Friday Flowers

I’m cheating again!

So technically, they’re not real flowers… but who am I to get all technical??

I bought some nice notebooks… one will be my garden diary for 2013, the other intended to be a present… only right now I’m unsure I have the willpower to give it away!

Is it just me; but I spy far too many familiar plants? Perhaps that’s why I like them!

Copyright 2012 Liz.
All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


12 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Hi Donna,

      The middle one was intended as the present; there’s also a pen to go with it. And the butterfly one is for me… I guess I could always buy another and then I get them both 🙂

  1. This happens with me too! I see things I like and I buy all of them, with the sincere intent of giving the surplus away as a gift… It seldom happens though. I guess the other one will be your garden diary for 2014! 😉

    • Hi Alberto.

      It happens all the time to me. I bought a vintage flower arranging book for my mum as she often does the arrangements for her local WI (Women’s institute). Only unsurprisingly it’s stayed with me…………………

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