ve noticed there’s been way more flies than normal – also way more moths too! I’ve just been sat out in the garden for the first time in weeks – hopefully I won’t have lots of little annoying bites again.

      And here I was thinking I must have way fewer Asters than everyone else – other blogs always seem to be packed full of them! 😉 Crazy isn’t it, how we can perceive that everyone seems to have something.
      Although, saying that I do seem to be a bit Aster, Geranium and Salvia mad – they’re the plants I have lots of different types of.

  4. Liz once again we have so many of the same flowers…that orange crocosmia is blooming for me too and I am smitten with it…I see so many lovely flowers in the aster and right border…some liatris I see with the remnants of a lupin and the helenium…just love them!

  5. Liz, I think whether town or country garden the weather has seen to it that everything is overgrown this summer/autumn.

    My mower is set to the highest cutting level possible and still it’s getting jammed with all the soggy cuttings. The only slight positive is that containers seems to be hanging on pretty well.

    September is loooking pretty good considering – time to look forward.

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