Friday Flowers!

A quick post for me; I’m off to Wales after work today for a few days on a quick break with the Dear Ma. I’ve never been to Wales other than to pass through to Hollyhead, so it’ll be a nice new experience for me…

Still very little variation in the blooms at the moment, in all honesty it’s because I’ve been focused on the butterflies and haven’t really taken anything of the rest of the garden.

Rudbeckia looks lovely, as always. And I plan to add more for next year…

I’ve got another flush of Poppy blooms from the ‘Garden Gnome’ Poppy, and fresh blooms from Geum ‘Tangarine Dream’.

I lucked out and had a Meadowbrown land on the Rudbeckia in front of me…

A few of the Astrantias are also beginning to bloom again, although there’s far fewer stems this time… Normally they bloom better than this!

Anemone, Sedum and finally some blooms on Miscanthus ‘Flamingo’!

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9 thoughts on “Friday Flowers!

  1. Rudbeckia is such a sunny plant, it always makes me smile, don’t know why!! Miscanthus have the most super ‘flowers’, our Malepartus has just started and is such a lovely deep purple colour. My Sedum isn’t quite as far on as yours, hopefully the sun will bring it on now for the insects to enjoy. Like you I’ve been busy flitting round after the butterflies while they make up for lost time.

    • Hi Pauline,

      It really is nice to see such cheerful colours like that of the Rudbeckias at this time of year… I’m going to search out a smaller variety for one of the slopes so I have a sunny border next year.
      This year my grasses haven’t done that well – the Stipa are OK, but others have been swamped out by the perennials that shot up after all the rain; I had to rescue my Japanese Blood grass and another I forget the nane of that were well and truly covered by the Persicaria growing very large.
      Before I left for Wales, the flutters suddenly disappeared. Bit odd really. Especially as it was when it got really hot and there were still plenty of Buddleja blooms… The Gatekeepers have pretty much gone too – they aren’t usually seen after August – so it looks like my flutter season is over 😦

    • Hi Donna,

      The Astrantias aren’t doing very well in their second flush this year… Shame, because it is usually something to look forward to later in the year knowing I’ll have more. I need to move some around into better spots because they’re not happy.
      Wales was lovely, thanks. Not so sure if i’ll post any photos – too many to sort through – and most photos will be ones taken with my phone rather than my camera as I’m terrible at landscape photos. I’d like to go back again though and experience more of the area, perhaps staying further along the coast from where I was.

  2. I am itching to plant out my astrantias, but have to wait patiently until I can move the mahonia out of the way. Haven’t yet worked out where I can plant a “Goldstrum” – or my geums, for that matter! I can feel the subtle blue, purple and silver colour scheme of the front garden slipping into colour madness already… Sorry your first trip to Wales hasn’t been graced by gorgeous weather, do come back!

    • Hi Janet,

      Good luck with your Astrantias; I’m not having much luck with most other varieties except my mature ‘Roma’. I think I need to move the others and hopefully find somewhere they can flourish. My main problem is that although I have shady spots, most are dry shade so they’re sulking. This year has been their best – thanks to all that rain – but I know next year they’ll probably only produce a coupl of stems again.
      The gold of the Rudbeckia can mimic the sun though…………… 😉 At least that’s what I’d tell myself!
      The weather was OK on my trip, I’m just pleased it didn’t rain constantly to be honest. And I certainly don’t want it baking hot when I’m trying to wander around, so the cooler temps were quite welcome! My mum is back to Wales next week with my grandparents staying a little further along the coast 🙂

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