Friday Flowers

A short feature post for today as it’s blogger’s bloom day tomorrow, so instead we’ll have some pretty rose photos. Harlow Carr is blooming again and I decided to enjoy most of its blooms indoors.

Picking these I noticed a Bee hidden under the petals of one of the heads… So I moved it onto a Rudbeckia bloom to sunbathe… I then noticed a caterpillar, again I removed that… After that I spotted an Earwig in the blooms! Eeeeek, ewwwww. Definitely got rid of that!
Indoors I went and started sorting them for the vase and out pops another Earwig!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. So gross. Not a good day. But the blooms are beautiful; if a little chewed thanks to the caterpillar.

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7 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Hi Scott,

      Haha, yes it is certainly a danger – one I’ve never yet experienced!! Usually it’s just a couple of aphids on the blooms or something……………….

  1. Beautiful roses! I have picked some flowers from my yard and gave them to friends to use as a center piece. Somehow the bugs always want to show up in the middle of the party. 🙂

    • Hi,

      I usually run any blooms under water to rid them of insects or various creepy crawlies…. Just this one time the creepies were a little more extreme than the more typical aphid or greenfly.

  2. Oh, I love this style of rose, and this one is gorgeous. The blooms almost remind of a peony. Sometimes I regret not growing roses any more. Then I remember our deer! Sorry about the earwigs…not my favorite creepy crawly either!

    • Hi CV,

      Yep, they are like a Peony, only they last much longer and smell much nicer! 😀 I guess this is why I don’t bother with Peonies, in fact…. It’s a shame you cannot grow roses; do you not try native wild roses? Your goats will probably also love eating them 🙂
      It was the first time I’d seen Earwigs in years! I guess they were hiding from the rain, just a shame they chose my gorgeous roses 😦 most definitely not a favourite insect to find in the blooms.

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