Safari Sunday – Playing With Light

Only two more instalments left in this series; yes folks I’ve finally come to the end of the series… Well, assuming we get some frost, snow or other nice photo ops this is the last for now.

The first lot, I can’t really take credit for as it was my brother who took the shots. Although it is my lens… Nah, they’re his. But nice regardless.
He was taking shots of some Feverfew and I noticed the butterfly zoom around and land in the hedge… I couldn’t tell what it was until he showed me the shots after. The Comma allowed him to get very close, and I assume or rather, hope it was one from my nettles as its wings do look very fresh.

Remember, this shots were taken at the end of October; I haven’t seen any Commas recently!

And the Erysimum doing what it does best; bloom for eternity.

Today I have been Christmas shopping and feel I’ve had a full Lobotomy. The bank balance might well be screaming, but at least it’s payday at the end of the week and then I can get the rest of the presents… Eeeek.
Decorations at Meadowhell (as locals lovingly call it – shopping mall) are possibly the best I’ve seen in years and my camera phone couldn’t do them justice.

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


9 thoughts on “Safari Sunday – Playing With Light

  1. Lovely photos by you and your brother Liz 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one still showing butterflies, I still have more!

    Christmas shopping yuk! Shopping in general, YUK, I hate it! Give me the fields any day, even though so many of them are flooded at the moment. I hope you are not affected by it, luckily we live on the top of a hill. I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas already, I think it crept up on me while I was still waiting for Summer 😉

    • Hi Jan,

      Haha, I think these are the last flutter shots here unless I find some in other folders – which is highly likely!

      Yep, Christmas shopping…. Lovely. I went for Pete as he’s supposed to be going to London next weekend. And I wanted to make sure he had everything rather than leaving it to the last minute. Instead he managed to buy one, ONE present and there’s me with possibly the entire of Meadowhall in my hands.
      But yes, I too can’t believe it’s almost christmas and I’m hyper aware that I need to shop when I can now that I no longer work in the city centre. But most of it will be done online.

      No flood problems here; Sheffield’s very hilly so most of the time we get away with it although obviously the valleys can flood. I too live on a hill (as does most of the city) and for me snow is what I absolutely dread because I can’t get off my road.

  2. Those butterfly photos really cheered me up on this rather cold day.
    I used to work near Meadowhell, it was like our local corner shop, but we always gave it a wide birth at Christmas. I was near there last week, drove passed the car parks, that was near enough.

    • Hi Crystal,

      Glad you like the butterflies… Just wish we had them year-round. Oh wouldn’t that be great??? (almost began singing lovely then but stopped myself).
      I worked near Meadowhall once too, and near Christmas in fact so it was great! Popping over the road and going for a nosey around.
      I’m a bit mixed with working in the city centre; I love being able to pop to the shops when I want but I also hate having to catch the buses, waiting in the rain etc. But at the same time when I don’t work in the centre I hate not being near the shops and of course commuting is annoying.

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks 😀
      Actually, it wasn’t too bad… Busy, but I didn’t leave wanting to kill everyone in sight or myself! I think it’s also because I know most other stuff can be bought on the net so I don’t desperately need anything else really now.
      My main thing was picking up new christmas decorations – saw gorgeous colours on the next website gold and teal. I already have plenty of gold as I normally go gold, cream and brown but I needed their yummy teal baubles.
      I actually want to decorate, NOW! 🙂

  3. Lovely close ups of the Comma, you could almost stroke it!
    Christmas shopping, no, too many floods, will do it on line this year!

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