September Foliage 2012

So far only a few plants are showing signs of changing colour… Most things still seem to be green… But there is a definite chill and last night I think it was almost frost – surprised there wasn’t any tbh as my window thermometer said 0 this morning. So it was a pleasant surprise that when out planting bulbs I spotted 1 Comma and 2 Small Tortoiseshells enjoying the autumn sun and blooms.

Anyway, onto the foliage. Not many photos, mainly due to there being little change as mentioned above. But also because of poor weather and I haven’t been well (still not better after before, on antibiotics again, only this time with added steroids and an x-ray of my chest due for Monday. Woot)

Ah yes, so where was I?

Foliage! Yes, lovely green foliage…

It’s this time of year that the Ferns really start to shine. I wish I’d moved a Fern when planting bulbs now, as it’s being crowded by two Hellebores… Oh well. I might go back and do it another day.

It’s interesting to see that one Fuji Cherry is in its full autumn regalia, yet the other is still in full summer mode… Does this prove that it isn’t the local conditions which matter, but the stock from which the plants come??

I’m being a little sneaky here… but honestly, we’re supposed to be looking at the leaves rather than the berries on the Cotoneaster or the blooms on the Caryopteris!

Last weekend I finally planted my Skimmia, as well as moved two Astilbe from the back garden and finally planted plenty of bulbs around them…
The small shrub Rowan (Sorbus Fruticosa) also believes it’s autumn and I hope next year it will grow some more now it’s no longer smothered by the Astilbes I moved.
Flat-topped Aster’s lower leaves are turning colour, however the blooms continue to go strong. I think in spring it will need dividing up.

Aster ‘Lady in Black’ shows us where she gets her name from, however I’m still awaiting her blooms!

Finally I’ll leave you with the brilliant red of Japanese Blood Grass and the vibrant green of a Chrysanthemum. Sadly the Blood grass hasn’t done well this year – I took too long moving it from its spot I overwintered it in. However, they are looking much happier now they’re in a sunny spot and hopefully next year it will be a real feature.

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15 thoughts on “September Foliage 2012

  1. Ferns are lovely at this time of year aren’t they, such a contrast with whatever they are near. You have lots of lovely foliage, we must enjoy it while we can, some leaves have started falling already.
    Still lots of tortoiseshells and red admirals on the Eupatorium, they just aren’t interested in the buddleias or verbenas.

    • Hi Pauline,

      Ferns are gorgeous any time of year, but yes definitely now they’re really beginning to shine and add more interest to the borders. I’m considering moving the two scaled ferns in the cherry border slightly further around to give the Hellebores and Geranium more space – I’ll do it next year once they’ve begun to grow again and I can see where the bulbs are that I’ve just planted!

      Not a single Red Admiral here this year 😦 Not even on my neighbour’s Asters which has always attracted a number of them every autumn. I never find the Verbenas that great for flutters – they much prefer other blooms imo.

  2. Funny, our Verbena bonariensis has been the hot-seat for butterflies all summer. Now many have moved onto scabious and sedum, but there are always a handful still on the verbena, especially now that the buddleia show is over. Lovely ferns, we only have one, which I planted this year, but I hope to expand in the coming years!

    • Hi,

      I’ve never found the Verbenas to be great for the butterflies – the only ones that seem to go to them are the whites. It may just be a case of there being plants they prefer and so will only go to Verbena once the others are finished? I’m not sure, but I do still have the Verbena anyway to add height.

  3. Lovely post Liz. It reminds me to take some photos of my ferns which seem to have done really well this year . It’s raining today so hoping the soil will be ok to move plants around in the next few days. How big will your Rowan grow? It has such lovely colour I wondered if I could find room for a very small one.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      The Ferns here have done really well too – well, some of them…The Painted Ferns less so. So I’ve been comtemplacting moving some a little so they have a bit more room – only a matter of a foot or so. I think the first Ferns would do well on the slope from the upper tier, especially since my Ajugas seem to have been eaten under all the rain this year. I now have nothing holding the soil up. I had planted some bulbs in it but am thinking now I’d be best moving the ferns and underplanting them.

      The Rowan – Sorbus Fruticosa in this post is a shrub one and will grow 1.5 x 3m. I have another, Forestii which I think is a 3 or 4 metre tree.

    • Hi Donna,

      I think winter hit us today… Like a sledge hammer. We’ve got the tail-end of some hurricane and it’s causing a month’s of rain to fall in 24hrs. Great. It’s shocking out there. Perhaps we have some lovely autumn colours to look forward to………………..

  4. Great foliage post and on GBFD, I don’t remember seeing your link; I always try to read every post written for GBFD on the 22nd of each month, this is fabulous, I love your ferns! Christina

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  6. I love the combination of the fern and hellebore leaves, even if the fern is getting a little crowded. I am longing to get some of the bigger stuff settled into place so that I can plant ferns, hellebores, hostas and bulbs. My caryopteris has finished flowering already, so not only did you cheat, you made me jealous too!!

    • Hi Janet,

      I was going to move the Fern just a little to the left – not too far, just to give things a bit more room as they really are beginning to pack in. I also aim to move two of the Geraniums a little further back, for the same reason.
      Ah, well my Caryopteris is still blooming now 🙂 (will see in my end of month post tomorrow)

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