Garden Update

I popped out today, taking advantage of the mild weather and it was pleasing to see how much growth the spring bulbs have put on since I last went out only a few days ago!

Of course, the worry now is about how the plants will manage if we get some cold or snowy weather? They ought to be OK, after all Snowdrops get their name for a reason!

The autumn Cherry seems to be blooming properly… Disappointed that I probably won’t get more blooms in spring now. I’ve been having difficulty getting shots of it, as although it’s mild, it’s also often grey or the sun is still low and I can’t get nice shots (considering cutting some branches for ease). The Garrya has also opened its blooms and is looking quite pretty.

Autumn Cherry and Garrya blooming

New growth on Hellebore ‘Tutu’ looks promising and I’m hopeful for blooms soon.

Hellebore ‘Tutu’

Plenty of Snowdrops are appearing in the borders, as well as in a number of small pots I set up because the ground has been too wet to plant them. I haven’t checked if ‘Flore Pleno’ is coming up yet but must make a point to see if it has survived. Also, Muscari and Sedum are producing fresh growth.

Snowdrops, Hellebore, Muscari and Sedum.

I was so very excited when I spotted the tiny little pink dots in the border… Hopefully the Cyclamen Coum will eventually naturalise and we’ll have a nice little corner of them.

Cyclamen Coum

Primula have emerged above the fine mulch I laid; I really need to divide them up and pass some on to my mum. I lost a lot last year though, so hopefully they’ll soon multiply. Winter Jasmine has been blooming for a while now, and is now putting on a real show rather than the odd sporadic bloom.

Snowdrops, Primula, Winter Jasmine and Muscari

Just as I was beginning to feel much better after a cold just before Christmas, on Friday my sinuses felt a little off and I’ve been having difficulty hearing out of my right ear (no surprise, as it always happens after a cold). I got home from work and my ear started to really hurt. I made the mistake of hoping for the best, had a terrible night with a mild fever and slept very little and decided to go to the walk-in centre first thing in the morning. I now have some ear spray, but I’m not convinced it’s my ear, but rather my sinus/throat causing the ear problems. My neck hurts as the lymph nodes are swollen and even my teeth hurt. I’m starving but can’t eat… Oh this is fun!

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21 thoughts on “Garden Update

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I become far too obsessed staring at the ground looking for signs of growth! 😀 But it is still by far my favourite season; especially as they days grow longer too I can feel the weight lifting from my shoulders already.

    • Hi Donna,

      We’re due a slight dip in temperature over the coming days I think – On Friday it was warm enough for me to feel sweaty! Advanced forecasting is saying snow at the end of Jan; but that shouldn’t be a prob as it doesn’t often stick for long when it snows so late… Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx myself there!

  1. So sorry to hear that you’re suffering once more, I can sympathise with a blocked head too! Lovely to see all your signs of spring, with all this mild weather plants are coming on at a fast rate, hope they don’t all suffer when it is supposed to be a lot colder on Tuesday night. Snowdrops will be fine, it might just delay them flowering till their proper time!

    • Hi Pauline,

      I can’t believe how quickly things are popping up at the moment! I’ve even heard people talking of Clematis’ budding up. I’ll have to look closer at mine as I hadn’t even considered they might be putting up growth yet. I know ‘Marjorie’ has fat buds on her, but my others never lost their leaves at all so I haven’t really looked closely to notice if they have buds on yet.
      Just wish it was a bit drier… haven’t attempted any sort of gardening knowing full well it’ll be too claggy.

  2. There certainly has been a very nasty viral bug doing the rounds and everyone seems to end up suffering with sinus problems. It hit everyone at work and I am still coughing and food continues to taste like cardboard. I do hope you feel better soon. On a happier note isn’t it wonderful to see all the spring bulbs making an appearance.

    • Hi Ronnie,

      I managed ages before getting any bugs too!!! So I was really angry when someone came into work clearly very ill and no matter how many times we politely told her to go home (short of shouting at her to eff off) so it was no surprise when I got a cold before Christmas, which was so bad on the Sunday I was delirious. Thankfully I’m not coughing, but my tonsils do hurt and I feel like I can’t hear anything – but I can. It’s an odd sensation. The ear drops are definitely helping though.

      The spring growth is definitely making me feel much happier; even more so is the fact it’s still light when I get home now 😀

  3. It’s very exciting to see the green spears of the first bulbs rising up. You are so fortunate to get such an early start to the gardening season. Mine don’t come up until April, so I’ve still got a long wait.The glimpse of bright pink from the cyclamen buds is very promising, as are the swollen tips of the snowdrops.

    Hopefully you will be feeling a perky as your garden soon.

    • Hi,

      We might well have had a terrible summer, but at least we don’t get much of a winter… Most of the time anyway, except for a few years with really deep snow.

    • Hi,

      I’m beginning to feel better – not grasping for the paracetamol quite so readily now. The main problem is it hurts to eat and that’s getting me down the most.
      Looking forward to seeing how much things have grown at the weekend… I expect the Snowdrops to be much further along, judging by their previous rate of growth.

  4. Très en avance cette année le jardin, ici j’ai la première primevère et l’héllébore des bois se sent pousser des ailes !

    • Hi Alistair,

      Hope spring is arriving in your Scottish garden too? Things are well on their way here now, including the opening of the Sweet Box by our front gate.

  5. Oh Liz, you have been having a rough time of it health-wise, hope your ear/throat/sinuses clear up soon and leave you in peace. Lots of lovely signs of spring to make you smile though, I think the emerging cyclamen are wonderful, and there is always something special about the sight of new rosettes on sedums. Lots to look forward to.

    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks, not good news though as I got worse yesterday and couldn’t eat – so have been to the drs today and got some proper antibiotics as well as the ear stuff. Still haven’t eaten since yesterday breakfast because my tonsils are hurting too much – even drinking is a task in itself! But hopefully I’ll be on the mend now. It was weird tbh, because I was feeling almost totally better and then suddenly it just got worse again – hearing heart pounding in my ears and difficulty swallowing.
      It’s very frosty today and I’m tempted to get photos but don’t want to make myself worse. Just refilled bird feeders and put ear muffs and a thick scarf on! haha 🙂

      But yes, I have to agree; it’s lovely seeing spring arriving. More bulbs appearing every day. Snowdrops are well on their way to blooming now and must check up on the coum to see if they’ve opened.

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