A Short but Sweet Welsh Trip

Well, I suppose I ought to crack on with showing my photos from Wales…

They are a little repetitive, and I’m only showing photos taken using an app on my phone… they are a little misleading as they do up the contrast, making the skies glorious blues but also making grey clouds look black and stormy – when they weren’t!

Why am I using only phone photos? Well, less work for me having to crop and edit photos since the phone app has already done it for me, but also because I kinda like them.

Day 1 – Great Orme

Actually, first we went to Llandudno… I didn’t take any photos as it was a flying visit (I forgot to take any jeans with me and had only yoga style pants! Oops, any excuse!). So a quick trip into Monsoon, jeans bought (and a nice top and cardi…) some pounds lighter (eek) and a run into Costa for coffee and lunch, I wanted to relax by the coast and watch the world go by… Sadly there isn’t really anywhere in Llandudno to just relax as it’s quite a busy place! So up the Great Orme we went to avoid the crowds (and millions of oldies… no offense!!) where it was lovely and peaceful; most of the time only a few people around and lots of sheep.

So, what is ‘Great Orme’? Well, it’s urm… a headland on the north coast of Wales, near Llandudno (part of it, in fact). And it’s very famous for its copper mines, which used to see people travelling from across Europe to mine at – in fact it boasts to be perhaps the most important copper mines of the bronze age.

OK, that’s the sum total of my knowledge; my mum could tell you far more as she’s the history person. And I’m far more interested in the breath-taking views…

Mum kept telling me how she’d like to go up in the cable cars; I didn’t take her seriously after her reaction to being in the large wheel in Sheffield city centre… Holding onto the sides and staying as still as possible made me assume she also wouldn’t like the cable cars!!!
Turns out, she did actually want to go in them; so that’s something for next time.

Now, I’d like you to steady yourself for perhaps one of the most stunning views I’ve ever witnessed… I don’t think anywhere in Scotland has beaten this. Not even the top of the Cairngorms.

I think it looks better for the mist; there’s an ethereal quality to it. Like a daydream. Like we’re in heaven.

I don’t think this castle was old… once we got close it looked very new, or at least converted… the planner in me had to wonder how someone had got planning permission for such a building…

By the time we came down from Great Orme and fought with all the traffic (grr) and cooked dinner my plans to go to the coast and catch the late sun were almost scuppered… Mum insisted we rush out to catch it; we didn’t have to wait long for the sun to disappear.

It’s just a shame once we made our way through the sand dunes the sea was nowhere to be seen!

Nooooooooo! (yes that is the sea in the distance, beyond the reed beds.)

Oh well…

Day 2 – Snowdonia, Betws-y-coed and mountains

Knowing that the weather would not be on our side, mum decided that it would be criminal not to go into the Snowdonia range… off we went, leaving sun behind and slowly but surely it became more and more grey – hardly surprising though since we were in mountains!
It’s like Scotland but on a slightly smaller scale, and the main positive is that everything is much closer in Wales with lots of places only a few miles from each other compared to travelling an hour or so in Scotland. However, with this it also means there’s fewer places to stop, and stare.

As the weather wasn’t up to much, we decided to pop into the National Slate Museum – exciting stuff; mum and I really know how to live the dream.

It wasn’t bad, it was free and it was something to do for a short while. Somewhere to stop off for a cuppa before heading back.

And look, some Welsh Heather!!!

Finally, just to prove I did go to Anglesey, here’s a photo for Janet!
It was a short, but sweet trip onto the island – on via one bridge, stop off to take photos and off on the other. Mum just wanted me to experience the bridges; it’s a shame I was driving so didn’t really get to see a great deal.
I’ll have to make sure we actually spend longer next time.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


16 thoughts on “A Short but Sweet Welsh Trip

  1. Wow, your pics never delude me! In fact first thing I do when I read a post of yours is scrolling from top to bottom and watching the photos. Only after that I start reading. As you know I’ve been off from the blogosphere for a while so this is the first time I see your welsh pics and your app effects (I thought it was some photoshop vintage action at first, it’s a really good app indeed!).
    I share with you the vision about Heaven, I’m glad you find it on Earth! 🙂 nice lace to spend your holidays, shame for those unpronounceable Walsh names… 😉

    • Hi Alberto,

      Haha, no problem with looking at the photos first… I tend to keep my writing to a minimum anyway; so I can’t blame you 🙂
      The app on my phone is called Hipstamatic and it’s meant to replicate the plastic toy cameras of the 70’s and 80’s that I’ve used in the past (it’s expensive to get the films developed), so this is the next best thing. You can buy different lenses, flashes and such – again they’re just settings of the app – and these change the style of the photo.

  2. What stunning photos with the most amazing skies, so glad you enjoyed your time here with your Mum. Long ago. I think it must have been over 40 yrs ago, we lived for a short time in N Wales, lovely, stunning scenery every day. When the children were little I used to paint on stones and slates to sell at craft fairs, I bought the slates from the slate mines in the area, your photos brought back lots of memories!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I love what the app has done to the skies and really made the clouds look amazing! Hopefully if I visit next year it’ll be for longer and we’ll have better weather. It did stay dry for the most part though so I can’t really complain other than having less stunning photos without the blue sky 😀

    • Hi,

      I’ve only ever passed through to Hollyhead – and that was at night – so actually this is the first time I’ve ever experienced it. It an OK journey from here too, apart from getting across the pennines, most of it is quite easy going.

    • Hi Donna,

      I believe further south, around Pembroke is supposed to be even nicer? I’m not sure though… I’m a bit ignorant when it comes to Wales to be totally honest. I’ve pretty much been everywhere else in the UK except Wales.

  3. Yes, longer on Anglesey, and come stay!! Wonderful pics of Great Orme, though I have to disagree, much as I love Wales, nowt beats the west coast of Scotland, particularly standing on the top of one of the Torridon mountains looking across the sea to Skye, nobody else in sight.

    • Hi Janet,

      Ah, that’s perhaps the only place I haven’t been in Scotland – barely been to the west, never been near Ayr but have been to Skye (mum always, always ALWAYS has to sing the Skye boat song as we cross), Fort William, Ullapool and such. Would like to visit Mull for the Orca though!

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