Friday Flowers

These posts are going to be few and far between; it’s much too cold at the moment to see much in bloom.
Instead, I’ll have to make do with indoor blooms…

Not a fan of these plants… But it was my nan’s and it’s one of the few things I bought with me. It takes me back to my childhood.

Narcissus ‘Paperwhite’ has bloomed too early again. Next year I won’t bother and will fill my pots with Crocus instead. But for now, I’ll appreciate its blooms.

And the Orchids are blooming again. This year it’s bloomed much longer than previously; they first opened in September. I find it hard to believe the label suggests to discard after blooming. I’ve had it over 4 years now and every year it’s bloomed without fail!

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18 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Hi Ronnie,

      I doubt very much I’ll have much more until spring! The Rudbekias have been hit hard by the frosts last week with only a couple of blooms left. Other than that, it’s Erysimum and winter Jasmine… I’m tempted to bring some Autumn Cherry indoors to force into bloom…

  1. I think I read somewhere that to flower over Christmas, Paperwhite have to be planted a certain number of days before, maybe you planted yours too soon – can’t remember how many they said – sorry! My orchid is getting quite old now, like yours, haven’t had a problem getting it to flower again, I think the nurseries just want us to buy more! Lovely photos.

    • Hi Pauline,

      Yep, there’s usually x weeks before bloom, but in this case I was forced to plant them no doubt too early because they’d already started to sprout when I got them. So really, it’s the garden centre’s fault! 😀

      Sadly I think one of my other Orchids is dying, it’s been pulled out of its pot too many times and I clearly haven’t replanted it properly. Oh well.

  2. My Mother always liked her Christmas Cactus, it always flowered beautifully and was a really large plant so I always think of her when I see them. The Paperwhites look lovely, so delicate! Lovely photos as always Liz.

    Nice to see the Nigella soldiering on in the previous post, another flower which always reminds me of Mum but which never seem happy in my garden.

    • Hi Jan,

      This Cactus is still quite small, I don’t think my nan had it long before she passed – I don’t remember seeing it when I last visited her. At the moment it’s living on top of the fridge and adding some nice colour 🙂

      I’ll have to check if the Nigella is still blooming after the cold last week… I doubt it. It grows here, but I don’t think does very well as the plants are always really small and a bit pathetic! I did have a nice large white one last year though.

  3. Jeter une orchidée après floraison ???? Mais quelle idée !!! Non non non, les miennes fleurissent presque sans interruption en se donnant le relai … tes photos sont de pures merveilles. belle soirée

    • Hi,

      I’ve had fairly good luck with Orchids actually; they suit me just fine because I don’t like lavishing attention on plants and these seem happy for me to leave them and water occasionally – quite alright by me! I feed them every now and again too and that’s it.

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks 🙂
      I’ve been discovering my 50mm macro lens, which may perform better for me indoors than the 100mm. Will play with christmas decorations soon.

  4. Beautiful, delicate flowers, makes up for the external gloom. Pity about the paperwhites, but there again there is always so much else going on at Christmas, so maybe this is a good time to have indoor blooms. I’m useless at indoor plants, it takes TNG to keep any house plant gifts alive!

    • Hi Janet,

      It’s been quite nice weather here today and actually quite mild!
      But yes, still rather gloomy with plenty of grey and brown but very little colour atm.
      I’m no fan of indoor plants and most of them have been given to me by other people who assume because I like gardening I also want them indoors…. Often I pass them onto my mum because I don’t have the patience to look after things indoors plus they just mess the place, drop leaves and blooms…. lol.
      I like the Orchids because they seem to thrive on my negligence…

  5. My first and only orchid was a gift after my dearest husband Joseph died. This is the third year now and it has a new shoot. Last year it bloomed between February and all the way through May! Of course, it holds special meaning to me. Your photos are lovely and a nice reminder for me!

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