Friday Flowers!

Yay, it’s another Friday… One week closer to lighter days. Today, in my book is a good day. There’s sun shining in through the windows as the sun at last manages to creep high enough over the houses/hedge/fence at the back to allow sun into the house.

It’s always a breath of fresh air and makes me so incredibly happy; it’s difficult to put into words how I feel.

On a side note though, my ear infection took a turn for the worse a few days ago and I was in so much pain I couldn’t eat, and the pain from my ear seemed to be shooting down my back to the base of my spine and legs making me want to twitch them and whimper like a dog… You know how animals when in serious pain gnaw at their own body? Well, that’s how I felt.
So back to the doctors I went and now have some antibiotics (was on a spray with anti b in before). And today I am almost pain-free. This is good timing because I’m due to see Swan Lake tonight with my mum!

Sooooo, flowers??? Hrm. There aren’t many, but I did spot the sweet box in bloom next to the gate, as well as yet more bulbs emerging.

Sweet Box in bloom

I also noticed Honeysuckle has new growth on it (not that it ever really lost its leaves)

New leaves on Honeysuckle

It was frosty yesterday, so I popped out with ear muffs, scarf etc on…. It was bitterly cold and then suddenly warmed up and all the frost was gone??

Frosty leaves

Yes!!! Bloom on Hellebore ‘Tutu’!! I would do a little dance around the room, but I’m taking it easy…
So very happy to see a bud on it and hope to see more soon. I need to check on the others, so far only Niger have blooms/buds but I think I spotted another with a bud coming up.

Hellebore ‘Tutu’

So there we have it; not really blooms as such, but rules are there to be broken.

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All rights reserved. Content created by Liz for Gwirrel’s Garden.


15 thoughts on “Friday Flowers!

  1. I know how you feel about the sunshine coming over the houses, all our huge trees in the woodland are on the south side, but at least the sun can peep through in the winter. There is a lady in north Devon who has a bottle of sherry and a glass waiting for when the sun comes over the hill behind her and reaches her house for the first time!! So sorry to hear that the ear got worse before it got better, enjoy tonight!

    • Hi Pauline,

      Haha, maybe I ought to do something similar… Have something to mark the occasion when we get sun in the house again… Other than being ridiculously happy, that is.
      Dreading the supposed ‘winter weather’ that’s being forecast for the weekend/next week. Really, honestly dreading it, especially as it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get into work (snow and hills generally do not mix well). Having been off sick, I know there’s stuff I really need to get done next week – mainly a handover of work as next week I finish my jobs and start a new one!

    • Hi Scott,

      The pain really made me appreciate that I am not someone who lives in constant pain… I really do not cope well at all (one of the reasons I don’t want children! lol).
      Any sort of greenery is much welcome at the moment; I left out the Garrya though but it is looking rather stunning with its tassles.

  2. I hope your ear infection clears up soon. I’ve been suffering with a chest infection but am on the mend too!
    I like the pink tones on the Sweet Box. I’m the only person I’ve ever came across who doesn’t like the scent of these plants 😦
    Enjoy swan Lake 🙂

    • Hi Donna,

      I’ve had an almost pain-free day today and as a result have been eating almost anything I can get my hands on – such a novelty not to be in pain when trying to eat. Had a week of that and over the past two days barely ate because it got too bad (went over 24hrs with nothing).
      More blooms to come over the weekend; managed some OK shots of the autumn Cherry today 🙂

  3. Hi Liz, hope you stayed pain free for Swan Lake with your Mum. I saw it with my friend a few years ago – my first ballet!

    Yay on the hellebore. I was out taking photos the other day and spookily (just before I read your post) spotted a hellebore flower bud from my window here that I missed! Like you, getting quite excited for its flowers 😀

    • Hi Shirley,

      Looking forward to my Hellebores maturing; at the moment most are still young as I only planted them last year so I don’t expect many flowers off them… Just seeing they’ve survived summer is enough for me! Can’t wait until they’re mature enough for me to pick flowers for indoors 😀

  4. Ouuuuch – poor you – hope that the antibiotics have kicked in and that you were able to enjoy ‘Swan Lake’ Liz. I whizzed round the garden this afternoon and noted that my hellebores have really come on during the last few days with buds now showing more than a promise of colour. Take care.

    • Hi Anna,

      The tablets seem to be working – yay – and hoping to be able to hear properly again soon. Now it’s the annoyance of the tablets and having to eat at set times i.e. an hour after or two hours before and all that.
      Looking forward to seeing your Hellebores 🙂 just hope this cold weather doesn’t damage their blooms!

  5. Glad you are feeling less like gnawing parts of your body off Liz! Take it easy, and enjoy the ballet. Yay for longer days and more sun, am still learning where winter sun penetrates, so far, more shadows than anything!

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