Flower Friday

Their days are numbered… How much longer will they last?

Nigella shouldn’t still be blooming, I do not complain.

Ammi dies well; I will collect the seeds once they are ripe. I hope they are not killed off by bad weather before the seeds develop.

We have had more butterflies this week. I thought I had seen the last of them; I hope they stay a little while longer. The days are mixed with sun, and not particularly warm; mild perhaps. A balmy 14C yesterday; only just mild.

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8 thoughts on “Flower Friday

  1. The last flowers are very precious aren’t they, for us as well as the bees and butterflies. Still plenty of red admirals on new flowers of the eupatorium atropurpureum as well as the windfall apples, don’t know how long this will last, enjoying it while I can. Gales overnight, leaves ripped off the trees, what a mess everywhere and more to come!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I’m thinking the blooms won’t last much longer this year; compared to last year where many never actually died over winter it’s quite a dissappointment.

      No Red Admirals here, still. I hope next year makes up for their hiatus. As far as I’m aware, no gales here and tomorrow is set to be a sunny day… I wonder if I’ll get those last jobs done or not. I need to pick up some Paperwhites to force indoors, let’s see if they actually bloom at Christmas this year and not November!

  2. It’s a good thing that Nigella doesn’t read a calendar or the weather forecast,and just optimistically keeps blooming. It wouldn’t look nearly as pretty with worry lines. We had our first light frost this week that brought down the wimpier plants and blooms, so I am grateful for the plants with evergreen foliage that tough it out.

    • Hi,

      We’ve almost reached frost a number of times and perhaps would have this morning – my neighbour seemed to have frost on his grass, or it might’ve been dew but mine didn’t as it’s more enclosed with a hedge and plenty of plants to create a little micro climate. So far nothing has been affected, well by that I mean suddenly died, but rather they’re slowing moving toward domancy. I don’t have enough evergreen here – I don’t often like evergreen plants. So I’d like to find something I DO like!

    • Hi Donna,

      We’ve been OK here in terms of rain for a few days – since the floods a week or two ago. Things should still bloom into November and early December in a typical year here, but I guess with the weird wet, cold summer we’ve had I won’t be surprised if they’re all done by the end of October.

      This weekend has been nice, and shouldn’t rain for another couple of days – will attempt to mow the grass one last time!

  3. It has been wonderfully mild, hasn’t it, with just the perfect amount of Autumn nip in the air morning and evening to chart the change of the seasons, as if the growing glow of autumn colour wasn’t a big enough clue.

    • Hi Janet,

      Today has been a bit grim here and not particularly warm, it’s a shame because it has been so nice for the past 4/5 days or so. Plus there’s lots of rain due and I probably should’ve cut the grass when I had the chance, but I forgot!!!

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