Playing with Light

Yes, I am playing catch-up again. I’ve been busy and unable to post for the past few days and have quite a few bokeh images to show, which I may hold back to post across a number of features over the coming dull months… there won’t be many more chances of pretty photos for a while now unless we get some hoar frosts or snow.
Since the Foliage Day, there’s been a massive change in the garden. Now there’s very little beauty; and what beauty there is, is very hard to find right now because most things are well and truly rotten.

My brother has been visiting (and been quite a stretch for my nerves) so I’ve felt obliged not to sit here writing a blog post. Last weekend we had a bit of a play around with our cameras, the macro lens and playing with water dew around the garden.

This weekend was very different; after three days solid during the week of thick fog, then an ‘artic blast’ of cold temperatures over Friday night, into Saturday and a dull Sunday, no photos have been taken however the garden has still escaped any real frosts.

And here’s a wider shot of the subject; Yarrow which has produced some more blooms.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


12 thoughts on “Playing with Light

    • Hi CV,

      I love how narrow depth of field makes everything so abstract…I’ve always believed you don’t need to see something in perfect clarity to see its essence; its soul.
      Do plants have souls?

      Anyway 😉

  1. I didn’t know what bokeh was until you mentioned it on Twitter a while ago. Shows we can always learn something, even if it’s a well-loved subject 😉

  2. I still havent worked out how to use Macro setting on my compact camera – just leaves me cold. I must try harder as your photographs are great

    • Hi Helen,

      Depending on the camera, macro is usually a button or setting in the menu and there’s a little tulip symbol… I’ve had compacts where I just pressed a button or moved a dial but others where I had to go into the menu and select macro and super macro.

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