Friday Flowers

OK, OK; so they’re not strictly flowers… but it’s pretty enough to be!

More playing with light; this time with an otherwise much over-looked plant… grass. Good ole lawn grass.

And Sedum.

I’m going to be on the hunt for Waxwings over the coming weeks. This year there seem to be a lot of reports all over the country and now I work out of the city centre – one job is near two large parks, the other has lots of Pyracanthus laden with berries so I’m hoping I’ll get lucky and manage some shots. Previously I’ve heard them near my home, but our berry trees/shrubs aren’t yet large enough to attract them I don’t think.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Lovely effect on your grass, very artistic. Have never seen a waxwing, hope you are successful, will look forward to the photos!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Thanks very much 🙂
      I’m surprised you’ve never seen a waxwing with all your trees/shrubs!
      I’ve seen them here on a number of occasions; the last time was when there was a massive influx 2/3 years ago. I regularly heard them fly over, including flying over our house. The closest I’ve got was in a previous house, they were outside in the Rowan tree eating the berries. But that must be over 6 years ago now and back then I had a small camera and someone had scared them off by the time I grabbed the camera. They’re reportedly very tame though and allow you to get quite close – a bit like LTTs.

      In Feb/March at work there were Mistle Thrushes on the Pyracantha at work so I’m hoping I’ll see some Waxwings on them… Will take my camera in. It’s difficult though because I have two jobs and can only try on certain days… ah, complicated to explain 😀

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  3. Lovely photos Liz, who would have thought grass could look so pretty? 😉

    Hope you get to see some Waxwings this Winter…and that I do too 🙂 I completely missed out last time we had an irruption!

    • Hi Jan,

      How are you? 😀

      Grass is far too pretty sometimes, especially when frosty/dewy! So easily overlooked too – it’s much easier to be distracted by pretty colours of blooms.

      Good luck with your Waxwing hunt! I’m not a twitcher as such, but when I go to the park at lunch I’ll go prepared that I might see some… Although I’m a bit doubtful as for some reason the council pulled up the hedges that would’ve attracted them. Perhaps I’ll see them in the car park at work instead though.

  4. Hello again Liz, you can use artistic licence any time – wonderful images!

    I do remember the Waxwings coming to Sheffield last time – I’d definitely be out car park visiting if I were you. I’ve put some half apples out on branches at a tree feeder to see if I can attract any to my garden – probably not likely but last time I saw and heard them from my garden. Lol… I’d probably fall off my chair and drop my video camera if they did visit here 😉

    • Hi Shirl,

      They often visit Sheffield – not sure why, but most years we do get them; just some years much larger numbers than others. They’ve been spotted in various parts of the city so far and yes, I’ve heard them a number of times/seem them fly over but have only once seen them up close and that was around 7 years ago now. Their call is very distinctive and hard to miss when you notice it.
      I have a few rose shrubs and have seen photos of them eating hips, so maybe if anything the roses will attract them even if my Cotoneasters/Pyracantha aren’t large enough yet. Waxwings are one of many reasons I want a Pyracantha hedge in the front garden 🙂

      I’ve been checking Sheffield Bird Study Group, sadly no sightings where I want them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not here just no one has reported sightings. I ought to go up to my brother in Crosspool where there’s reported to be 100+

  5. It’s a nice effect on the grass, giving a romantic look to the green blades.

    I used to get more waxwings when my neighbor had a Sorbus tree, since they loved the orange berries. Now I see large clouds of them around the city at certain times of the year, but they don’t visit my garden as frequently without the berry enticement.

  6. Hi Liz! You made that grass feel like an Holliwood star! And the sedum shines like a diamond, it’s beautiful! Waxwings? Looking forward to seeing some pics of them, I hope you’ll be lucky!

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