Safari Sunday

This series is likely to run for another few posts; I think I’m doing well dragging it out longer actually… I guess it shows just how many photos I took on the one day. There might even be enough material to last me into December! At a time of year where there’s significantly less to photograph, this can only be a good thing.

This time we’re looking at the fluffy heads of Flat-topped Aster. Most of them have now been blown away and the next stage is to take photos of the stems (preferably frosty)

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16 thoughts on “Safari Sunday

  1. Sublime photos, as always. If we ever get any frost I will be out trying to capture it on my own flat-topped aster, now planted in the border! I’m sure I heard it heave an enormous sigh of relief and getting some root room…

    • Hi Janet,

      I don’t imagine you’ll get any frost being near the coast – it would have to be seriously cold again!
      Have you had flat-topped Aster before?

        • Hi Janet,

          Ah well I feel I should warn you; it likes to get big. And I mean, big. Both in height and in girth. I bought three; as one does if they’re stupid enough to follow ‘the rules’, and well, it was a mistake. I think I need to remove one because they’re getting too big and want to grow out more than I can allow them to.
          Granted, they are beautiful though and do a great job of screening an area if that’s what you want! (i.e. hiding an unsightly wall or fence). Mine grow taller than me, and I’m around average 5’4” 5’5” or there abouts..

          • (hee hee). Happily (a) I only have the one and (b) I would absolutely love it to grow really big, I didn’t dare hope, so strangely, you have just made my day! Or more accurately, late evening… Will let you know how it gets on in its new home! You are, after all, its aunty….

            • Hi Janet,

              They quickly grow more via underground roots – each will send out runners and from that a number will pop up along its length. So expect it within the one year to double and then double again the year after! This yea I pulled the new shoots up nice and early but that just caused it to become even more compact in the centre! Makes a brilliant screen.

              However, this also means it’s very easy to get more from those runners! Leave them a little while before pulling up and they’ll have developed their own roots per stem, cut it, move and watch it go.

              Haha, I’m making it sound like an unstoppable beast! 🙂

              Awwwww, I always wanted to be a plant Aunt 😀 Oooh look at me, the poet!

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