Time for another of those posts where I spew out some photos in a desperate attempt to catch up…

I’ve deleted some photos – not that it makes much of a difference, and came across a few folders of photos I took and uploaded without ever going through and posting anything… This happens every year.

Perhaps I should just delete all the folders regardless? Do I really need thousands, if not millions of photos on my hard drive? Most of which I will never look at again.

First up is the Sea Holly; this year I have a hate relationship with this previous gorgeous plant. For some reason it isn’t dying well at all and is a terrible eyesore.

Of course, it’s autumn and therefore we must have Sedum photos… The Bees love the blooms, and they are now a few years old they have filled out nicely.

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8 thoughts on “Catch-up

  1. All of your photos will be a good record of your garden. I keep mine in folders by year, month and date, and then subfolders by plant name, so it makes a good visual record of bloom time, too. You might enjoy looking back at them in the depths of winter, as well.

    • Hi,

      Yep the photos are a record – but I don’t need 10 year’s and thousands of photos of the garden. The photos I do need are cropped and uploaded to the internet for my blog or kept on personal folders online such as skydrive on msn.
      I too keep my photos by year, month and day so I know exactly when I first noticed Snowdrops coming up, or when the first Ladybird arrived etc.

  2. Still lots of beautiful flowers to enjoy for a bit longer, you always make them look so beautiful! So far I haven’t got rid of any of my photos, but one day I will have to, can’t keep them all for ever, but then what happens when you want to refer to something that has been deleted!!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I take many hundreds, thousands a year and I don’t want to know how many thousand images I have over the past 10 years. Reality is, the images I want, or need are the ones I’ve cropped and worked with and uploaded to the internet for my blog. So it seems pointless keeping so many photos that for all intents and purposes, are redundant.
      Really all I want are the spring, autumn and winter shots so I know when the spring bulbs first arrived or when the plants started to turn in autumn. Otherwise, it’s a waste of space – I can always take almost identical photos the next year.

      So I’m thinking I might just keep the previous year’s photos so I can refer to ‘when spring arrived’. But I certainly don’t need 3+ years ago.

  3. When I read your opening paragraph I started to settle in for a photo fest – but you were so restrained! I am hoping that mil and fil aren’t overly fond of the pretty variegated sedum growing in my old garden, as it would be perfect here…

    • Hi Janet,

      Haha, sorry 😉

      Ah but Sedum grows so easily, I’m sure you could take some cuttings for them and they can have some in their garden too!

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