Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – November 2012

It’s November, seriously; N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R.

Almost everyone at work said the same thing on 01.11 “I can’t believe it’s November” and I had to agree. October disappeared. And we’re thrown into the reality that there will be no summer this year and the dreaded C-word is just around the corner.

OK, so is there any difference from last year? Well, it was a mild winter, very mild in fact. Compared to this year where some places have already seen freak snow showers; here it’s been colder although so far only once have I had to properly scrape frost off the car before work.

But in terms of the garden… Well, everything looks very similar… well, I had winter Jasmine blooming on the 17th; but that was most definitely an oddity. I’ll keep an eye out this year for it!
Oh yes, I also had Primula Vulgaris begin to bloom at the end of November too! Advanced weather forecasts are predicting a wetter, but mild winter this year…

So, what’s still blooming this year? I have most things tbh: Asters, Verbena Bonariensis, Roses, Persicaria, Ammi, Erysimum, Feverfew, Salvia… Even I’m boring myself with the same photos over and over. So instead I’ll use more of my ‘playing with light’ series of photos. I’m not using anything that isn’t still blooming!

The annual Rudbekias look like they’re going to survive winter again, and I have new blooms opening on them. That’ll be two winters they’ve survived…………… Assuming they make it. We’ve still plenty of months to go before spring!

Aster Lady in Black is blooming, and I made a mistake moving them, I think. I have difficulty getting close to them for photos in their new home. However, they couldn’t stay where they were. So… Do I move them yet again, or leave them as they are?

These feverfew are very handy little blooms. I have them popping up everywhere from a random seed mix… Can’t complain right now though because I actually wish I had more!

I have a couple of days off for my birthday and hope to get the Alliums planted… And… Drum roll please… I’ve managed to get them in!!! Just some Camassia and Tulipa Turkestanica left now and I’m considering putting them in pots for this year as I’m not sure where to put them.

The first of the Paperwhites has opened, just for my birthday 🙂
(I won’t bother with them next year; I want them at Christmas, not mid November!)

My breakfast this morning…………..

If you’d like to join in with Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day, please visit Carol at: May Dreams Gardens

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17 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – November 2012

  1. Flowers still blooming now have to be admired but as the weeks go by, there are fewer and fewer. Lovely photos again and Happy Birthday wishes!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Definitely, even if most blooms are looking very sorry for themselves… There might well be a pretty bloom, but right next to it or beneath it, the leaves are rotting away or the next bloom is looking slushy and rotten.
      This time of year is very difficult to see past the decay and find the beauty.

      Thank you; I think I’m far more excited about the cake than anything else! 😀

  2. Happy birthday Liz I hope you had a wonderful day. 😄

    I don’t know what to do about GBBD you are so lucky to still have some flower in the garden. I have very bedraggled asters and some flat sedum. Sitting on the train at the moment wondering I should go out in the dark and seek out something using the flash… It’ll put a new slant in the post!

  3. Hi Ronnie,

    It’s been a quiet day… Pete did well with the cake but didn’t plan for us to go out anywhere – knew I should’ve booked cream teas at Chatsworth when I was on the website!!! No matter; I’m way too excited about the cake though… Looks like all my nagging and pointed hints that I WANT.A.CAKE sunk in 😀

    Take photos well in advance for GBBD, or just use some older ones. After all, the blog police won’t come along and get you for using a couple of week old shots! I usually take photos a couple of weeks before, and these playing with light shots are from the end of October! At this time of year it’s difficult for me to get photos even at the weekend because the sun is almost too low to break onto the garden. So photos become very grey with lack of direct sunlight. Really, really will make sure the next house I have is on the other side of the hill so I don’t get this problem! 🙂

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    • Hi Scott,

      The cake is delicious – inside it’s rainbow sponge, lovely and moist and all it needs is some Unicorns and it’d be the best cake. EVER! haha.

  5. Happy Birthday, and have fun having enjoying a piece of cake with all of your birthday meals.

    Good job with the Allium, If you put the other bulbs in pots, you can display them wherever you like next spring, and then slide them into the garden where there is available space.

    • Hi NS,

      I think we’ll be eating cake for most meals at the moment. Although, I’m not complaining as it’s pretty much the ultimate fairy tale cake. I’m like a child, honest! 😀

      Indeedy, and I aim to plant the bulbs ‘in the green’ next spring when everything has died back and I can get easier access to the soil! Of course there’s also the problem that often the ground is much colder and harder…………….. Oh well…

    • Hi,

      Thank you very much 🙂 I have them in 4 spots around the garden, but only two patches are easily photographed – in fact I moved a few from one of the patches to fill in spaces in other areas for interest.

  6. Tout d’abord un très très joyeux anniversaire … scorpion ? J’y suis passée aussi en début de mois. Et ensuite bravo pour ces photos fraicheur j’adore les gouttes en ordre général en photos. bravo c’est sublime

  7. Happy Birthday to You! What a perfect breakfast–looks delicious, and everyone should eat cake for breakfast on her birthday! Your photography is so inspiring–whenever I visit your site, I promise myself that I really WILL spend quality time with my macro book and camera. My bit of playing around is just not doing the trick, I’m afraid.

    Feverfew is such a great bloomer, isn’t it? I’ve found that it can become quite rampant, spilling out from the herb garden and finding its way to the back kitchen garden. Still–I love it.

    I, too, have much left to plant, including a box of bulbs that just arrived. Darn those end of season sales–they’re just irresistible.

    Hope your birthday was lovely, and look forward to visiting again soon for more inspiration!

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